Memebox My Cute Wishlist – unboxing & review


Okay, I have to admit I am not a super cutesy person, but no girl can resist a cute memebox like this one! I was priveleged to receive a My Cute Wishlist from Memebox and even before unboxing, I knew it would be good (because I saw the spoilers 😛 ).


When you lift the lid of this Memebox, it is like unicorns and fairies has just escaped. You will stare at it for awhile to take it all in. I am not kidding, this one is a winner.


Let me share my honest opinion about this box. The one item I was most excited to try out is this: The Beauty People Snow White Special Edition Season 2 (1.6g x 5ea, $54). It consists of 5 pretty, ready-to-wear colors, ranging from Glimmer Black to Beige.


If you are a k-drama fan, you would probably notice that Snow White is dressed in Hyun Bin’s painstakingly sewn sequined jacket. Adorbs!


You might already know I don’t use my makeup alot, but these colors might shake my routine up from now on! You can easily create a light cat eye and add on a cute aegyop sal (waterline underneath the eyes) with these pencils.


Back of the tin

I like that it comes with a pink sharpener too. This product definitely makes up for the whole box 🙂

My next fav is the a;t Fox triplets: Gyoolpy Tea, Jasoyup Herb Tea and Black Tea (10ml, $6 each). They come in such cute cupcakes!


Each has a different niche; whitening, lifting or moisturizing.
Of all the relatively unknown brands Memebox has introduced to us global customers, a;t Fox is one I most wanted to try.

The concept is “afternoon tea” where beauty people gather and enjoy their cuppa while browsing through the cute things instore.


The cream is light and only slightly scented, so those who are sensitive might enjoy this. It also makes a wonderful stocking filler for Christmas! But I am keeping these for myself~ *smug*
We are all familiar with Etude House. And I was glad to see this brand in a memebox! It is quite rare to see famous products in these boxes as memebox is a global platform for more indie/new brands to branch out.


The Etude Missing U Hand Cream (30ml, $5) comes in Pink Dolphin, Half Seal, Fairy Penguin and Panda…and viola I got the Fairy Penguin!


The packaging is awesome. I can bring it in my bag to lectures and score some envious looks~ Function-wise, it does it job. Nothing super fantastic but better than having dry hands! It smells of baby powder.


Another Etude House item, the Sweet Recipe Cancy Stick (2g, $5) was included. This is a gloss type lip tint that moisturizes and is used to create a gradated look.

I got the 03 Sour Lemon Candy, which is the lightest among the tints… so it doesn’t show that much. I guess it is a good addition to my vibrant collection of tints.

I have also tested out the Pure Smile Muddy Girl (15g, $1) in Charcoal and found it….surprising! The consistency is slightly more watery than any charcoal/mud/volcanic packs I have tried, but dries up within a few minutes and reveals all your pores!! I am not kidding, it looks like a freak show in the mirror lol~ For the fun factor; plus one point. I think it is worth trying this out. The Muddy Girl does not have a distinct scent at all and is easy to wash off under warm water.


We have our fair share of Kocostar lately, but I have not received a Split End Therapy (8ml, $6) yet so this is the first. The nail therapy was nice, but not super convenient as I am a person who works alot with my hands lol. Well, if this product does not work, placebo will do it’s job. Not bad considering it comes with a cute band!


Another one which I have personally tested is this Pure Smile Neco Punch Point Pads (17ml x 2ea). It comes in Hibiscus and Lemongrass.  A point pad, is by definition a mini mask patch suitable for any part of your face/body that needs hydration.

I patched this on my cheek and left it there for 10 mins. It does feel more hydrated and my skin cools, but I am not used to just having a mask on just a small area. I think this would be great for dry areas like the elbows, knees, ankles etcetera. It does make you look cute though, having one on each cheek :B


All in all, I adore the My Cute Wishlist memebox. It is well worth $23 (add $6.99 for shipping) and I have purchased it’s sequel box. I know it all adds up to less than $100, unlike most memeboxes but the satisfaction of getting it makes it one of a memefavorites.

You may find all the memebox with it’s shipping date on this memebox-dedicated page and more bonuses + other information. I will update with September coupon codes once I get them.

At the meantime, happy memeshopping!


Disclaimer: This box was sent by Memebox for review purposes, and the thoughts/opinions are my own.


Memebox Colorbox #2 Orange – review

I got this memebox and am so excited to try everything in it. Although I am not a huge makeup person, I think some color would be lovely especially when it is summer.

The Memebox Colorbox #2 Orange was priced at only $15 on Memebox (currently sold out) and it is part of the mini memebox series which features 3-4 items of a specific theme. I strongly recommend these boxes because they are of fantastic value and they sell out so quickly.

The Colorbox came in #1 Red, #2 Orange and #3 Blue, and I hope they will carry other colors in the future.

20140630_091529970_iOSIf you are a makeup enthusiast, you will love this. It is like a mini sampler of the Makeup box ($23).

