Top 3 Beauty Trends you have to watch out for in 2015

Since I am writing an Asian beauty blog, I will keep it on Asian beauty trends– more specifically South Korean. I believe this is relevant for any part of the world because the Western and Asian companies adapt to each other’s trends anyways.

The South Korean beauty scene has brought about many new trends in the past couple of years. Beginning with the viral bb cushion advertisements to Kpop beauty scene with various celebrity endorsements, I just can’t keep up with them all. As demands rose for newer and more innovative products, companies scramble to create greater buzz.

My personal favourite trends from Korea had been their affordable and yet amazing bb creams (yes, these came out at the end of my high school days) and cute food-like packaging products. Lo behold my small personal collection;

And nowadays they even have Banana ones. I need ❤ _ ❤ .


Honestly though, my skin has never been better after using these Asian products. I braved through bee venom treatments, placenta essence, donkey milk creams and horse oil for goodness sake– I should be looking like a goddess by now. :X 939719631 products later, I realize the trick is to find what suits your skin best and do the perfect amount of layering (more does not always mean better, genius). Of course, drinking plenty of water and keeping skin hygiene is necessary as well.

Lets cut to the chase now and look at some of the best 2015 trends to come!

Beauty Trend #1 

This is one trend that is spreading like wildfire. Besides getting famous figures to endorse their brands, companies are also starting to get them to come up with new lines!

People might be buying the Saem Eco line for G-dragon and Innisfree for Minho’s pouch. I mean, I bought the Innisfree’s lip tint mousse because of Pony. 😛 Be it simply a beauty kit, an eye shadow palette or even a signature fragrance, collaborations seem to be quite a hit these days. Remember the Laneige x pushBUTTON collab? 😀


They say behind every man there is a woman, and I say behind every famous figure there are millions of fans. There is a line already waiting behind them so why not launch a collab product and get your brand name out there like *snap fingers*?

Chosungah x Lucky Chouette collab also launched in the last quarter of 2014. Owls! Adorbs.


I do enjoy collabs alot. They are often prettier in design and worth keeping. Hello….? Limited edition!~ 😉

Even resellers/companies are doing more collabs these days. Beauteque, for example, did several collabs with bloggers/vloggers over the past few months for their grab bags. 😀

Beauty Trend #2
New Key Ingredients

We are not talking about milk, caviar or gold here. Like I mentioned before, I braved through bee venom treatments, placenta essence, donkey milk creams and horse oil in the previous years. I believe no stone is left unturned and no bush unpoked in Korea in order for them to come up with new key ingredients. I commend them for their adventurous side!

It is no secret that very company has to have their own signature line to be successful. When you think about Innisfree, you think Jeju volcano and green tea. Mizon? Snails. Skin food? Pomegranate. You get the drift. 2015 will bring us more exciting ingredients for sure. We have already seen some like the new Orchid line from Innisfree and more syn-ake anti-aging products from various brands like Medi-heal and Sea Tree.


I am not a biochemist or skin scientist, so I cannot predict exact ingredients. But I can say this: we might see bizarre ones like animal protein derivates, sea creature (eg conch) slime or even Western plants, who knows?

photo source:, by Dennis Frates / Alamy

Fancy some Kalanchoe thyrsiflora cream? 


Beauty Trend #3
Inner Beauty

Top beauty queens are emphasizing a lot more on this lately. Yoga/ pilates, beauty diets and other de-stressing methods are getting quite the buzz. I was catching on with my favorite beauty show Get It Beauty, and saw that they had introduced many tips to calm the inner soul. I do agree that when you eat right, sleep right and feel right, it will show.

This third beauty trend is not a noun specifically, so I decided to pick several items that would fit into the trend. These products include aromatherapeutic oils, fabric perfumes, scented diffusers and candles! If you have been shopping on Korean sites recently, you would notice that more new arrivals include the products I have mentioned.


Innisfree has some wonderful candles for Christmas (and oil sets for their aniversary).

image image

It’s Skin and The Face Shop are selling various diffusers.


Remember me introducing the Papier d’Armanie awhile ago? I got that tip from the show. It did calm me down and deodorize the air in my room, making it perfect for my sleep hygiene! I do think this is a great trend for all beauty enthusiasts to jump on.


Side note: With ex beauty queen Honey Lee taking the reigns of the Korean Beauty Show, Get it Beauty, we expect amazing things and great tips for the coming year! 🙂 

For those who felt that its a “tldr”, here is the recap;
Beauty Trend #1 Collaborations-– with models, celebs, designers and idols.
Beauty Trend #2 New Key Ingredients- Innisfree’s orchid line, more synake products and perhaps *cough* conch slime?!
Beauty Trend #3 Inner Beauty– we are talking aromatherapeutic oils, fabric perfumes, scented diffusers and candles by beauty companies! ❤


But where to buy Korean beauty products?

