Beauteque March BB Bag unbagging~ ♥ beautequemonthly


Whoop! The March edition of Beauteque’s BB Bag from is finally here! This time, the theme is “Our Lips are Sealed”— it’s all about the best kept beauty secrets (and the lip print bag of course). Beauteque opens it’s monthly subscription early this year worldwide and we have already seen 3 glorious bags from them so far. Will this one be the best yet? Lets find out!

Info card;


I like that they improved on many aspects by listening to their subscribers/ bloggers. The product brand and name is so important for further online digging. 😉


This bag contains a total of 7 products altogether excluding the lip print bag! Although not all of the items fit into the bag this time, they were well packed in a bubble envelope. A the first glance, I picked up several items from my kbeauty wishlist! ❤

The Face Shop Herb Day Mugwort Massage Cream ($12) is an item I had in one of my (many) carts lol. I was super stocked to get this in a BB bag! The product is well heavy and could easily cost a fortune to ship to Europe but I was eager to try this. 🙂


It looks exactly like a creamy moisturizer! I was half expecting it to be as balmy as Banila Co.’s Clean it zero but nope, it is a cream as named. The cream smells like a mixture of herbs and flowers which I can’t put my finger on, but I’m alright with that.


(above: eyeliner cleansing test)

The cream spreads so easily like melted butter and upon massaging, dirt and makeup comes off with a swipe of a cotton pad. I know, the instructions did recommend using a cleansing foam after but hey, it works so well even without! 😀


My skin feels soft as if it has been moisturized with a lotion already. I did use it a couple more times with cleansers and realized that my skin feels less tugged/ dry after. I’m absolutely pleased with this massage cream and think it is indeed a fabulous find~ 😉

Etude House Look at My Eyes Cafe (Sweet Potato latte- $9.50) is a color I have not owned. I remember adding one of these babies into my mum’s gift parcel from Etude House but oh hey, I got one for myself now too~


And yes, sweet potato latte is a real thing in Korea;

source: Caffebene

I digress.
This eyeshadow is a pretty grey rose x dark purple combination but when swatched it is surprisingly more wearable than it looks. Yay, at least I don’t look like I have a blue-black eye even with my amateurish shadow skills.




It is not pigmented enough, but works nicely when used with lighter shimmer colors for shading. It does have some shimmer bits in it (not sure if you can see from the photo). I recommend this with a peachy or nude pink shade. ❤ Couple that with Etude House’s tear drop liner and omagah you will look like a doll.

I was spazzing over Beauteque Mineral’s Facial brush few bags ago and whoop! A Pore Brush! The Beauteque pore control blackhead brush ($15) is a wonderful surprise in this bag. I mean, skin care and makeup is cool, but a beauty tool can be a girl’s best friend sometimes.


The pore brush is portable and light but of decent quality. It also comes with a knotted rope so that we can hang it to dry after use.


And the bristles are so sooooffftt! ❤ Gosh, I don’t care for pore brush before but I am ready to be a convert. Bring it on.

The other item which made up the weight of the bag was The Face Shop’s Rice Toner ($12). I would be honest and say I have not tried this toner yet because of the gazillion bottles of toner lying around in my house at the moment. i will come back to this soon and report back, but at the meantime I shall offer my first opinions after a background check on it. 


That word  米 (read: mi / mĭ) means rice and that is what this stuff is made of. I like how minimalistic the design is!


Ingredients, instructions and expiration date.

The ingredients seem to focus on whitening and moisturizing- two things Asian women staying in 4-season countries are concerned about. I guess this would not be everyone’s cup of tea (or bottle or toner) but I might actually like this!

Just in case you are worried about the freshness because of how cheaply you can get the Beauteque products fret not, this whole bag seems to be proper new.

The Tony Moly Mini Bling Pocket Hair Pack ($3) is a mask for the hair– yes ladies, it is a thing now. I have used several hair caps myself and find them tedious but often yield really good results. Gosh where do all the Korean ladies find time to do this lol.


The instructions are pretty simple (illustrated). This mask seems to be for the pony tail bit only though, which means sorry short hair ladies… maybe a full cap one/ hair treatment masque is what you should look for! :O


Okay, Beauteque seems to forsee this so they kinda zip-locked the Mizon modelling cup pack (firming, $8) to avoid messing up the whole bag which is smart of them. 😛


Modeling packs are getting popular lately, because they come in all sorts of ‘function’ and ‘flavors’ 😛 You name it, I bet you can find it. Companies were also scrambling to sell the bowls and pack brushes for these packs. Lucrative business they are!

Anyways, the tricky bit is to add the right amount of water to make a creamy but not drippy mask. 15-20 minutes on the face and you are good to go.


I do recommend DIY-ing your modeling packs (at your own risk though) with patting waters, essences, facial oils and even milk/ yoghurt! These are some combinations I have tried and enjoyed. Just imagine this as making a nutritious cup of mixed fruit juice. 🙂

The A’Pieu Take My Hands Nail Sheet Pack ($5) contains 10 cute little finger gloves that nourishes nails and calm cuticles (yes I have angry cuticles). Anyone who keeps messing their nails up with various toppers, harsh removers and etcetera might appreciate a good 15-minute therapy.




I think this bag is pretty solid in terms of the product diversity. I absolutely adore that massaging cream and pore brush. That said, I do like to see even more uncommon things in the future BB bags- perhaps a wicked dark purple creamy lip stick, a cute mixing bowl set (as shown above) or a lovely lychee sugar hair spray! Who knows what the next bags will bring.


This bag costs $24 (singly) or cheaper with longer subs (click to find out) and shipping costs vary between countries. Each of their bags contains at least 7 beauty/ lifestyle products in total! As of today, it is still available for purchase. 🙂

You can get the regular BB bags and other product offers on (sign up immediately for a $3 rebate) or find their other monthly subscriptions at For mask lovers, rejoice because Beaeteque is now offering Mask Maven too (10 mask/ month sub)!

❄ ❄ ❄ 

This bag was sent for review purposes but the opinions are honest and true to my experience.


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