Beauteque Head to Toe Milk Bag review

image The bag which I was waiting for is finally here~ The Beauteque Head to Toe Milk Bag is a limited edition bag sold on their main company site This bag in particular is sold out due to its popularity but do check out all the other available ones here— dare I recommend you the Head to Toe Breakfast bag? It’s awesome, I promise ❤ I am quite pleased with the info-cards included this time around. They seem to be of upgraded quality. The Beauteque postcard (with a hand-written note by Miss Elina) in which she politely apologized for the logistic problems faced by the company earlier this year had a laminated side to it 🙂 I’m glad shipping has been sorted out, for me at least.


This bag contains a total of 7 full-sized products, themed Milk! I was super stoked when I heard about this bag. It definitely did not disappoint. 😉

That black and white woven bag housing all the goodies (except the huge pack of fluffy sponges) is pretty solid. It is of very decent quality and doesn’t smell! Score. 😀 This could very well be one of my favourite, if not the best makeup bag that I have gotten so far~


It plays very well to the color of cows as well hehe..

Somang Beauty Credit Milk Hand Cream 80ml ($6.50) 

Beauteque clienteles got to choose between this or the Secret Key hand cream but I chosen this one because I have tried Secret Key’s perfumed hand creams before and thought it would be nice to be able to compare them both. I would say they are comparable in terms of moisture and both smells equally good, although the Secret Key one does seem a little richer and lasts longer.


This hand cream smells alot like baby powder- the pleasant kind, not the old lady sort. 🙂


It dispenses as a semi-lucent cream and blends without leaving any oily residue. Ingredients include: 800mg of Milk extract, shea butter, olive oil and allantoin. 


Obviously this is not strong enough for really dry skin…but my hand does feel soft after using so I have no complaints about this at all! I am a total sucker for hand creams and have 20 opened ones lying about at one time so they are always welcomed in my bags/hauls. You can PM me for recommendations lol!

Milk Wash Off Sponge ($10)

it is not everyday that we see facial sponges in subs/boxes so this is a really nice surprise! Look at how cute the packaging is~ ❤


I left mine to soak in warm water because of the slight smell it has..not sure if the flight has anything to do with that. However, they are sooooo soft and dense at the same time. I can almost feel as if I was using an unmeltable marshmallow to cleanse LOL~


This might work well with the next product (cleanser) and my beauty friend, Mummyisbeauty did recommend using them to remove mud masks. That’s genius! More economical than cotton pads and less harsh too~ I will also experiment them on the TFS massaging cream which i have gotten from the previous Beauteque bag too!

Skinfood Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam ($12)

This reminds me very much of the Hada Labo AHA/BHA cleansing foam which I adore alot. It is similar texture-wise, but this smells divine although it looks deceivingly plain. 😛


150ml will last you forever perhaps because all you need is a pea size and some water to create enough foam for your face! It is a white, pearly, paste-like cleanser and contains moisturizing milk extracts plus various anti-oxidant agents. hmmm~ ❤


I can’t fault it at all, it removes makeup nicely. I wish my phone is waterproof but it isn’t so you would have to take my word for it. 😀 Thumbs up!

Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner ($19)

I am totally backlogged with toners so I won’t be opening this one for awhile… Honestly though, I love Secret Key products and I think most kbeauty bloggers would share my opinion on this one. They make some really great products marketed at affordable price tags. 🙂


This bottle apparently contains colostrum (thats like breast milk for you haha) that has skin growth factor, natural protein and natural AHA, so it is effective for skin brightening. Its abundant vitamin, minerals and ion are helpful for enhancing skin immunity. Various other ingredients (yes, it has 15 botanical extracts in it!) also help balance and moisturize the skin.


This toner is a slightly milky liquid that absorbs quickly onto the skin. Last I checked, it is free of the 5 harmful ingredients including mineral oils, paraben, animal oils, yadah yadah…


I’m pretty sold on this bottle and hear all the good things about it so far! Mine expires in 2017 (phew) — I also checked all the other products from this Beauteque bag and they are still fresh from Korea! ❤

Skinfood Shea Butter Milk Lip Care Balm ($7)

It’s always great to have another product from Skinfood. This lip balm promises to take care of chapped, cracked, dry lips. No explanations needed!


Somang Danahan Milk Mask ($3)

I still prefer sleeping packs over sheet masks but I will give this a try soon, especially on drier days.

