Roseroseshop Kbeauty haul April 2015

Apologies for being absent for quite awhile now…I was dealing with a few changes in my life and just had to take on the hiatus. I was glad, however, that I came home to this! ❤image

My Roseroseshop order finally arrived. It was all superbly packed and labelled perfectly. 🙂

Ordered 22/3/2015
Order shipped 27/3/2015
Received 7/4/2015

All-in-all, it took almost 16 days and communication was great. They actually replied and gave a RM tracking number. 😀


Everything was bubble-wrapped and nothing was damaged even after traveling half the globe. 🙂 Can you tell which packet I was most excited to rip apart? 😀

I just had to get these Herb Day cleansing tissue from The Face Shop. They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Well, not to the level of those Japanese Biore wipes, but these are so affordable and great for sensitive skin.


I got my first pack from Beauteque and the rest is history! I have got a huge re-crush on makeup remover wipes since. They are so convenient to have and refreshes your face instantly.


These were manufactured this year and lasts all the way till 2017, so I am pretty pleased.

I also just had to get the Skin food cotton pads. Cotton pads all the way from Korea?? Yes, please!


I hear good things about it, and I love the embossed design.

Also finally got the OST C20 serum to test out since they were so cheap on RRS! Like the cheapest perhaps? I doubt that it will be fresh…like meh, maybe some old clearance stock or something but…


It was manufactured in February 2015!! Gosh thats great 😀


I am just finishing up my other vitamin serums so this will be the next in line!

The most exciting part of this haul is perhaps these babies;


Yes, 6 different shades of lippies! ❤


From top:
[ETUDE HOUSE] Color in Liquid Lips – 3.5g No.PK005 Pink In Dolly
[ETUDE HOUSE] Color in Liquid Lips – 3.5g No.PK001 Pink In Ribbon

[ETUDE HOUSE] Color in Liquid Lips – 3.5g No.PK008 Pink In Funk
[ETUDE HOUSE] Color in Liquid Lips – 3.5g No.PP502 Purple In Friday
[ETUDE HOUSE] Dear My Blooming Lips Talk (Pink Talk) – 3.4g No.PK012 Greed Pink
[ETUDE HOUSE] Dear My Wish Lips Talk – 3.5g No.PK001


I absolutely adore the packaging! To-die-for.


The first moment I set eyes on their pink range, I knew I had to get it.


I also saw this shade (PK001) on Get it Beauty, and was totally blown away as it received such good reviews and was voted the best red lippie in SK for the blind test.

These Color in Liquid lips are quite new as they were just released a few months back. They were always OOS on TTK and I got frustrated so shifted over to RRS. I’m so glad I did urgh…all the wait and no gratification was killing me~ 😛


So gorgeous… ❤


I’m wearing each every day. Perhaps a full Etude House lip review coming up next? 🙂

And of course, samples!!~ I’m happy with these. Some are new and I looove to try the Cosrx one.


My haul isn’t super deluxe but I love every bit of it. The shipping is slightly steeper than TTK’s ladder (there is a jump between $12-18) but all-in-all, it is well worth it. RRS has such a competitive pricing now that some sites are raising their prices, but I wish it was easier to navigate….. a button to sort out new products and possibly better tab system would have gotten me shopping there like 24/7.


The RRS haul is a winner and I can’t wait to shop with them again~ 🙂

Nep, not sponsored. 😛


5 thoughts on “Roseroseshop Kbeauty haul April 2015

  1. Those lipsticks look so good .. I love the Purple! I received my first order from RRS recently too (a fairly small one – all masks!) and want to do another. I do agree that the website is off putting as it takes ages to trawl through looking for what you want and the search function is not that good.

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