Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control) SPF50 PA+++ [No.21 Natural Beige] Review


So I finally decided to buy the Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control) SPF50 PA+++ in No.21 Natural Beige after looking at swatches. I have been using my IOPE and Innisfree cushions for the past few months and I got addicted to the convenience of it. Forget about germs and the budget, these cushions are life-saving. 😀

Since summer is nearing in Europe, I had to switch up my makeup to help control shine (I have normal to oily skin). I was loving the IOPE cover cushion (a tad better for oil control than it’s natural version) so I thought this one might be similar if not better as they are both from the same parent company, Amore Pacific.


I saw this on sale on Amore Pacific’s ebay for approx $32 (free shipping). Well, I thought that’s great since I need not worry about authenticity and these companies usually add a ton of samples. How wrong was I. There was zero samples and the way the parcel was labelled got it caught at the customs for 2 weeks with a $21 tax slapped on top of that. I was utterly disappointed. Thanks, whoever you are, G. G. Lee. 😦 😥

Nevermind the extra charges, there was no way I could turn the order back and get a refund since I really wanted to try this. I had to bit the bullet and pretend that the charges were for shipping. My advice is to buy them from companies that do give samples and mark the parcels properly– RRS, TTK,…


This box contains a cushion in its case, a refill and an instruction sheet. I love how pretty and lux the case feels. I do regret a tad, not going for the limited editions but I guess I will buy those later if I do enjoy using this one. 🙂


It is almost palm-size and about 50g (?) so your handbag won’t feel like it is filled with bricks.


At least this one was manufactured in April 2015, correct me if I am wrong..


The standard stuff you see on their site. It is said to be semi-matte, long wearing and offers pore control with UV protection. I quite dig the cooling sensation on a warm, sunny day. I remember reading that by lowering the skin temperature by 1 degree, we actually cut down sebum by 10%. 🙂


Sealed for freshness



Up close 🙂

It seems all moist and properly soaked.


Look at how much I could pick up with one press!! ❤ Compared the Innisfree’s ampoule intense cushion, this one feels like it has much more product and picks up easily.


I’m okay with how the air sponge feels. Nothing to shout about.


Look at how much was picked up! I didn’t have to apply much pressure. Lovin ❤

Okay, I just had to compare my top 3 cushions currently;
Laneige Pore Control cushion in No.21
Iope Air cushion Cover C23
Innisfree Ampoule Intense cushion No.21


Although they are from the same parent company, it is amazing to see how different their formulation/ shades are! Innisfree is the lightest of the bunch (comparing both No.21 of Innisfree and Laneige), and I think their No.13 is perfect for the pale European ladies~ Laneige seems to be on the pinkier side at swatch compared to Iope which suits warmer skin better.

Formulation wise, Iope is the creamiest of the lot and blends beautifully. Innisfree seems a little runnier but is great for those who wants natural looking makeup without much coverage (I think their long-wearing one would be closer to Laneige). The Laneige pore control is very much like a foundation and reminds me of the Western makeup bases. It can be cakey if you have dry skin —read on.


All three blend out well on my skin, although I prefer Iope a little more than Laneige at this stage of the game. It looks really natural.


You can see how the Laneige one is pretty powdery and covers well (on a non-moisturized/ non-primed hand). I like the Laneige one when I wake up with plump skin and when it is a hot day out. I would say that it covers the best among the lot, but you will definitely look like you have some makeup on. My favourite MOTD is to moisturize with my SNT Goddess cream and then prime with some Miguhara BP cream.


Nice packaging
Cooling, pore control
Great coverage
Matte finish
Scent of lux (something like a super mild Estee Lauder perfume?)

Tad powdery, not as natural as Iope
Expensive for 15g of product (perhaps for my budget)
Not every country has Laneige counters so you might have to shop online

I have to try this in mid-summer to tell you how well it works. At the moment my skin still seem dormant in the oil-production department, which I am grateful for. First impressions are good, although I still cannot detach from my first love– the Iope air cushion. The Laneige cushion is indeed perfect for problematic skin and covers imperfection like magic. I would love to give the other versions a try! Definitely picking up the Anti-aging version for mum for her birthday. ❤


Edit: I just came back from a 2-hour Sunday jog with my dog. It was quite sunny out but I came back and there was almost zero shine on my face! I am so amazed, I guess the oil control is really the best~



Top 3 Beauty Trends you have to watch out for in 2015

Since I am writing an Asian beauty blog, I will keep it on Asian beauty trends– more specifically South Korean. I believe this is relevant for any part of the world because the Western and Asian companies adapt to each other’s trends anyways.

The South Korean beauty scene has brought about many new trends in the past couple of years. Beginning with the viral bb cushion advertisements to Kpop beauty scene with various celebrity endorsements, I just can’t keep up with them all. As demands rose for newer and more innovative products, companies scramble to create greater buzz.

My personal favourite trends from Korea had been their affordable and yet amazing bb creams (yes, these came out at the end of my high school days) and cute food-like packaging products. Lo behold my small personal collection;

And nowadays they even have Banana ones. I need ❤ _ ❤ .


