Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control) SPF50 PA+++ [No.21 Natural Beige] Review


So I finally decided to buy the Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control) SPF50 PA+++ in No.21 Natural Beige after looking at swatches. I have been using my IOPE and Innisfree cushions for the past few months and I got addicted to the convenience of it. Forget about germs and the budget, these cushions are life-saving. 😀

Since summer is nearing in Europe, I had to switch up my makeup to help control shine (I have normal to oily skin). I was loving the IOPE cover cushion (a tad better for oil control than it’s natural version) so I thought this one might be similar if not better as they are both from the same parent company, Amore Pacific.


I saw this on sale on Amore Pacific’s ebay for approx $32 (free shipping). Well, I thought that’s great since I need not worry about authenticity and these companies usually add a ton of samples. How wrong was I. There was zero samples and the way the parcel was labelled got it caught at the customs for 2 weeks with a $21 tax slapped on top of that. I was utterly disappointed. Thanks, whoever you are, G. G. Lee. 😦 😥

Nevermind the extra charges, there was no way I could turn the order back and get a refund since I really wanted to try this. I had to bit the bullet and pretend that the charges were for shipping. My advice is to buy them from companies that do give samples and mark the parcels properly– RRS, TTK,…


This box contains a cushion in its case, a refill and an instruction sheet. I love how pretty and lux the case feels. I do regret a tad, not going for the limited editions but I guess I will buy those later if I do enjoy using this one. 🙂


It is almost palm-size and about 50g (?) so your handbag won’t feel like it is filled with bricks.


At least this one was manufactured in April 2015, correct me if I am wrong..


The standard stuff you see on their site. It is said to be semi-matte, long wearing and offers pore control with UV protection. I quite dig the cooling sensation on a warm, sunny day. I remember reading that by lowering the skin temperature by 1 degree, we actually cut down sebum by 10%. 🙂


Sealed for freshness



Up close 🙂

It seems all moist and properly soaked.


Look at how much I could pick up with one press!! ❤ Compared the Innisfree’s ampoule intense cushion, this one feels like it has much more product and picks up easily.


I’m okay with how the air sponge feels. Nothing to shout about.


Look at how much was picked up! I didn’t have to apply much pressure. Lovin ❤

Okay, I just had to compare my top 3 cushions currently;
Laneige Pore Control cushion in No.21
Iope Air cushion Cover C23
Innisfree Ampoule Intense cushion No.21


Although they are from the same parent company, it is amazing to see how different their formulation/ shades are! Innisfree is the lightest of the bunch (comparing both No.21 of Innisfree and Laneige), and I think their No.13 is perfect for the pale European ladies~ Laneige seems to be on the pinkier side at swatch compared to Iope which suits warmer skin better.

Formulation wise, Iope is the creamiest of the lot and blends beautifully. Innisfree seems a little runnier but is great for those who wants natural looking makeup without much coverage (I think their long-wearing one would be closer to Laneige). The Laneige pore control is very much like a foundation and reminds me of the Western makeup bases. It can be cakey if you have dry skin —read on.


All three blend out well on my skin, although I prefer Iope a little more than Laneige at this stage of the game. It looks really natural.


You can see how the Laneige one is pretty powdery and covers well (on a non-moisturized/ non-primed hand). I like the Laneige one when I wake up with plump skin and when it is a hot day out. I would say that it covers the best among the lot, but you will definitely look like you have some makeup on. My favourite MOTD is to moisturize with my SNT Goddess cream and then prime with some Miguhara BP cream.


Nice packaging
Cooling, pore control
Great coverage
Matte finish
Scent of lux (something like a super mild Estee Lauder perfume?)

Tad powdery, not as natural as Iope
Expensive for 15g of product (perhaps for my budget)
Not every country has Laneige counters so you might have to shop online

I have to try this in mid-summer to tell you how well it works. At the moment my skin still seem dormant in the oil-production department, which I am grateful for. First impressions are good, although I still cannot detach from my first love– the Iope air cushion. The Laneige cushion is indeed perfect for problematic skin and covers imperfection like magic. I would love to give the other versions a try! Definitely picking up the Anti-aging version for mum for her birthday. ❤


Edit: I just came back from a 2-hour Sunday jog with my dog. It was quite sunny out but I came back and there was almost zero shine on my face! I am so amazed, I guess the oil control is really the best~



2 thoughts on “Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control) SPF50 PA+++ [No.21 Natural Beige] Review

  1. thanks for comparing the three brands! i want to try one of these soon (i’ve tried the laneige bb cushion sold through target – i wonder if it’s exactly the same or they modify it?), and it’s good to see something to help me make a decision with.


    • I’m glad this is of some help! I love the Iope one when I need natural makeup, but the Laneige is perfect for a day out/ occasions. Innisfree works better for lighter skins. Unfortunately I don’t live in US so I haven’t got my hands on the Target versions. 🙂

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