Well of course there is the trusty Amazon and Ebay, but if you would like a special treat and feeling like it is Christmas all year round, you can always grab one of those fabulous Beauteque BB bags or subscribe to Beauteque monthly! Their subs are always filled with 7 full sized products. Do read my reviews on this bag to get an idea of what they curate. 😉


Which beauty trend are you most excited about? 🙂



This post was inspired by the blogger’s Top 3 beauty trends contest organized by Beautequeofficial on Instagram. Wish me luck! ❤


IOPE Air Cushion XP C23 quick review


So I just got this IOPE Air Cushion XP refill in C23. I have tried a couple of C21 shades from other brands and they seem to be lighter than I imagined. I just wanted to get a 23 shade to see how dark they run. Apparently these IOPE cushions come in natural (N), shimmery (S), and cover (C).

I got mine from Testerkorea (see my full haul unboxing here).


I just had enough cushions lying around and I thought this refill might fit into one of those cushion cases, and in case this isn’t my thing, I did not spend too much on the full product.


Ruler to scale


Okay, what the huh…both IOPE and Innisfree are from Amorepacific so I didn’t see why they wouldn’t make them all fit into each other’s case. Maybe it is a chaebol thing ya’know.. family rivalry (clearly I watched too much k-dramas).

image image

On the other hand, the IOPE refill did fit a little better into my Easybeauty firm’s “It’s my cushion” case. It does not lock into the case snuggly but I’m okay with that lol (cheapo 😛 ). The refill rotates within the case but I can hold it in place and save a couple of bucks, thank you very much.


Back and front


So this cushion looks like any cushion I have seen. Sponge, puff and all. It was protected by a film.


Finger swatch~ Pretty warm shade, with almost the same density as the Innisfree’s Intense Ampoule Cushion without being heavy at all on my skin. Sorcery! :O

How to use:
After basic skin care,use it as a makeup base. Re-apply it anytime you need a sunblock.(You can use it both before and after makeup)


The IOPE cushion picks up better than the Innisfree’s cushion at the beginning. The sponge also does not slip easily (personal finger size thing though)


I wore it out for a few days now and am very impressed with this. While the Innisfree one is perfect for touching up and soothing stressed/oily skin after a long winter day, this one is perfect for a quick makeup on my bareface and it covers slight imperfections on the go. I didn’t even need my HG primer as the base.

The formula is perfect! ❤ It probably doesn’t cover eye bags (I tried covering eye liner on my forearm with it) but it does cover up the slight redness I have on the sides of my nose.

– One of the higher SPF cushions (SPF50 PA+++)
– Proven effectiveness and raved by many
– Covers well (buildable)
– Not too drying unlike most cover products
– Blends beautifully
– Ever so slight scent which is beautiful

– Full sized product might be expensive

– Can’t think of anything else so far!



Where have you been in my life?! 😀 I am definitely buying one more in a lighter shade to use in winter and this one for summer. There is just something magical about the formulation. It isn’t so different from the Innisfree Intense Ampoule one but gosh, the finish on my skin is just so…photoshopped! 😛

Maybe it is the IOPE-placebo working but I assure you placebos do not exceed a week long lol. I think every lady out there should fork out abit more than 10 bucks and try this for themselves once (the refill I mean).

Introducing~ Skinfactory Korea ♥


Ahoj beauties! I received a parcel I have been waiting for ages~ I love the 7 seconds 7in1 Neng Jang Go pads so much that I was extremely excited when Miss Kim Moonyoung contacted me for this review! The brand SkinFactory has been quite popular among memefans lately and I got a good feeling that their products will be a hit with the European market as well.


All their products are fragrance-free, pigment-free, preservative-free, alcohol-free and mineral oil-free and are dermatologist tested. I like that their company emphasizes on being as natural and irritant-free as possible. They have several different lines for sensitive skin, speedy skincare and makeup (7 seconds range), ampoule masks and more! 

I shall do some quick review and unboxing in this post. It might take some time but I might write a thorough review for some of my fav products from them so stay tuned! 😉


Special Care Creams

There were two creams included in this package for reviews.



Left: Skinframe Gold Vita K.I.N.G. Multi cream
Right: W.O.W! Wonder cream Gold Label

I am super excited to try these out as they are both the star products from the Sensitive skin line and are limited edition stuff for this year (2014).


Gold included?! Whoa~ *jawdrops*

Gold benefits: to promote blood circulation, helps maintain moisture and improve skin elasticity.

Platinum benefits: biological peptides which are main components of cells, which improve the utility of the cell update. Has also has antioxidant and anti-bacterial effect.

And KING is actually the acronym for;
K-Kamukamu (LOL)– Myrciaria Dubia Fruit Extract
I- Iris vesicolor extract
N- Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract
G– Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate

The Vita K.I.N.G. cream is a 10 non-addition, whitening and anti-wrinkle cream meanwhile the W.O.W! wonder cream is 17 non-addition. I will definitely give these a go and see if they are my new HG!


