Beauteque Head to Toe Bag Lip Essentials (May 2015)


This month’s head to toe bag is all about lip essentials! Recently the media is all crazy about lip products and ‘the pout’. I myself was hunting down some eccentric lip stains for spring/summer, so when the theme was unveiled, I was actually positive about this! ❤

Before we start unbagging, lets talk about Beauteque‘s subscription bag. 🙂

The Beauteque’s Head to Toe is not exactly a monthly sub, but they do release a new theme each month and you can purchase a singly bag each time if you fancy the theme! You can also find some previous bags in their site. 🙂
The Head to Toe Lip Essentials is still available for purchase at $26.00 on their site.


7 full sized products in every bag
-a value between $65 to $85
-products from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Europe, America


Beauteque ships to US, Canada, Europe, Japan Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand mailing addresses with some fees. US customers are able to enjoy free shipping with purchase on their site tho!

Some previous bags- read my reviews to get an idea! 🙂
Head to Toe Milk
Feb- Pink Beauty
Head to Toe Breakfast
April: Tony Moly 

The bag arrived a week ago. The 7 products were housed in this grey velvet-embroidered bag.


It’s 18cm x 11cm, looks pretty nice but reeks a little. I guess the smell goes after awhile.

Info-card (front and back);



I am most excited about the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk in PK005. I do like this lipstick range and tried their other colors before. PK005 is a light pink, which is almost salmon-ish. It works for people with very fair skin but not so much with darker skins (makes me look like a tanned barbie in summer … :O ).


The design is super cute! ❤ I like the pink and embossed lipstick and all, but the ribbon ring on the tube is a flaw. It breaks so easily! My previous blooming lipsticks are mostly void of the ring.


I wouldn’t call this a long-wearing lipstick, but it applies nicely and has a nice color. It is perfect for gradient lips if paired with a darker pink. 🙂 I like that Etude lipsticks come with so many choices and make an adorable gift for any girl friend.

The lip brush that came in this bag looks interesting. it is actually detachable and retractable.


Just pop one end into the other and the brush shows iteself. It is quite….err bushy (?) and doesn’t seem to be right for precise application. Thank god this bag contains a lip liner to fix that.


Idk, it isn’t the best lip applicator. I was looking forward because my Vivito painting pod needed one.

I’m sure you will feel blessed when you use this, because its the Holy Berry Tint by Holika Holika! (sorry for bad jokes)


It tastes like artificial berries lol. I don’t think it is any better than Tony Moly’s or Benetint, but if you just need a quick stain to head out the door, then this is alright. I will put this on in 3 seconds to answer my door or run to the store.


Mine was in 02 Raspberry. Well, you could use this to mix with a basic BB cream in an empty cushion pact to make a blush! I have been experimenting with various lip colors and I think it is a fun idea for people with too many BB creams and lip tints to spare. (I mixed my unused Clarins BB + Innisfree lip tint mousse + Peripera tint to create this salmon pink blush which I love using daily! 😀 )

The Etude House Soft touch Auto lipliner is a product to have in terms of application and price. It does remind me very much of the Tony Moly lip liner received from a previous bag. This one is slightly darker and tugs less.


I don’t wear a lot of red lips, but this bag is starting to re-inspire me. 🙂


This photo is under the sunlight so the real color is slightly darker than that.

We are no stranger to lip patches~ The Tony Moly Lip patch (I know the info card says Etude house..) is pretty much the same as compared to other hydrogel lip masks I have tried.


Cooling and silencing 😛 This product is just what you need if you suffer from dry, chapped lips.


It is another product to introduce to my countrymates. We don’t often see a lip mask around here you know..

Aritaum is a brand I have been waiting to see more of in subscriptions. We got their Baby Lips Balm in this bag. Mine was Power Hyaluronic Acid.


I have not tried this, but I guess any lip balm is pretty handy to have in your handbag. This version is said to hydrate without stickiness. Of course, there is nothing worse than having gel-like lips which adheres your hair as the wind blows. :/

I’m glad that Beauteque chose to add in a lip scrub as well! The Nature Republic by Flower Lip Scrub is a granulated scrub that helps soften and smoothen lips.


I was always confused as to when to use a lip scrub! I kept forgetting that I should scrub when I wash my face in the mornings, and not after I have applied all my skincare steps because then i will just wash everything around my lip area off. I did try to remove scrubs with a cotton and then apply lipstick on but its just a mess and granules can taste blergh. So scrub when you cleanse! 😀


Okay, I like how well-rounded this bag is. You get everything from a scrub, a lip liner to an applicator. They aren’t the best choices for me, but I do like how varied this is. I do wish they’d include a hot item from VDL/ 3CE/ Clio instead of that lip brush and lip tint. It’s a personal preference but eccentric color choices like violet or burgundy would have elevated the bag to a must-have.


You can get the regular BB bags and other product offers here: (also sign up immediately for a $3 rebate) or find their other monthly subscriptions at For mask lovers, rejoice because Beaeteque is now offering Mask Maven too (10 mask/ month sub)!


This bag was sent for review purposes but the opinions are honest and true to my experience.

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