Kanebo Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover Foundation review


I have a few people asking about HG foundations so I decided to share mine. 🙂 I have actually been using this for a few months already, and loving it. With my student’s budget, this foundation is simply perfect.

Description (from the official site);

The liquid smoothly covers the skin and then turns into powder. A highly-functional liquid foundation with a light texture that does not require a finish powder or produce unwanted shine.
SPF20 PA++

  • Contains a moisturizing ingredient to prevent skin dryness and a serum ingredient (water-soluble collagen)
  • Completed non-comedogenic testing (a formula that is not likely to cause pimples)


The Kanebo Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover Foundation comes in 30ml bottles (purchase details at the end of this post 😛 ) and 6 different shades;


This chart is quite accurate to skin matching. I chose OC-C which is the middle shade, which I find safe if you are unsure. 😀 It kinda matches anyone between NW15-20. This foundation is slightly warm-toned but it is a good match for my neutral skin.


You can find it’s ingredients here on CosDNA. I have absolutely no sensitive reactions from it! 🙂

The general idea is a blendable, smooth foundation which only mattifies the skin after application. I think that’s genius! I hate it when my powder foundations cake before I even finish blending 😦


The bottle also comes with a pump which helps control the amount coming out of the nozzle. Never had a problem of over-pouring (I’m looking at you, Revlon).


So on to the swatch! I drew a ‘K’ (for Kate) to demonstrate it’s cover abilities.


(used the Kiss Me liquid eyeliner in case you are curious)

Only a tiny amount is needed to cover the back of my hand.


It blends out smoothly with just my finger. I do prefer to use a triangular sponge but sometimes I feel that that is too much product wastage 😦 Can someone come up with a minimal wastage sponge already?


On swatch it does look a little too warm for my skin but watch as it transforms~


Tadaa~ You can see that my skin seems more matte and evenly toned after application. I’m not even exaggerating, the ‘K’ is less visible now (and this works for pigmentation or mild blemishes on the face as well). Okay, it might not exactly cover red, angry pimples but I’m extremely pleased with this amount of coverage!


If you prime your undereye area well, the foundation can double as a concealer as well. I personally do not have dark undereyes, but I can vouch for this because I made my friend try it. 😛

-Easy to blend
– 6 different shades
– Mattifes the skin (oil control up to 6-8 hours!)
– Covers pretty well
– Doesn’t cost an arm and a leg
– Easy to pump
– One bottle lasts more than half a year!

– Opaque bottle with no indication when it will finish :/
– Difficult to get! (I got my friend to buy this for me in Japan)

Verdict: I am already browsing sites to repurchase! ❤


Yes, I got mine directly from Asia but Adambeauty.com, Ebay and Amazon sells them. It is approximately $18-20 plus shipping for 30ml and I think it is really reasonable for what it does. This remains as my HG foundation even after trying Rimmel, Revlon, Maybelline, MAC, yadah yadah… Obviously I’m too poor for Bobbi Brown, Makeupforever and other fancies, but I think this will stay my fav for a long time.

Have you tried any Japanese foundation and love them?

This product was purchase with my own moneys~ 


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