Foaming Cleanser

image image

I absolutely adore this foaming cleanser- the Real Soft Premium Deep Cleansing! I read up about it on Naver and decided to give it a go instantly, although I have like 893749 other cleansers on my counter. 😛

Since it is free of almost all the irritants, it does not have a distinct scent. The texture is pretty much like your Dove shampoo + regular foam cleanser combi– I have never come across such consistency for a foaming cleanser! It has a shiny sheen to it and a little goes a long way. The cleanser foams very well (a small coin size is all you need) and I have used this with my soft facial brush.

After drying my face, the skin feels supple and soft, without the squeaky clean or tight feeling. It is just perfectly prepped for the next step of toner/essence or mask. I totally recommend this and I am using this every morning now! ❤


Touchfit LipTattoo Pack


This product is a two-step lip care product.


Left:  Skin Factory Touch Fit Liptattoo 
Right:  Skin FactorSkinframe 7 seconds Speed White 

I have tried this product. I used the speed white as a base concealer for my lips and applied the lip tattoo to the centre of my lips. It felt…gloopy if anything. The smell isn’t the best too– it is quite pungent but given the tattoo effect, this is tolerable. Lo and behold …some lips :



I would say although it is gimmicky, the whole lip tattoo thing lasted me through tooth-brushing, drinks and more! It is much better than lip stick, but I can’t be sure if this is worth the trouble because some lip tints can achieve the same effect quicker. I will try it again with a full lip but creating the gradient lip was fool-proof and it turned out quite pretty! ❤





Clockwise from top left:

♥ Skin Factory VegaMix Hydrogel Mask
♥ Skin Factory 7 seconds 7in1 Morning Sheet (sample foil)
♥ Skin Factory Eye dream Honey patch 
♥ Skin Factory Real Honey Moisturizing Ampoule mask
♥ Skin Factory Volcanic ash Black 3D Mask
♥ Skin Factory Real Shiny Pearl Ampoule mask

Benefits of the Skinfactory masks;

High Capacity 30ml
Skinfactory masks contain more essence than normal masks in the market.  So you can use the essence not only on your face but also on other parts of your body.

Paraben – Free
Paraben is used as preservatives in major cosmetics.  If you use too much, it can affect the endocrine    system.  Skinfactory products are paraben free.

Cellulose mask sheet
This soft and comfortable sheet is a more effective skincare product than other products in the market.


Skinfactory seven packing mask set (x7)
1. Vega Collagen Ampoule Mask
2. EGF Lifting Tox Ampoule Mask
3. I2PL White Mela-X Ampoule Mask
4. PDT AC Ampoule Mask
5. Aqua Skinin Ampoule Mask
6. Vega Vitaflex Ampoule Mask
7. UV/(Daily UV Care Ampoule Mask

This is a really cool set of masks for everyday use (one daily!). I would buy this for any mask enthusiast or anyone who wants to try Korean masks. It is said that Skin factory masks are so popular that around 100,000 pieces are sold in Korea each day!


Directions of use:
1. Before using the pack, clean your face and smoothing facial skin.
2. Open the sheet mask. closely match the appearance of the face and attach the sheet mask evenly.
3. After 15~2Omin. Uncover the sheet mask and gently tap the rest of essence on the skin on your
face, so that it absorbed.
I will try these over the next couple of weeks and update with a detailed review!
The last product is this Platinum Rose Wine Ampoule Mask.
It is from the same line as the 7in1 Morning sheets which I am quite bummed to not receive as I ran out of those, but to be fair beggars can’t be choosers and I am still very pleased to be able to review this!
pictures from
This is actually 10+1 sheet masks folded and packed into a container with essence. It might be quite drippy so you would want to use a clean pair of tweezers and put on the mask by the sink. 🙂 I actually look forward to this being included in Memebox’s Wine and Cheese box since it has been in sale on the memeshop! 😛

 Where Can You Buy

If you are in Asia, specifically Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong, you are in luck because some Sasa, Mannings and Guardian outlets do carry this brand. Check them out at the physical shops and ask the SA all you want to know! also carries some of the Skin Factory products.

Online shops:

1. Memebox was the first place I have encountered the brand. They do have some products in the Memeshop periodically and when you sign up, you get $3! You can also use my affiliate link and codes for more discounts!

2. Another favorite place to pick up SkinFactory products is Wishtrend. Occasionally they update with new products and there is even a free shipping area.

3. Sometimes you may find SkinFactory products in Qoo10 as well. They do have a separate cart for international shipping, but the page is ever changing and items may be out of stock.

4. You might also use a proxy service to buy SkinFactory products either directly from or other sites like Gmarket. Avecko (link here) is one of the popular proxy as introduced by fellow Kbeauty blogger Fanserviced.

5. If you are lucky enough, they may be some listings on Ebay or Amazon as well. Be wary of fake products and do your research well before purchasing!

Have fun shopping and be beautiful~




This post was a sponsored review by Skinfactory and all opinions are honest and not biased.