Memebox Thanksgiving box #1 For Me

For Thanksgiving this year, Memebox released 2 of their special collection boxes; #1 For Me and #2 For You. These boxes ship out on the 17th and arrived via DHL to me within 3 days. The description excerpt; “considering the all 2014 stress- think overtime work, juggling 2 kids and cramming for finals week– you really, really deserve it” tipped me over. 😛

The Memebox Thanksgiving Box Collection #1 For Me (whoa that was a mouthful) was heavy. When I opened it up, the colors were so lively it instantly cheered me up.

This box also came with the special Thanksgiving design 🙂

image image


This box stuns with 7 different brands (9 items actually) packed to the brim and is so well-rounded with toners to masks and even perfume stick plus lipstick! ❤




I was most pleased with the Jaminkyung Gokmul Care Ultra Ampoule (110ml, $46). I was in need of a toner, and this couldn’t have came at a better time. The bottle is heavy.

Description: The Gokmul Care Ultra Ampoule Toner is a 2Phase essence type toner with a blend of lightweight, whole grain-infused toner and deeply nourishing camellia oil in a 6:4 golden ratio. It will deliver a rich moisture boost while controlling the moisture/oil balance for dry, sensitive skin.



That Gokmul toner smells almost vanilla-ish. But with alcohol. Or shall I dare say…eggnog? It is kinda whole-grain-based so the toner is very calming to the skin I suppose. I shook it and it takes many drops (>5?) to wet a circle cotton pad.



It dispenses as a milky solution. The toner removes whatever is left after cleansing nicely but caution not to use it near the eye…kinda feel a little sting. Not sure if I was being sensitive but overall its a great toner and happy I got it! My skin feels very well moisturized after.   

♦Purchase it here!♦


Next interesting product is this Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar 02 (orange- 9g, $11). It is not the most expensive product, but I have always wanted to try this perfume bar and is super stoked to get it in a Memebox! Moreover, it is the one I would probably choose for myself; mango-ish, citrusy notes.


The tube measures about 8cm and dispenses as a balmy stick. Just apply it on the wrist or behind the ears like most perfumes.


You can instantly get a whiff of the scent, but it probably isn’t strong enough to be picked up by another person unless you guys are really intimate O_o .

♦Purchase it here!♦

As a hydrogel mask enthusiast, seeing these Sallly’s Box 4Set for the third time did not disappoint me (first two being Memebox global #14 and Daily Dose of Beauty). This set consists of;

1 x Love Recipe Apple Mask (20ml)
1x Delight Ceramide Hydrogel Mask (25g)
1x Delight Collagen Hydrogel Mask (25g)
1x Delight Pathenol Hydrogel Mask (25g)


I love hydrogel masks because they stay put even when I dance around or run about to complete house chores. I’m not limited to my bed or computer to prevent any slips. I also confess that squishing and poking the used jelly-like masks were rather strangely therapeutic. :X

If you are ever interested in these, you can purchase the complete set from the Memeshop or attempt the newly released Mememasks (heard only good things about them). My favorite from this bunch has been the Panthenol hydrogel one!

♦Purchase it here!♦

The spoiler product for this box was the Clio Virgin Tinted Lip #22 Electric (3.5g, $10). It is yet another glow-in-the-dark lip product (the other being the TM Neon balm from OMG3). I’m not much of a party-goer, but Clio does produce some really great pigments so I’m quite happy with this.


It contains safflower extracts for vivid color (this was an ingredient hugely popular amongst the Korean Geishas back in the days) and claims to glide easily on application.


The formula is certainly lighter than I thought it would be on swatch. It is buildable but not the creamy pigmented lipstick sort. After all, it is called a ‘tinted’ lipstick.

♦Purchase it here!♦

I randomly received the 803 Sam N Cream (the other two being Young and Palzza Cream). This product is 50g and costs $34.


Not sure if the product works. I have been using the H cream from the same brand from the Volume Up Memebox daily for weeks at least and other than being hydrating, it is the same as other products… It also does not smell special or anything. This is like a body butter without a great scent. :/


Let me put it out there that people can tell you things about these ‘slimming’ and ‘toning’ products but ultimately it is hydration and massage that probably does the job. You will get firmer skin when you moisturize and it is often not due to the magical cream. When you massage an area of the body, it disperses the ‘water’ or what we call edema, plus increases lymphatic drainage. You will also get a ‘peachy glow’ from stimulation of blood flow to that area. If you would massage your thigh for example with argan oil or even petroleum jelly daily, you would eventually get slimmer, toned thighs. Not rocket science.