First up is the Dearberry Flirt Lipstick 06 Million Dollar Orange. It is 3.4g and full-sized ($12). I believe this is not exactly coral orange but more of a brick reddish-orange. It looks more cherry-ish than orange-y.


Dearberry Flirt Lipstick 06 Million Dollar Orange


The lipstick is pretty pigmented, though it does smudge. However, I love it for it’s packaging. I will pass this to my youthful-looking mum who loves bright lip colors.



You can find more information about the lipsticks on Dearberry’s website.



Another Dearberry product is the Today Nail Lacquer and I got shade #20 Fantasy. This product retails for $3 and is 10ml.


Dearberry Today Nail Lacquer #20 Fantasy

20140630_164307876_iOS 20140630_164245964_iOS

The color comes of as a papaya orange. It is a little creamy and definitely more orange than the lipstick. I am not sure about nail polishes since I don’t often wear them, but memebox seem to love including them into their boxes. Manipedi enthusiasts rejoice!


L’ocean Eye Shadow L-29 Pastel Orange is 4g and costs $10, which is a little steep considering that it is not as pigmented as I hope it to be.

20140630_164650854_iOS 20140630_164657949_iOS


L’ocean Eye Shadow L-29 Pastel Orange


swatch next to the lipstick to compare

Unfortunately it does not show that much, but for a light makeup person like me, I think I can play around with this. Maybe a primer can help with the color.

The last item is my favourite: Tosowoong Bronze Spectrum Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner #11 Sunshine. It is 1.2g and costs $14.


Tosowoong Bronze Spectrum Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner #11 Sunshine

HOLY. It really doesn’t smudge! Waterproof wise, probably a little. It does come off easily with soap, which is good. I love the shimery bronze color, and it is super easy to glide on. I love this the most out of the 4.


Love it!

Here is the ingredients list for the Tosowoong Bronze Spectrum Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner;

Polyethylene, Cyclomethicone, Ceresin, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone/vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer,
Sorbitan Olivate, Microcrystalline Wax, Beeswax, Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, Euphorbia Cerifera(Candelilla) Wax, CI 77499, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 15850, Ultramarines, Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Bismuth Oxychloride, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate


The 4 full-sized items total up to $39 according to memebox. I am sad that the red box has an extra lipgloss, but hey, the liner made up for the whole box imho.

Would I get the next colorboxes? I probably will if they come up with pink, mint, burgundy, silver or white!

You can buy memeboxes here and use the Promo code- $5 off on any order : 588KKYR9G4
(Valid date : July 1st ~ end of July, limit to one time per customer.)

For more promotions, affiliate discounts and the whole shipping schedule, visit this memebox dedicated page!


Memebox Hair and Body 1- unboxing & comprehensive review!

Memepeople contacted me the other day while I was holidaying in Croatia and asked me if I would like to receive a memebox from them and my answer was Yes, of course! I selected the Memebox Hair & Body Box of the choices.

I was elated to finally be rewarded for my efforts.  

I have recently joined as their affiliate and was lucky enough to enable a huge group of my friends from the derm clinic before the holidays (they are from all over Europe) and my neighbors.


You have probably read about Memebox from other blogs, but let me tell you why memebox is so special;

1. They are not like normal subscription box. Memebox have it’s regular box and many other special boxes including themed ones (Memebox special edition), ones with only full-sized items (Superbox) and even items from previous boxes that you have missed (Luckybox).

2. It is currently the only box originally from Korea that ships globally.

3. The value of memeboxes are always double or more than the price you pay! There was even a box that values over $150 for only $23!!

4. You get a wide selection of products in your boxes. It is always a surprise unboxing one. One example is the recent Memebox #11 which includes a body lotion, a mask, a CC cream, nail polish set and a liptint!

5. You can get memeboxes for super cheap (read the end of this post)! They always have sales every now and then, and promo codes to top of with. I once got a box for only $0.99 with my memepoints. That is insane!!!

Okay, on to the unboxing!

Memebox Hair & Body #1



Memebox was generous enough to ship my box via DHL! By the time I receive my tracking number, the box was already on my desk.

Look at the amount of products!!! The box itself is really heavy.


The spread:



I will talk about each product in detail! Since I have gotten the box before, I have used almost all the products. I even brought some on my trip.

The information card is always super useful to have especially when some products are in Korean, so you need not worry.



1. Rosapacific 19 Real Neck Sheet 12g
Full sized: 12g ($3.50)


I have already reviewed this product and you can read it here. I will gift this to my bestie, and hopefully she will love it!

2. 1004 Laboratory Kiss the Perfume Brilliant Hair Treatment 300g
Full sized: 300g ($49)




This is my favourite of all the things in the Memebox Hair & Body! It has been included in one of the memebox loves alongside the Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream and TCFS Mist. If you would do a quick search, many memeaddicts wants this as a swap item. I do agree!


Look at the amount of details on this product! Even the inside of the box has description of all the ingredients used and the research done into producing it.


Ain’t it the loveliest conditioner you have seen?

