Bio: Hi! I am Veritazy, a dermatologist-to-be. I am located in Europe currently and is constantly traveling /doing my internship around. I enjoy shopping and trying out skincare, hence I make this my hobby ☺ Want to ask me anything? Shoot an email to veritazy@yahoo.co.uk ~

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    • Hi Cecilia!!! I would love to! But I have my internship coming up and I am going to travel around alot these 2 months. I am in Czech Republic, how about you? Would love to do a swap in future~ ^^


      • Ah no problem at all, there’s no rush to do the swap! I live in Ireland 🙂 I thought it would be interesting to get to know other drugstore makeup brands across the world! X


        • True!! We have some indie drugstore brands not available elsewhere. Ireland is so cool! I might want to cross over when I go to UK next month. Making sure I bring an empty luggage for Boots hauls. lol :3


        • Wow sounds amazing!! Let me know when you will be able to do a swap as it’ll be a really good opportunity for us to get to know other amazing brands!! The budget for the swap doesn’t have to be big at all! Ireland is a bit behind when it comes to makeup I’m afraid haha. I grew up in Asia so I know a bit about Asian brands, you have probably seen a few Asian makeup stuff in my blog 🙂 You guys don’t have Boots in Chez Republic?


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