Pamphlet with the different types of creams offered by the brand

Ultimately, the placebo of getting a body part more toned or perkier makes you believe in it and probably give you the confidence you need. This cream may help moisturize the areas and motivate you to massage it regularly.

♦Purchase it here!♦


The Pisteo Bright & Pure C Serum (7ml, fullsized (x4- $100)) is another highly raved product. It is made of vitamin C concentrates and sounds extremely potent. For that price tag, the Pisteo serum claims to combat dryness, wrinkles and dullness.


To use this, replace the flat lid of the serum with a taller lid with a pipette and a cap over top. Squeeze out a penny-size amount and massage it onto clean face. I like that it comes with a pipette to dispense the product hygienically ❤

I have not used this long enough personally to give a conclusion but I will keep it till I need an emergency skin restoring therapy– possibly mid winter after cramming up for finals. So far this is quite a good serum.

♦Purchase it here!♦


Lastly, the familiar Ariul Stress Relieving Purefull Cleansing Foam (75ml, $8).  This is my third tube from Memebox lol. :/


Probably its a personally thing, but I have enough foam cleansers to last me a lifetime perhaps. 😛 I will gift this along to someone who needs one.

♦Purchase it here!♦


Overall, this box is a winner- the selections, value and usability. I especially adore the toner, bunny perfume and hydrogel masks. Everyone has been raving about this one.

After having my fill of these festive boxes, I have not picked up the Blackfriday or Christmas ones. I’m glad I chose to buy these when they came out. It’s well worth the money I paid. 😀

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Happy Memeshopping! ❤





Pimp your makeup bags with Memebox Memepouch !


“Everyone has got a couple of those beauty-savvy friends that always know about the hottest new makeup trends and bizarre makeup tricks. We, however, have nearly 100 of them, and every product in this box has been tried, tested, and loved by our very own Memeboxers! From eye, skin, and lip makeup, to instant makeup refreshers for throughout the day, these beauty goodies have set up permanent camp in our Memeboxers’ makeup bag, and soon, you’ll see why!
Carry these nifty makeup goodies wherever you go, and you’ll be ready to glam up, or simply touch up your look with all of Meme’s favorites! Find out what our Memeboxers are loving at this moment, and get a sneak peek into the “it” trend at Memebox! “


This is one of my fav boxes in a long time! Many ladies are requesting for a restock–and this just means it is that awesome. I have to say from the moment I opened it up, I already caught sight of 3 products that I might love~ ♥

I got this Memebox as a bundle with the Memebox Moisture Surge  (priced at $46 + $6.99 for expedited shipping) and I got to say it was soooo worth it!


I am OB-SESSED with this Evas by MaRait EDP 30ml ($30). The one I got is No.60 Baies Noires (which actually translates to Blackcurrant in French). The other two options (randomly selected) are No.8 It’s a Fine Day and No.72 Petite Princesse. I wonder how those actually smell!!

On the first whiff it smells of berries, but not your typical fresh market or fruit juice type of smell. I don’t know how to describe it but it smells somewhat special…


Initially I thought nothing much about this perfume, until #memeboxaddict on IG commented on how she love it. I went back to my box and gave it another spritz. After the second and third, I got hooked!


Imagine blended blackcurrants but omit the sour smell of berries. It’s like that! Probably it does not smell sour as it is masked by other notes such as grapefruit, bay leaf and cedar wood. I was sad my perfume leaked a little when it arrived. The staying power is only up to 2-3 hours unless you actually douse yourself in this stuff.


Ingredients and cautions

9 muses Hyemi actually modeled for this range! I was not surprised as Korean cosmetics companies start using celebrities to promote their products once they succeed in breaking into the market. I would love to see more of these perfumes on the Memeshop!


Another favourite is the Etude House blotting paper pact ($6). One, because EH is such a famous brand and two, because we never seen a blotting paper in pact form!


It is pretty handy, but the paper is too thin! Upon blotting, it actually falls off when it gets too oily…erm..