“This milk essence mask contains 110mg milk extracts, it helps to maintain skin moisture level and brings long lasting hydration to the skin. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and supple.”


Like most face masks, you’d put the mask on cleansed and toned face and then leave it for 15 minutes before peeling off and massaging the leftover essence into the skin.


Skinfood Milk Creamy Nail Polish ($8.50)

Okay, I have tried many Skinfood nail polish before and this is the worst one, I fear. 😦 The color does not flatter me at all–unless I am heading to the clubs, and it neither dry nor apply easily.


I do love the grip on the cap though.


The outcome is a huge siggghhhh. I do think Skinfood’s vita nails range are much better. Not sure why this one is so runny and bleh.


I may or may not have ranked the bag contents according to my favorite to least favorite item on first (or second) impression. I really can’t decide which I would love more among the top 4 tbh! ❤


This bag totaled up to $66 in Beauteque pricing but I think it is closer to $40 but that still makes it a great deal for only $26++ plus shipping. You can get an extra $2 off with the code LUCKY2 for Saint Patrick’s day (they have constant deals on their site if this expires).

You can get the regular BB bags and other product offers here: (also sign up immediately for a $3 rebate) or find their other monthly subscriptions at For mask lovers, rejoice because Beaeteque is now offering Mask Maven too (10 mask/ month sub)!

Some of you may be confused if you are new to Beauteque. They have two separate sites: one is the main company site where you can find all the older BB bags/ Head-to-toe bags/ Blogger collaborations. The other site, is for their regular monthly subscription. For all bags, shipping applies according to countries. 🙂


❄ ❄ ❄ 

This bag was sent for review purposes but the opinions are honest and true to my experience.


Beauteque BB Bag 2! It’s my first, and it’s a Showstopper!

Hi ladies~
I am excited to share this relatively new sub with you. I have gotten my Beauteque BB Bag 2 several days ago and was privileged to be able to give it a go! This is a beauty bag (rather than box) and it contains all the wonderful Korean products. I love that they allow some degree of customization and in this one I actually got to choose the type of cleanser, falsies and lip tint.

The Beauteque bag costs $24 (extra for shipping, if you are not in the US).

The BB Bag 2 is a little bigger than half the size of an A4 paper.
It matches my sofa and I love it!


There were some complains about the inside coming off from the heat, but luckily mine was fine.
There were also several cards to fit the theme- Showstopper;

image image

I think it is a fun idea. Maybe in the future Beauteque could consider printing it with a card-making press, then their customers can use them as bookmarks or keep them in their wallets! The infocard is pretty well made, but lacks brand names. Thats my only qualm.

So on to the fun bit of un-bagging!


This is how it looks unzipped.
All the items fit in my BB bag~


All the products spread out~ They are coincidently very pink.
There are 6 altogether. All Beauteque-approved!



It’s Skin Mini Tint Gloss in Pink
retails for:  $5


I am a sucker for pucker lol. I left/gave away half of my lip stash when I moved into my current apartment (because education is crucial) and was in dire need of a restock. I was also excited to try this gloss as it is a Muse approved item.

The gloss is not tacky like most gloss I have tried. It sinks in and create this subtle vinyl salmon pink, which I love~


Holika Holika Daily Garden Cleansing Foam (Acerola)
retails for: $6.00 (Holika Holika CA)

I have more cleansers than I would like to admit. This one smells like candies/cherries, which is new. It lathers up pretty well, but not enough to foam like most Japanese cleanser I have tried. I think this is a good morning cleanser because the smell wakes you right up, in a good way. Not harsh, but not strong enough to remove makeup. It does leave a rather squeaky clean feeling like most foam cleansers…so into my after-jogging-routine stash it goes!

browse Beauteque’s Holika Holika shop ~


 Beauteque Minerals Pore Cleansing Brush
retails for: $35


I am most excited about this. Exfoliation is like my skin’s savior, because when I cease to, bumps come back…eek! I am currently on my Clarisonic/peeling gel and would love to substitute for this brush occasionally. The bristles feel super soft! (Oh, if only you can touch it through the screen) 

Witness the magic here.


Another point for looking all eco with bamboo handle. Love it! It is hands down the best product in the whole bag (and I am sure all the bloggers out there who got this would agree).


Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream
retails for: $9


This product is my second tube! I have tried, tested and love it since last year. Snails are huge in Korea because of their effectiveness in healing and repair. My secret to using this gel cream is to mix it with a less moisturizing BB cream, blend it on the back of your hand and viola– a spreadable BB with added benefits. You can also use it to lock in moisture at the end of your skincare routine. 

browse Beauteque’s Mizon shop


Skinfood Real Eyelash (Special 01)
retails for: $4

Let me be honest here, the only time I have used falsies in my life is for a dinner party, and that was the Koji falsies in Natural. I think that looked and feels pretty good. I was surprised by how flexible the bone of this one is. It is good to have a backup of falsies (in case of dinner invitations).

browse Beauteque’s Skin Food shop


The Face Shop Lip Gel Patch
retails for: approx  $3.20




Lip patches are probably the IT item in Korea lately. I have received several lip masks before and I rather put on my lip balm instead. That said, I find lip patches to be super cooling and you know what, you can use it as a diet plan to stop munching on snacks while watching a movie!! Or seal a talkative mouth. Works like a charm lol.



The 6 products that came with a pink Beauteque bag comes up to almost $70! I really want to see this company succeed as they have pretty good CS and the ideas for each boxes are fun. I am happy with my BB bag.

I am sure you can find other bloggers with codes for free masks, etc on the web so don’t be lazy to google them. Happy shopping, ladies!




Sidenote: I was given this bag for review purposes, but the opinions are genuine and not aimed to please anyone.

Sidenote 2: I swear the sun shifted like 29738 times when I was photographing the stuff. Urgh. Excuse the color inconsistencies..

Memebox OMG box – funpost v.02

So I have compiled a bunch of stuff from the sister site previously in this post.
Here is the second edition, featuring items stalked and rated by it’s OMG-ness.

Ϟ Ϟ Beauty Quick – fast, safe, painless exfoliate [link]


Sandpaper for skin? Why not, right?

Ϟ Ϟ Ϟ Glasshoul – earth face pack? [link]


Because using rocks to cleanse is the new trend.


It looks like the earth/mud/soil was excavated from a foreign site, making it much more exotic. Apparently my Korean has deteriorated so badly I couldn’t comprehend what I was reading. But you get the idea.

Ϟ Butiq Nail Polish Remover [link]


I assume it is a polish remover, because why else would you destroy perfectly painted nails? Unless it is for the name of art. Okay, this might be good since we are getting lots of nail polish from memebox.

Ϟ B&Soap Black Box charcoal soap [link]


We all know charcoal pills are used traditionally to neutralize stomach contents and detox poisons. Now can even use it to cleanse the face! I don’t know if the ‘squeaky clean’ feeling is what we are looking for, but I think it won’t hurt to try!

Ϟ Re:cipe Keratin Care Silk Spray [link]


Hands up if you know this brand. Congrats, you are a real memeaddict.

Spray keratin on keratin?? Why not, because it is like putting on reinforcement on breakage.

ϞϞϞ Secret de Provence Shampooing donuts [link]


We can now shampoo our hair with soap shaped into donuts. Each color has it’s own benefits, but I don’t recommend tasting them.

Ϟ  Magic Rabbit Mist & Mask pack [link]


This was on sale on Memeshop and I wanted to get it, but the shipping was burning a hole in my pockets. Mist that works as a mask sounds fantastic for winter. Not totally OMG, but this is one good product to try out. (Not to mention the cute packaging!)

Ϟ Ϟ  nuts Cream perfume [link]


Who can resist cream perfumes in a cute bamboo tub?! I know I can’t. Gimme!
This is not OMG-its-so-weird but it is definitely OMG-I-love-this!

Ϟ Foot Control Powder Mist [link]


It is winter soon, and lets admit that snow/heat/sweat= bad smell for even the most angelic girls. We all need some good deo for our feet, so why not a multi-tasker like this. Need!

Ϟ Ϟ Ϟ  Hazer Baba Turkish delight [link]


Because you will go “OMG” if you get Turkish delight in a beauty box. Sweets make us happy. And happy= beauty. So why not. Omg.

I know there are other OTT Oh-My-Gawd items out there like bird poop, placenta and magic mushrooms, but we have seen some pretty lame things going into the first OMG so lets not get our hopes high here.  I do, however, hope it gets better with each box because I got the 3rd.  😛

Happy memeshopping!