Honestly though, my skin has never been better after using these Asian products. I braved through bee venom treatments, placenta essence, donkey milk creams and horse oil for goodness sake– I should be looking like a goddess by now. :X 939719631 products later, I realize the trick is to find what suits your skin best and do the perfect amount of layering (more does not always mean better, genius). Of course, drinking plenty of water and keeping skin hygiene is necessary as well.

Lets cut to the chase now and look at some of the best 2015 trends to come!

Beauty Trend #1 

This is one trend that is spreading like wildfire. Besides getting famous figures to endorse their brands, companies are also starting to get them to come up with new lines!

People might be buying the Saem Eco line for G-dragon and Innisfree for Minho’s pouch. I mean, I bought the Innisfree’s lip tint mousse because of Pony. 😛 Be it simply a beauty kit, an eye shadow palette or even a signature fragrance, collaborations seem to be quite a hit these days. Remember the Laneige x pushBUTTON collab? 😀


They say behind every man there is a woman, and I say behind every famous figure there are millions of fans. There is a line already waiting behind them so why not launch a collab product and get your brand name out there like *snap fingers*?

Chosungah x Lucky Chouette collab also launched in the last quarter of 2014. Owls! Adorbs.


I do enjoy collabs alot. They are often prettier in design and worth keeping. Hello….? Limited edition!~ 😉

Even resellers/companies are doing more collabs these days. Beauteque, for example, did several collabs with bloggers/vloggers over the past few months for their grab bags. 😀

Beauty Trend #2
New Key Ingredients

We are not talking about milk, caviar or gold here. Like I mentioned before, I braved through bee venom treatments, placenta essence, donkey milk creams and horse oil in the previous years. I believe no stone is left unturned and no bush unpoked in Korea in order for them to come up with new key ingredients. I commend them for their adventurous side!

It is no secret that very company has to have their own signature line to be successful. When you think about Innisfree, you think Jeju volcano and green tea. Mizon? Snails. Skin food? Pomegranate. You get the drift. 2015 will bring us more exciting ingredients for sure. We have already seen some like the new Orchid line from Innisfree and more syn-ake anti-aging products from various brands like Medi-heal and Sea Tree.


I am not a biochemist or skin scientist, so I cannot predict exact ingredients. But I can say this: we might see bizarre ones like animal protein derivates, sea creature (eg conch) slime or even Western plants, who knows?

photo source:, by Dennis Frates / Alamy

Fancy some Kalanchoe thyrsiflora cream? 


Beauty Trend #3
Inner Beauty

Top beauty queens are emphasizing a lot more on this lately. Yoga/ pilates, beauty diets and other de-stressing methods are getting quite the buzz. I was catching on with my favorite beauty show Get It Beauty, and saw that they had introduced many tips to calm the inner soul. I do agree that when you eat right, sleep right and feel right, it will show.

This third beauty trend is not a noun specifically, so I decided to pick several items that would fit into the trend. These products include aromatherapeutic oils, fabric perfumes, scented diffusers and candles! If you have been shopping on Korean sites recently, you would notice that more new arrivals include the products I have mentioned.


Innisfree has some wonderful candles for Christmas (and oil sets for their aniversary).

image image

It’s Skin and The Face Shop are selling various diffusers.


Remember me introducing the Papier d’Armanie awhile ago? I got that tip from the show. It did calm me down and deodorize the air in my room, making it perfect for my sleep hygiene! I do think this is a great trend for all beauty enthusiasts to jump on.


Side note: With ex beauty queen Honey Lee taking the reigns of the Korean Beauty Show, Get it Beauty, we expect amazing things and great tips for the coming year! 🙂 

For those who felt that its a “tldr”, here is the recap;
Beauty Trend #1 Collaborations-– with models, celebs, designers and idols.
Beauty Trend #2 New Key Ingredients- Innisfree’s orchid line, more synake products and perhaps *cough* conch slime?!
Beauty Trend #3 Inner Beauty– we are talking aromatherapeutic oils, fabric perfumes, scented diffusers and candles by beauty companies! ❤


But where to buy Korean beauty products?

Well of course there is the trusty Amazon and Ebay, but if you would like a special treat and feeling like it is Christmas all year round, you can always grab one of those fabulous Beauteque BB bags or subscribe to Beauteque monthly! Their subs are always filled with 7 full sized products. Do read my reviews on this bag to get an idea of what they curate. 😉


Which beauty trend are you most excited about? 🙂



This post was inspired by the blogger’s Top 3 beauty trends contest organized by Beautequeofficial on Instagram. Wish me luck! ❤

Testerkorea Haul #3


Read my other testerkorea hauls unboxings here and here.

Okay, I have to admit that Testerkorea’s prices are unbeatable for lightweight items (because shipping is taken into account). They might be reselling their free samples for moneys but at least they ain’t taking too much profit from normal priced items. We do receive pack samples (5 foils) for presumably every $30-40 purchase. 🙂

Order date: 24/12/2015
Shipped: 30/12/2015 (but it only left Korea on 14/1 wth Korea post?!)
Received: 20/1/2015

That’s almost a month, but they were probably waiting on one item that had to be ordered from the manufacturer. (read on)

My order this time is a bit larger than the previous two. It is packed to the brim in a squarish box!