I do adore the packaging alot and I think I would get those Japanese Gatsby/Mentholatum/Kose blotting papers and cut them up to refill this pact! There is a small tape under the sponge, and I think I can easily replace that with double tape as well lol~


And gosh did people go crazy over this Croquis Alight Pact (10g, $35)! I don’t use a lot of brighteners at all as I am already pale and dewy with my natural makeup look routine. I see a few ladies in USA wanting to trade for/buy this, but sadly I am in Europe and no one would want to pay for shipping… 😦


I like how posh this looks! Yay to not being a dollarshop item~


This can be applied with a large brush to areas that needs more definition. It gives a silky finish to your makeup and I think it makes a fab contouring product too with bronzer-> powder-> this pact… Hello cheekbones!


Another product by Evas is the Rosemine Perfumed Hand Cream (60ml, $12) in the scent Maybe.

Yeah, me too. I was like wth do you mean “Maybe” scent? Are the developers of this on crack and can’t tell what’s in it?
Apparently yes, there are poppy notes in this LOL (okay, I do know the drug is from the unripe sap and not the flower… just for jokes).


Don’t get me wrong, it does smell fab. Besides poppy, it also smells of lychee and apricot. Yum~ I don’t mind another hand cream at all. I use them everyday and I can slap some on my legs as well so these are always welcomed in Memeboxes!


Remember me being a fan of the Korean beauty Eugene? I was ecstatic to get another drww product; the Mix & Match set (1.5gx5, $47). This product was actually in another Memebox (Superbox #5 Makeup).


Okay, tbh I only do a full makeup once in a blue moon and would rather send this to someone who actually uses lip and cheek products daily than waste it. BUT I might actually keep this if no one wants it.


It looks so much like an art palette. Ahhhh the dilemma.
There is even a small round part for mixing. The more I review this, the more I want to try it lol~


The back

I was wishing for an actual pouch like this drww one but nope, no pouch in the Memepouch. I know I should not be expecting specific things for a mystery beauty box but hey, a girl can always dream..

This would totally rock the box and make hundreds shed tears of regret for missing the Memebox.


The last item is the Valley Sous Hair Solution Protein Therapy Perfect Mist (150ml, $21).
This is a hair essence enriched with argan oil, rosehip oil and assai oil.

image image

It smells of musk, blueberries and lilies! I would say it is only very lightly scented and not a perfume-heavy product. It also says to use this before blow drying. I am currently on my L’oreal Mythic Oil/ Palan Crysence (from a Memebox global) and I think this might be a good substitute after those are gone. Darn, I only have one head of hair. Grr..haha..


This box certainly exceeded my expectations! I only pick it up to get the value set+ express shipping with my Moisture Surge box but yay, what a surprise!


Did you get this box and how do you like it? I think it is value for money (Memevalue: $151, I valued it at: $87).

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At the meantime, happy memeshopping! ♥

Memebox OMG box – funpost



Memebox has once again prove that they are a creative bunch by coming up with an OMG box (and I love the quirky icon pic!). A fellow forummer actually suggested a Weird box, and everyone liked the idea. I think memebox listened and all the boxes were snagged off the shelves within days! This is how they described it;

If you thought our snail slime creams and Cocoon Peeling Silk Balls were cool, then you’re really in for a treat with this new box!

Our O.M.G. Box will literally make you go “Huh?” “Hmmm…Cool!” because we’ve loaded this box up with weirdly awesome, yet effective beauty treasures that will work miracles for your hair, skin and body! If you’re a daring beauty enthusiast or beautyholic that is open to trying bizarre new trends, we dare you to take this beauty challenge!

[Shipping starts August 8th]

On to the fun bit. I did a bit of stalking on their sister site and found some rather intriguing items that could be OMG-worthy. I have limited language skills in this area, so this is all I can find, for now as rated as;

ϟ ϟ ϟ OMG
ϟ ϟ Kinda OMG
ϟ Passable as OMG



ϟ ϟ ϟ  Yuyu Health Care Spider Puff Cleanser as seen here

Spider? Cleansing Puff? What.
This has been in the memeshop for quite awhile, but we were quite busy with new releases and sales that we neglected it. Said to give one clear skin, the Spider Puff Cleanser exfoliates gently as it cleanses. Where does it get that name from, I am not sure.




