Haul! More Japanese/ Asian goodies from Sasa


I am sure everybody knows already, Sasa is probably one of your best bet for Japanese/ Taiwanese goods. I only buy from them whenever their Koji/ Dejavu products go on sale and free shipping is offered. This time, my total came up to $49 to satisfy the free shipping requirement (oh Sasa, bring back the lower $39 limit!).

I was lucky though, my package made it through the customs~ 😛 It came in a medium sized box, filled with packing ribbons and bubble-wrapped. It was sent via Singapore post and took 2 weeks.



I’m really pleased with this haul. There are some of my HG stuffs (liner and mascara) and the prices are reasonable too.

Not sure why exactly I bought this, but my housemate (who happens to be Asian lol) recommends the brand for volume/repair. I saw that this travel set of Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo for Ladies 80ml & Nuri-Repairing Moisturizing Conditioner (80mlx2) is only $3.50 so why not.  

image image

So far I tried the shampoo once and omg this stuff bubbles up like crazy! Only a small dime size is enough for the whole head (my hair is of medium length and thickness). It is a silvery gold liquid and has quite a nice scent.

My only peeve is that the manufacturing date is Oct 2012, which means this stuff isn’t as fresh as I hoped. I know, I know, Sasa is famed for not selling the newest productions…at least it hasn’t expired. Still pretty happy with this though. Will use it more.

Next is my HG eyeliner from Koji Dolly WInk by Tsubasa Masuwaka.  This packaging is the latest (version 3) which looks pretty cute~ It was retailing on Sasa for only $12.50 as compared to some Ebay/ Amazon sellers ( from $13.50 to an outrageous $17)! :O

image image

I love this liner eternally lols. It is the only eyeliner that manages to look natural, is so easy to use even for amateurs and does not smudge ever. ❤


Oh eyeliner, you’re so finnneeee…

I can’t rave about this enough. You should get one and try for yourself if you like natural makeup or have oily lids.

Next is another HG of mine: Imju Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long mascara in deep black. This is the mascara version of the eyeliner above lols. 😀 Its amazing that this was on sale for a price of $14.50!


You probably know now I’m crazy for natural, nude makeups and this one just goes onto my lashes like it is part of it! It does not clump or smudge and lengthens pretty well. I love how lasting this is too. I have used one for up to half a year and still the leftover formula works perfect to straighten brows 😀 Yeah…I dyed my brows too…

Probably Western formulas are better for a dramatic look but I find I can’t do those makeup styles at all..

Hanskin has made some of my favourite BB creams. i can’t resist buying this Super Snail BB cream which I can never find on Korean sites (wth are they discontinued?!).


Description: The snail and plant mucin help to improve skin elasticity and promote skin cell regeneration, it has anti-oxidant & antibacterial properties which improve wrinkles & repair damaged skin. Moisturising ingredient such as jojoba oil, yams, root extract, okra and marigolds can shrink loosen pores, calm and restore the skin’s water & oil balance. Uneven makeup on skin can be avoided, gives you a healthy & supple look.

image image

It comes out as a beige color with pinkish undertones which I appreciate alot (cuz most Asian BBs are too yellow for me). Look at how a small bit spreads and blends to cover half of the back of my palm! Can’t wait to wear it out soon~

Only sadness is that this small 10ml tube is $7.80 😦 Okay, even some brands with 30ml is $20++ so I can’t complain. I hope Testerkorea/ Roserose would carry samples of Hanskin’s BB creams tho!

The two packs I picked up randomly are from the brand TCM which is totally unheard of lol. I’m just risking this. The reviews were pretty good though.


White: Seabed Soil Pack
Description: It can soften and rid acne and cutin, alleviate and prevent the ill microbe, as well as clean and improve the quality of your skin, leaving it soft and clear. 

Orange: Anti Acne Cleaning Mask
Description:  It can clear and soften acne spots, improve the function of the skin, and promote blood circulation.

image image

Sounds promising. I am finally buying skincare for my age. 😛 These were only $1 each so…..

I freakin love the brand Hakugen. Remember those heating pads I bought for winter preparation? Life-savers! This time I got myself some cooling patch (for the forehead when you feel feverish).

image image

Also bought a pimple extractor coz it was cheap. The cooling patches came in 3×2 packs. I usually store this in the refrigerator and use them whenever I feel subfebrile and stressed from studying.


Trust me, everyone needs this in their home’s first aid kit. 😀

Lastly are some random candies I added to my cart– simply because I can’t resist their herbal taste!! I got hooked on it’s intriguing taste when my housemate fed me some lol! They remind me of the local Haserky but spicier. ❤

imageI also picked up a packet of Ume (plum) ones. They were only $0.90 each! 🙂


Overall, another successful haul from I have to stop stalking their site now argh. Do keep a watch out for their MBD mask sales and more though. Happy shopping!


The new Beauteque Subscription launch~


Liebster Award

So I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Rose from .

I am still an infant in terms of blogging so it was an honor. I know I don’t stand a chance in the beauty blogosphere, but hey, I ‘ll just enjoy answering some questions. After all, it is all about the journey, no? 😉



You can read more about the awards here.

So I understand you can’t nominate the person who nominated you, and you can nominate up to 11 other bloggers, and come up with questions that they would then answer.

Here are the rules

  • Post the award to you blog
  • Thank the blogger who had nominated you and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you
  • Pick 11 nominees under 200 or 2000 that is whatever you decide 
  • Create your own 11 questions 

NOTE– You cannot nominate the person nominated you.
You also need to inform the people that you nominated them.

Here are the questions by Rose;

  1. How long is your daily cosmetic routine?
    Honestly, the morning one is about 15 minutes, and the night routine takes about 20 minutes (unless I use a facial mask). Not sure if that is fast/slow, but I use my clarisonic most of the time, toner->moisturizer->cc/bb cream-> mist. It is a pretty light natural makeup.
  2. What is your favorite moisturizer ?
    The previous one was Clinique’s dramatically different, now its drww’s Actigen Multi-Smart Cream Gel! (gosh where can I get this??!)
  3. What is your favorite movie ?
    It would have to be…Pretty Woman (1990).
  4. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
    Make pancakes! Make chamomile tea! And enjoy em with a good read.
  5. Breakfast or Lunch?
  6. What do you prefer pencil,liquid,or gel liner?
    I don’t really use liners…but maybe pencil for the tone down look, and gel liner when I need the ‘meow’ effect.
  7. Summer or winter ?
    Summer! I need melanin activation.
  8. Early bird or night owl?
    Depends on whether I stay up for clinic work.
  9. Sweet or salty?
  10. Favorite cosmetic brand?
    Gosh this is tough! Maybe…NARS?
  11. Favorite music group?
    Franz Ferdinand


I am done with those, so here are my questions;
Why did you start a beauty blog?
What was your first makeup product/brand?
If you are forced to live with one lipstick color, which would it be?
Name 3 holy grail products from your inventory!
Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?
What is your favourite fragrance?
How much do you spend on beauty products each month?
Favourite subscription box (if you have one)?
Lipstick, lip gloss or lip tint?
Best beauty boosting food?
What inspires you the most?

I am nominating the following bloggers (since I am new, I only know a few…wait, that rhymed!);
the beauty code
Mrs Chic
annie beauty
(more to nominate once I get stable connection..uh)