The shipping costs were 9,670 won via normal air mail so the total came up to 76,380 won (or approx $75).

I shared part of this haul with my cousin since I was over at her place and decided to pull her to the ‘dark side’ aka Korean beauty obsession.


I was most excited to get this: the Iope Air cushion XP refill. Yeah, I’m cheapo like that. I have two other casings and decided that I should just take one in case I don’t like the formulation or something. When I bought this, it costs approx $13- much cheaper than most ebay sellers. 😛


I’m excited to test this one out since it is highly raved and so-called the “mother of all cushions”. Stay tuned for a separate review post~


Next up is a blusher that keeps going OOS. Yeah, like that Peripera cushy blusher..I gave up. 😦 The A’pieu finger blusher is cute and all, but I didn’t appreciate how cute the size was.


Ruler for dimensions

The blusher is a pretty light pink, but too light to be seen under natural lighting. Idk…I’m not loving this much :/


Maybe I’ll stick to using my lip tints/ cheek & lip products for a better blush payoff.

I’m also convinced that their 3CE products are genuine. Since the internet is plagued with fake cosmetics from this brand, I was apprehensive to order more.


I guess they were waiting on this item for so long before my order could be shipped. It is still in it’s original wrapping with barcode and all. 🙂

YES to purple lippie. ❤ ❤


I’d say this is quite worth the wait? The lipstick does make my order 😀 I’m pretty pleased with the color although it might look dark pink-ish under low lights.

I adore how pigmented the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse was (got another shade before this) and had to pick a lighter pink (#1) for gradient-making. 😛


Be warned though, these highly pigmented lip stuff are often pretty dry on the lips. Chapped lips will show and it won’t be pretty…


It is a nice color and quite wearable daily.

Yup, I needed a better lash curler after that disastrous (cheap) one from Y.E.T. That brand is just bleh. Now this is what you call proper. It is the Natural Republic one and comes with an extra silicon replacement. It does not have a spring but you can control the amount of strength nicely.


For this price, I totally recommend this curler. 😉

Another two little items from Natural Republic were my hand sanitizers. I’m slightly germophobic so this would always come in handy.


The duo was packed into a separate plastic with my blusher, spot patches and etc.


They are both super tiny (30ml each) and costs $2 something each. Oh well, at least the divine peach and grape smell makes up for it. I do think drugstore ones would be cheaper but they don’t smell this good.

I’m also having a hand-cream mania moment and had a difficult time eliminating all the 9293713 other hand creams loaded in the cart. The e-choice hand cream is a bit more than $1.50 (only!) and smells exactly of honeydew. Urm..yum?!


And did I mention PENGUIN? Oh. ❤

Some beauty tools: Missha makeup sponge (so worth the price!), 2 cushion sponge replacements, Innisfree spray bottle (for more Blithe misting water experiments~) and my staple Missha oil blotter.


Okay I didn’t snap individual pics of the Skin Food point makeup remover, Innisfree hydrogel masks, Skin food nose strips etc etc but man, I’m just so glad I got my order already.



Here is a list of what I ordered;

Name Price(won) Qty Total(won)
TOTAL 66,710
E CHOICE Melon Hand Cream 60g 1,000 1 1,000
STYLENANDA 3 Concept Eyes #602 V Striking Neon Purple 3.5g 17,900 1 17,900
INNISFREE Creamy Tint Lip Mousse 7,000 1 7,000
INNISFREE Eco Beauty Tool Spray Type Dispenser 30ml 1,050 1 1,050
NATURE REPUBLIC Nature`s Deco Eyelash Burler Make up Tool 2,450 1 2,450
THE FACE SHOP Daily Perfumed Hand Cream 30ml 2,310 1 2,310
HOLIKAHOLIKA Penguin’s Dream (Limited Collection) 2,730 1 2,730
INNISFREE Green Tea Hydro Gel Mask 25g 1,400 1 1,400
MISSHA Oil control Film 50ea 1,540 1 1,540
IOPE Air Cushion XP Refill 15g 12,600 1 12,600
SKINFOOD Black Bean Nose Pack 7pcs 2,380 1 2,380
[S] Skinfood Seaweed Waterproof Point Make-up Remover Tissue 2pcs*10ea. 2,100 1 2,100
MISSHA Magic Cushion Case Replacement Sponge 2 pcs 1,050 1 1,050
A’PIEU NonCo Tea Tree Spot Patch 12pcs 350 1 350
MISSHA Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch-1ea 350 1 350
NATURE REPUBLIC Hand & Nature Sanitizer Gel 30ml 1,400 1 1,400
NATURE REPUBLIC Hand & Nature Sanitizer Gel 30ml 1,400 1 1,400
INNISFREE Hydro Gel Mask 25g 1,400 1 1,400
MISSHA Fresh Colorful Make-up Sponge (25pcs) 2,800 1 2,800
A’PIEU Finger Blusher 10ml 3,500 1 3,500


I’ll be waiting on my next. Obviously TTK is a great (and dangerous) place to shop but you have to be as patient as a saint.