ϟ Lala Queen Jelly Syrup Gel as seen here

Step aside nail polish. It is gel manicure time. Not all of us can afford the manicure parlor, so here is one we might like. Available in various colors, this Jelly Syrup Gel seems to be every girl’s dream as it lasts, looks pretty and works as a 3D paint. I hate to say this but the nail polishes in  previous memeboxes failed to impress me…time for an upgrade perhaps.




ϟ ϟ ϟ  O& Marine Holic Watery Cream as seen here

From the same producers of Soap & Berry cleanser, the Marine Holic Watery Cream definitely fits the brief: it is green! Heck anyone wants green cream on their face, but if it is a revolutionary moisturizer then…..YES PLS! Also, I have a weak spot for clear, cooling gels.





ϟ ϟ ϟ  EYECANDY Volume Rainbow S Brush as seen here

What are those fizzy looking rainbow-like things? Yeah, it is a hair brush from the future. They claim it can volumize hair and sweep through permed hair without messing up the curls. Equipped with mirror on the other side, this is 100% OMG.





ϟ ϟ  JellySpon Skin Massage Therapy as seen here

A substitute for coccoons perhaps? I know there are plenty of cleansing sponges out there but this one is heart-shaped and reusable. Adorbs.







ϟ  Anything from the brand SadySt. moosim & chic , really.

Okay lets be honest, this brand is not exactly OMG but it is funky! I love the artwork of this brand. Look at their packaging and advert. Bunny!! TwT


Definitely much more fun than carrying tons of boring, serious skincare/makeup!




ϟ  IQueen Wrapping Mask as seen here

Another item that is probably not too OMG, but qualifies. Let me explain why. After the lip mask, V-neck pack and glabella patch, I wouldn’t expect to see any other segmented masks. And then there is this.

This is an 8 in one formulation for firming and anti-wrinkles around the alar, it’s bridge, cheeks and the marionette line. Sounds good imo.





ϟ Ettina Shake Regen Oil as seen here

New in memeshop Korea, this oil-fluid mixture is said to banish scars, imperfection and even sunburns(?). I don’t know how this works but I have not seen a body oil that is promoted in such a comical fashion. The advert reminds me of comics of the 70s/80s. If it does what it says, this could be as good as bio-oil.. who knows.





ϟϟ Monblush Tattoo For Me! as seen here

I don’t want this. I need this. Now. When it is summer and festivals are going on. Oh that star tattoo and rock festivals. I can see myself rocking it. Have you seen anything remotely similar, give me a shout-out!

(This product was featured in Get It Beauty 2014)





ϟϟ Alica Healing Revital Paraffin Nail Pack as seen here 

I see this quite alot in Korean sites, but globally this is still unfamiliar territory. Paraffin nail??

I don’t reckon this is will included since you need the whole electronic nail bath set. You should, however, look at the ridiculous before and after pics. It is good for those who scrapped off their gel manicure recently.




ϟϟ SD perfume volume styler as seen here

This one we would love.
♥French perfume packaging- check
♥Scented- check
♥Cute and pink- check

I like that this is a voluming product too. Remember that SD hair oil in the 10 minute box? It wasn’t as scented as I hope it to be, and it did not last either. Maybe this could be redemption for the brand.



ϟϟ Makeup Helper 2 Step Steam & Lifting Pack as seen here

The 2 step pack consists of a 1 min steam pack and a 10 minute lifting one. Just look at the cute instructions! And it is in capsule form, different from many packs I have seen in the market. The real product looks like a green goo, which for me is strange enough okay.

They are said to contain aloe, honey and some other natural ingredients, which is a bonus point. I would be happy to get this.




ϟϟϟ Annagaspi Placenta Pore Tightening Ampoule + AG Mi Roll MTS as seen here

Annagaspi firming patch was added to the Hair and Body #1 box, and I have tried 2 packs before. This one, however, might creep some memeaddicts out. It has placenta listed as one of the ingredients. Placenta is not a new thing in the Asian skincare market anyways.

Coupled with a roller, this combi set is for those who have concerns about their pores. Definitely omg.



These are funtimes with Memebox. They keep things fresh and exciting with new themed boxes, events, giveaways and some brand sales. I know they are not perfect (yet) and have space for improvements but the reason we keep going back to memebox proves their success so far.

Memebox retails for a range of $15-$59 depending on which type of box you choose.
You can check out the memebox-dedicated page, or join my giveaway to win memebox/points for yourself!

Sadly, Memebox OMG is sold out as of today.