Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion Review

Innisfree came up with a new cushion this year on top of their best-selling Long Wear and Water Glow cushion. The Ampoule Intense Cushion is meant for winter and dryer months as it promises ‘moisture and dewiness up to 24 hours’.


Since I have always wanted to try Innisfree’s cushion pacts, I got this in my mini Testerkorea haul (unboxed here). It costed me 20,000krw (approx $20) — no refill.

[24시간 촉촉한 윈터 쿠션] 앰플 인텐스 쿠션



There weren’t many reviews for this new cushion, so I was buying blindly.. I have tested this cushion for several days now with different routines to see what’s best for my skin. Let’s dive into it~

I chose the Ampoule Intense Cushion in the shade 21 as I am somewhere in between NC15 and NC21 range depending on season and products lol. I didn’t want to risk looking like Pekkingese opera singer or a tan-gone-wrong so the middle shade was the safest bet.




The back of the box shows some details and directions of use, although the ingredients are all in Hangeul. I adore the company’s organic/ eco-friendly concept. Even the box was printed in soy ink ❤

image image

The pact itself is really light and it opens to reveal a big mirror with the puff sitting on top of the plastic cover.


image image


The inside was sealed to maintain it’s freshness~ 🙂




I did a quick swatch with my sanitized finger. The color was quite light on the swatch but it blends out beautifully. The texture reminds me of Hanskin’s Bio Ampoule and it is somewhere in between Tony Moly’s BCDation (lighter) and DR.Jart’s black label BB cream (heavier).


It matches my skintone pretty well, though it is obvious that this product leaves a brighter complexion without looking chalky/ streaky. The coverage is buildable.


I have tried various ways to perfect my makeup base routine;
1. Practiced my normal routine of essence + moisturizer and used a primer (in my case, I chose the Lailly’s pore primer from Memebox Scentbox: Baby Powder) and it didn’t work as my skin got super oily within 3-4 hours…

2. Used essence + a lighter moisturizer (Mizon Snail Repair Cream Gel) and then topped with the cushion and finally Majolica Majorca’s powder pact to mattify. The result? Dismally chalky and unnnatural.. 😦

3. Essence and then the Mizon Snail Repair Cream Gel and prepped skin with Holika Holika’s Nabi CC Cream Purple (oil control). Pat the cushion over and finish with a fine facial mist. Blot excess shine to set the makeup. Voilà, we have a winner! 🙂




I did require many pats to cover the whole face….so I don’t know how long this pact will last me. Maybe it is because the puff does not pick up too much product. Well, it might be easier to control the amount this way..



This is how much I can pick up with the puff upon pressing hard into the sponge…like twice.


– SPF 34PA++ sun protection
– Easy to blend
– Very moisturizing
– Light and portable pact design
– Buildable coverage
– 3 different shades (13, 21 and 23)
– Big mirror inside 😛
– No particular scent, hence good for anyone who is sensitive

– Only 15g of product for the price tag
– Multiple uses of the same air puff may put some germaphobes off (aka me)
– A tad heavier than my staple makeup bases
– Requires oil control primer/ powder to mattify if you don’t sport the dewy look
– I did read that you cannot refill this pact with other brand refills such as Laneige or Hera as it wouldn’t fit (?)– need to purchase these to compare in future



Verdict? I love how convenient this is. I did have to make a few adjustments to my makeup routine, but my skin stays perfectly covered and moisturized for up to 7 hours. I wouldn’t say 24, because then I would have to use an oil film and retouch my makeup again. :/ It isn’t heavy like ‘I-could-feel-makeup-on-my-skin-heavy’ but it does feel tacky on the skin, and I wouldn’t recommend wearing it to.. say for example, a barbeque party/ house-cleaning. You will become a walking lint roller.

My skin is a mess. It is normal when I stay indoors, but during the dry winter spells it is worse because I will be plagued with both dry and oily skin problems, especially when I have to deal with exams stress etc. I love how this pact makes my skin even on all areas and all I have to do is blot the shine away. Luckily I bought some oil films in the same Testerkorea haul. ❤

Would I repurchase? I would, if I am rich, but I rather venture into the world of cushion pacts by purchasing other ones to try! 🙂


Takeaway Tip: Make sure you exfoliate regularly in case you are using any powder/ CC creams to avoid streaks/ chalky casts. Bring a mist and oil films in case you want to retouch with this pact! I think it helps cool down your skin and remove excess oil before pilling up more moisture and makeup~


8 thoughts on “Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion Review

  1. I’m French and you wrote ‘viola’ instead of voilà, just in case… viola means rape in the futur so… just saying this cause I laughed hard when I saw it ahah!

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  2. I almost clicked on that cushion last night during the Black Monday sale on G-Market, but I finally found a seller that had Amore Pacific in 100C, and well, you know… Things happened. Innisfree will have to wait.


    • Hi Jasmine~ I would review it too, if I haven’t finish using that sample one. I gave the All Masters away because I saw the swatch and it was quite yellow. The original BCDation was streaky for me, no matter what I do. It is like water+oil+powder, and something about the formulation just does not agree with my skin. I think it works very well on fair Asian skin, as I have seen many other reviewers praise the product.
      Thanks for reading 😉


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