❥❥❥ Memebox Shipping Schedule + Promo Codes

 ❥NEWLY UPDATED: 6th February 2015

[follow this page and get latest updates on shipping, in-stock boxes and latest promo codes!]

So memebox has a schedule on their website, but in my opinion it seems a little messy and difficult to navigate, so I came up with this other schedule (since March I think). It is organized according to shipping time, so that makes it easier to see what is coming next. I used to post this up in a forum, but it does not allow edits after 24 hours…


Also, I have included the links to the boxes that are still in stock on memebox webpage (they are affiliate links) and some links do give a discount or points back! Scroll down and check them out.

No links= likely sold out atm
Otherwise, feel free to use these promo codes or other blogger codes.

New January Code! (no new Feb codes 😦 , but you can click on my link to get discounts)
Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3
Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4
AFFILIATE-5069-X52RG-LRLL : for $5 off $100 orders
AFFILIATE-8115-24M63-DBMX : for $10 off $150 orders
Or just click on this link and your discount will be automatically calculated at the checkout. (you can stack this)
 FREESHIPPING valid for purchases on Memeshop >$70

Note: I will update this schedule with links, and display the latest discount codes as frequently as possible. I too, have a life..



Use CTRL button + F to navigate through the list and find that box you want or use the color guide.

Memebox Global (regular boxes)     Memebox Special     Superbox     Luckybox     Minibox & other $15 boxes

For sold out boxes in June-November click here



Ready to Ship:

All About Brows
Cutipiemarzia #2
Black Friday Boxes #1-#5

 Memebox Petit Treasures: Shipping December 2nd

 Memebox Apple Mojito: Shipping December 2nd

 Memebox Blackout: Shipping December 2nd

 Memebox Hair Salon: Shipping December 4th

 Superbox #78 Dirty Gal: Shipping December 4th

 Memebox Oh My Lips!: Shipping December 8th

 Memebox Cleanse & Tone: Shipping December 8th

❥ Memebox Pouch Essentials: Shipping December 8th

 Memebox Brighten & Correct: Shipping December 10th

  Memebox Wish Upon a Mask: Shipping December 10th

❥  Memebox Makeup Edition #3: Shipping December 10th

 Memebox Christmas Collection #1: Shipping December 10th

 Memebox Christmas Collection #2: Shipping December 10th

 Superbox #80: Pumpkin Pie Cosmetics: Shipping December 12th

 Superbox #81 1st Anniversary Box: Shipping December 12th

 Memebox Colorbox #4 Electric Brights : Shipping December 16th

 Memebox Colorbox #5 Jewel Tones : Shipping December 16th

 Memebox Colorbox #6 Pastel Hues : Shipping December 16th

 Memebox The Empress’s Secrets: Shipping December 16th

 Memebox Cleopatra: Shipping December 16th

 Memebox Wonder Woman: Shipping December 16th

 Memebox Hot & Cool cosmetics: Shipping December 18th

 Memebox Garden of Eden: Shipping December 18th

 Memebox Christmas Collection #3: Winter Essential Masks: Shipping Dec 18th

 Memebox Christmas Collection #4: K-Beauty Wrap-up 2: Shipping Dec 19th

Memebox #18: Shipping date: December 24th

❥ Memebox Boxing Day Special #1: Shipping Dec 30th

❥ Memebox Boxing Day Special #2: Shipping Dec 30th

❥ Memebox Boxing Day Special #3: Shipping Dec 30th

❥ Memebox Boxing Day Special #4: Shipping Dec 30th




❥ Memebox Boxing Day Special #5: Shipping Jan 7th

 Memebox Night Care: Shipping Jan 7th

  Memebox Daily Must Wears: Shipping Jan 14th

 Memebox Moisturize3: Shipping Jan 16th

 Nakedbox: Gift for Friends: Shipping Jan 22nd

❥ Nakedbox: Fun Ingredients: Shipping Jan 22nd

❥ USA only- Korean Beauty Starter Kit: Shipping Jan 23rd

❥ Korean Beauty Starter Set: Shipping Jan 23rd

❥ Memebox Global #19 (January Box): Shipping Jan 23rd

 Luckybox #13: Shipping Jan 23rd

 Memebox Sampler Series Kit #2: Shipping Jan 26th

 Mystery Box #1: Shipping Jan 27th

 Memebox Detox & Renew: Shipping Jan 28th

 Memebox Anti-Aging: Shipping Jan 28th

 Memebox Sampler Series #3 Intro to Tea: Shipping Jan 29th

 Memebox Find Your Signature Scent: Shipping Jan 30th



 Memebox Sampler Series Kit #4 Intro to Tea 2: Shipping Feb 3rd

 Memebox Sampler Series Kit #5 Glowing Skin Secrets: Shipping Feb 3rd

 Memebox Best Beauty Forward: Shipping Feb 5th

 USA Only: Gwiyomi (Cute) Box: ready to ship

❥ Memebox Sampler Series #6 Seoul Style Beauty Box: Shipping Feb 6th

❥ Valentine’s Day #1 Candy For Me: Shipping Feb 13th

 Valentines’s Day #2 Gifts For You: Shipping Feb 13th

 Luckybox #14: Shipping Feb 13th

❥ Memebox Seeds & Flowers: Shipping Feb 16th

USA Only:Vday #tothebeautifulyou: Ready to ship


Still available: Memebox Global #17- Ready to ship
                          Memebox Global #18- Ready to ship

 Memebox Big Box Party- Memebox Restocks 19-23rd January


Cutiepiemarzia Collab #2 

Beauty Splurge @ Lisa M. Pullano Collab

Vagabond Youth Collab

Cutiepiemarzia Collab #3 

Samatha Schuerman Collab

 SoothingSista Collab

Cutiepiemarzia Collab #4



Memebox #17-19 Bundle: Shipping date: November/December/January 24th



Additional notes:

Memebox also offer Value Sets at occasional discounted price + free upgrades to express shipping for boxes that ship at approximate same dates.

The Nakedboxes ships 4-5 days after purchase. The earlier nakedboxes has been shipped and sold out. (current: #24)

Note that boxes that are restocked or have shipping dates months before are shipped approximately 3-4 days after the order is made.

Collaboration boxes:
#1 – The Pink Diary
#2 – CutiePieMarzia
#3 – Coffee Break With Dani
#4- CutiePieMarzia 2
#5- Lisa M. Pullano
#6- Vagabond Youth
#7- CutiePieMarzia 3
#8- Samatha Schuermann
#9- SoothingSista
#10- CutiePieMarzia 4

Do tell me in the comment box below if you don’t see a box or have a suggestion. Happy memeshopping!



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