Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm Primer review


I bought this Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm Primer sometime ago and tested it out before I could pen down some opinions about it. This primer is selling for more than $20++ on various sites but I managed to find it for only $14 (shipped) at rinishop on Ebay. You can thank me later. 😛

The shipping took some 3 weeks and came well packed in a box with one meager Etude house BB foil sample. It’s alright though, considering how much cheaper it was than other retailers. 🙂


The primer is sealed with plastic and is palm-size. Each tub contains 20ml of product.


In case you are wondering if it has expired (because it is oddly cheap), nope, it has not. Mine was manufactured in 12/2013 so I reckon we have 3 years before it’s expiration in 12/2016.

Instructions and ingredients;


You can see that this product contains silicone…which is not a favorite among the beauty people. However, if you are fine with that and never had a sensitive reaction, this product can be golden!


The primer is really balmy and it smells pretty nice– slightly floral and powdery. I’m not bothered by it at all. I needed only a small fragment to cover each side of my cheeks so the whole tub may last me 3-4 months at least.


The texture was really surprising to me. I have used similar primers (like Tony Moly’s egg one) but this is more solid and when blended, it turns out super smooth and adheres better.



Comparison photo;


Just so that you can see clearer and judge for yourself, here is an unlabeled one;


You can simply spread it with your fingers or dab it onto more problematic areas. It feels so smooth and velvety after using! ❤

My BB creams, cushions and foundations all sit snugly on my face without streaking or looking cakey. I do realize that this primer perhaps helped with controlling oil as well because I did not see any shine for almost 6 hours with my normal BB cream. It applies as a clear, balmy film on the skin so people who are seeking for cover primers might not like this. What it does is merely to blur out small pores and imperfections so that the makeup base can apply beautifully on top. 😀


– lovely texture and smell
– covers small pores and imperfections
– slight oil control
– does not break me out
– compatible with most makeup bases
– one tub lasts awhile

– not enough coverage for trouble skin
– contains silicone (some people may react to this)
– expensive on many sites/ difficult to find

Verdict? I adore it! ❤ I am using this almost everyday now in stead of my HG primer- the Miguhara BP cream. This is comparable if we throw in the price factor and smell. While the Miguhara is like a real-life photoshopper, this primer is like a laminate on the skin so that everything else sits well. I am lucky to not have too many spots requiring coverage so this is pretty much what I needed! I would definitely repurchase this. 😉


This review is honest and not sponsored. 


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