Beauteque Head to Toe April 2015 Bag- Tony Moly

I’m so chuffed to have discovered this bag at my door yesterday! It is the Beauteque Head to Toe April 2015 Bag and this time around, they are featuring 7 Tony Moly products~ ❤


Who doesn’t love the cute products of Tony Moly, right? 🙂




The Tony Moly Face Mix Primer Lip Concealer is a product I cannot wait to try because I have been using other primers and they dry my lips a little. Korean swatches tend to be of those pretty pale-gradient-ombre lips and I guess this would help a lot to reproduce the same effect!


It is packaged like a little lip balm.


On swatch it looks so much lighter than my skin. It is definitely like a lip balm + concealer. I can’t comment on how it perform yet, but if I like it I will review it with the Face Mix concealer which I am using regularly at the moment! 😀


Very happy to have received this in a Head to Toe bag~

Next up is a product I have tried and loved. It is the Tony Moly Tangerine Whitening Hand cream. Can I tell you, this smells absolutely divineeee~


Can I have a basket of these on display? Just staring at the cute fruits are therapeutic enough. 😛


In case you are curious, this smells alot like the Yeon hallabong products. Tangerines tend to be less sour/ citrusy compared to oranges or lime, and have a unique fragrance to them. The consistency is like something in between body butter and lotion. It doesn’t contain alot of products, but all is good when it looks that cute, no? 🙂

I have also tried this Strawberry seeds 3-step nose pack awhile ago. What it is is a blackhead treatment for the nose area; 1. To open up pores and loosen the dirt and all. 2. A nose strip that helps pull out all the gunk. 3. Soothing pack that calms the skin and shrinks pores.


Ingredients and instructions;


Many companies have been making these 3-steps nose product. I love it. It’s my guilty pleasure; seeing those suckers getting yank out. Guaranteed satisfaction..

I have also tried this Gold Black Sugar mask scrub before. It is perhaps a dupe of the Skin Food’s black sugar mask and it doesn’t quite measure up but it works well to exfoliate.


It smells of burnt caramel sauce. Yum!


It’s all gooey and sweet like a jam and you can’t resist but to taste it. But please do not consume your skin care 😛

This cute lips is actually the Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip scrub! It’s about time to get a lip scrub because I own a gazillion lip products and everytime you put on a really nice color, you have to make sure there aren’t any chappy bits showing~




I know this won’t last me long at all, but I might repot something else into this lip casing afterwards. It does not smell of anything in particular. ❤

Next are two heart pumice stones. I would never thought of picking up pumice stones for myself but this is a cute addition!


Instruction says to wet feet and scrub to remove rough skin. Might do this since summer is approaching and that spells sandals season!

I don’t know what to make of the Tony Moly Make HD straight cream because I don’t want to have straight hair….probably I can pass this on to someone else who does.




It smells quite potent. :O


This bag is adorbs. It is that close to perfection but misses out on the random hair cream thing.  I love the hand cream, primer and nose pack, and don’t mind the rest as I would use them. 😀 That drawstring bag it came in is super useful as well! I will be storing my bendable flats/ beachwear/ sunnies in it~ ❤

You can get the Head to Toe or regular BB bags, and other product offers here: (also sign up immediately for a $3 rebate) or find their other monthly subscriptions at For mask lovers, rejoice because Beauteque is now offering Mask Maven too (10 mask/ month sub)!

❄ ❄ ❄ 

This bag was sent for review purposes but the opinions are honest and true to my experience.


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