Tip: Using the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream from Beauteque BB Bag 2!



Hi Ladies (and Men, if any)!
Today I will share a tip on how to use the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream.

I got mine from the Beauteque BB Bag 2 and this is my second tube. It is cheap and available online, but you can grab this at Beauteque along with many other products from Korean top brands at only $22. Hurry, as the bag sales is coming to an end soon~

Check out my unboxing (or unbagging) here!


I would use this with my Dr Jart BB cream because this one is super thick and has awesome coverage, but it maybe a little tough to spread and leaves a cast if not blended well. You want it to melt into the skin to look au naturel~

I am also using my Ecotools Sponge Makeup Blender! It is both a brush and sponge. Speak about convenience~


Step 1:  Get a dollop of each the Mizon Snail cream and Dr Jart BB cream onto the back of your hand.


Step 2: Blend it out with the blender brush.


Step 3: Look at how creamy it is now! Load your brush~


Step 4: Spread it where you want the BB cream to sit/ cover.


Step 5: Blend it out and viola! Smooth coverage~


Try it out today if you don’t buy into my pictures. It produces a gel-like textured BB cream, almost blurring all the pores and scars you have (yeah, a chicken pox scar on my forehead is less visible!).

Best of all, the Snail cream adds extra nourishment to the skin when you wear it out. Whats not to love? And it is Beauteque approved. ♥


Also don’t forget to check out Beauteque’s Facebook page for the latest news on their new Mineral Powder releasing soon~


Memebox, here is a(nother) request~

If you are not already on MUT, you probably don’t know that there is a whole thread dedicated to ideas and suggestions for the future memeboxes. Everyone is extremely creative and I love half of the things the ladies came up with! I too, have been praying hard for the memepeople to come up with some boxes, namely- Too Cool For School box, Cute box, etc. However, I have never compiled a box together with details. I am attempting that today.

I have been watching Get It Beauty 2014 and researching on some korean blogs, including the memefans’ from it’s home country. Here is one I put together;

Presenting the Perfect Base Box;



1. Whamisa Organic Flower BB Cream
Since memeshop can afford to put this on sale for $10, I don’t think its a bad idea to throw it into this box for us global fans to try! The packaging looks pretty cute, and I love the idea of a 100% organic bb cream. It is unfortunate that there weren’t any swatches on memeshop so we never know how it would be on our skin. Putting it in a box means we can see it for ourselves!

2. EnerB 45 All-in-one Magic UV Mist SPF 20 PA++
I am surprised this wasn’t in the all-in-one memebox considering the rave it generated after K-celebs claimed that they are fans of this product. You know we all love mists, memebox~ I’ve tried to find this product on sale but there just weren’t any. I want to try this so bad!

3. Charmzone Mineral BB Sun Powder
Aside from the gorgeous purple tub, this sun powder has been introduced in the latest episode of GIB by some of the famous makeup artists. Remember the craze for Catrins Sun Kill mineral powder in one of the pervious memebox? Yes, we need this too! It would be a wonderful introduction to the rather unheard of brand Charmzone.

4. A CC cushion of any indie brand
Seriously, unless you bought the earlier boxes or the makeup box (with Makeon CC), I don’t think it is within our budget to just ship a $40 CC cushion based on review and try it. I wish memebox would procure a CC cushion of any new brands for us. I heard of how CCs are more water-based and hydrating without making the skin oily. This is just perfect for the summer!

5. So Natural All Day Tight Make Up Setting Fixer
Yes, yes, yes! After seeing it win the #5 GIB blind test, I was so eager to get my hands on this. I couldn’t find any sellers shipping here and have you heard of the brand So Natural? Yeah, me too. We need an introduction!

6. Samples of a primer/ starter
Of course to make our base makeup perfect, we need a good prep. Maybe a primer would help the BB/CC sit better. I haven’t tried any primer since Banila Co and Make Up For Ever…


Memepeople, if you are reading this, please grant this little wish of mine. I am sure this box will sell like crazy~ Also, if you need more ideas, I think you can come up with a box design contest and make it a reality.

If I ever see the Perfect Base Box, I am so gonna snag it and enable everyone in the hood to get one lol!


Review: Makeup bases


Today I would like to do a quick comparison on a CC cream, BB cream and a mixed formulation. To do that, I have employed the different representative of each: The Holika Holika Nabi Cream (CC cream), Tony Moly BCDation (mixed), Dr. Jart Black Label Detox Healing (BB cream) and also my favourite oil blotter, The Kose Super Clean Tissue.

As you might have already read on the blogosphere about…

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