Not only does it smell fantastic, this conditioner also makes my hair feel softer. I have pumped it into a miniature bottle and brought it with me on my travels and sitting next to someone, they thought I used a nice subtle floral perfume.


s 3. Annagaspi Brilliant Body Design Patch (2 pouch x 2= 4 pcs)
Full sized: 4 pcs ($17)



I tried this on my thighs the other day. It claims to reshape and firm swollen legs and feet, although on the package it does say you can use it on other parts of the body such as your lower back, arms or tummy. The patch itself is enough to cover the back of my thigh. It feels tingly upon minutes of application, and other than that it does not hinder my sleep. A tip is to make sure you clean the area you are applying to, and make sure it is dry!


So I slept in with the patch since you need 8 hours for optimum efficacy. 

I woke up and took the patch off. It does not dramatically reduce my thigh fat, (lets be honest, what product does that overnight) but my skin does feel clammy in a pleasant way and firm. I think I need to use this more to see an effect.

This is cool, because I wouldn’t normally buy a slimming patch for myself!

4. SD Hair Steam Pack 30g
Full sized: 30g ($21)


This was the product they spoiler-ed before the box was released! I think those who love the concept of having their own hair spa at home would enjoy this product. In the description, it says the steam pack contains argan oil, royal jelly and black food. Hello luxurious nourishment!

It is the only one I couldn’t bear to use yet. I will, soon!


5. Kocostar Nail Therapy 4g x 3pcs
Full sized: 3pcs ($15) 

image   image

Yet  another full sized product! I have tried this the other day and I think it does work a little better than just applying cuticle oil or hand cream. The product itself is 5 little white masks soaked in a liquid that you can slip onto each of your fingers.

It is amusing to wear it and attempt activities around the hostel. My travelmates had a good laugh because I was looking like a proper bimbo. Definitely good thing to put on when you want a hunk to spoon-feed you food hehe.


More cute snippets of the info cards;


image image


The Kocostar food therapy is going to be included in the Memebox Hair & Body #2! If you missed out on that, keep a watchful eye for Hair & Body #3!

6. Zivon Plu Scrub Oriental Jin 50g
Full sized: 200g ($25)— 50g ($6.25)



It is hand-sized, so that makes it travel friendly! No more dirt and gunk for beach day outs~

I was in this forum where memeaddicts gather, and everyone who got the box seem to love this scrub! It is super delicate unlike some sugar scrubs I have tried. What is interesting is that it contains red ginseng on top of other moisturizing ingredients like olive oil, macadamia oil, argan oil and other natural oils.



7. EVAS RoseMine perfume Touch 13g
Full sized: 13g ($17g)


Ain’t that the cutest packaging for a perfume~
It reminds me of Cath Kidson.

I got the Gleaming Bijou this time! My previous tube was Blessing Blossoms. I love both equally as I can’t decide which is better..

imageIt might not be strong enough to be considered as a perfume, imho, but I realized that you can mix this with any of your clinic-smelling creams (yeah, those with psoriasis would know) and viola, floral scented lotion!







image image

The consistency is gel-like with shimmery bits. After spreading, the skin feels slightly cool and shimmery (not a disco dust sparkle, but just a little).


($17g 8. Golden Glove Exfoliating Gloves
Full sized: 1 pair ($16)


Okay, who would pay $16 for exfoliating gloves…. but hey, since it comes free in this box I gave it a try. Let me indulge would with some Korean culture at this point. The younger members of a family would visit the bath house (called Jjimjibang in Korean) and give their elders a good back scrub. Even mothers would do this for their child.




image image

This glove does what it says. It gets rid of the dead cells pretty effectively! Just apply body gel/ shower cream and scrub away. Be gentle, though, and go in small circles rather than roughly because you don’t want to get red streaks afterwards!

I think this is a great product to bring whenever I am visiting the sauna. I don’t have to worry about dropping my loofah on the floor (you know the floors are infested with bacteria and such). I just have to wear these and walk around scrubbing!


Oh Memebox.


Overall this box is valued up to $144.75. But lets be realistic and slash that down to half. It’s still $70++ and that is triple the original price of the box itself- $23! You might need to add $6.99 to that for shipping, but hey, with all the discount codes and memepoints, you can get all this for nothing!

You can now get $3 off any memebox with this code (good until the end of June): 63D58FH1ZRLS

If you register now, you get 10 memepoints ($10) and shoot an email over to saying that Veritazy.wordpress referred you. They will add up to $5 worth of points into your account. You may also purchase boxes that has $3 affiliate discount from my links here. 

 Lets break that down shall we;- if you are picking up say, the Memebox Skincare box;

Cost of box: $29.00
Shipping: $6.99
New membership: -$10.00
Referral points: -$5.00
Buy via my link: -$3.00
Use the code (63D58FH1ZRLS ): -$.300
Final price: $14.99

That is insane for a box that would probably be worth $80-100 or more. I think Memebox is way ahead of its competition. Keep up the good job, memepeople!

And you, Happy memeshopping!