Beauteque Head to Toe Pink Beauty Bag~ February 2015 edition

Its not everyday you can get a pink-themed beauty bag in your mail~ This February, Beauteque brought us some amazing products via their Head to Toe Pink bag! Not only do the products play to the theme, they also came in a cute cutout pink makeup bag and info card! ❤


Just look at that gorgeous bag. It has got to be my favourite bag received from Beauteque’s subs so far~ And yes, only Beauteque offers beauty bags that actually come with real awesome bags!


This bag costs $26 and shipping costs vary (USA- $4.95, CAN- $6.95, EU- $8.95). Each of their bags contains 7 beauty products in total! As of today, it is still available for purchase. 🙂


Description reads: You don’t need to visit the city of love to fall in love when the bag of love is waiting for you at your doorstep! Fall in love with the bag of love this month filled with pink treats from us to you. Glam yourself with the Head to Toe Pink Bag which includes a variety of beauty products perfect for the afternoon out with friends, or a night with that special someone!


I am most excited for this product;
Shiseido Hada Senka Lotion ($15.95)


There are a few Japanese brands that I love and Shiseido is one of them. My HG sunscreen and basic cleanser comes from Shiseido so I really looked forward to trying this ever since I saw the unboxing (or unbagging) on IG.

image image

This lotion feels like a creamy milk and smells like milk too if anything. It reminded me very much of Hada Labo’s milk lotion which I adore as well. The formula isn’t sticky at all and upon spreading, it absorbs into the skin, leaving it moisturized and so sooofft… ❤

I love it! I am substituting this lotion into my day routine after toner and essence. Since winter refuses to leave..(smh I know) my skin needs all the moisture it can get!

Tony Moly Easy Touch Auto Lip Liner ($7.25) in 02 Rose Pink

This is another product that I really need! It feels like jackpot when you needed something and your beauty sub came with it (/^▽^)/~


One end is a lip brush and the other is the liner pencil. The brush is so handy for blending and helping your lipstick application look as natural as possible. I wore a dark lip out tonight and gosh this goes so well with my MAC Viva Glam.


Okay the above swatch was taken under bright lighting but the real color is darker and has slight shimmery bits. It applies smoothly and is almost creamy. It is also easy to blend out. The pencil contains about 2cm of product and is pretty sturdy, unlike other cheap lip liners that may fall out…Verdict? It’s a keeper! I’d look out for the color No.03 Red wine (Tony Moly made 5 color variations of this liner). 🙂

Next up is a product that I have tried before. It is the cute Etude House Moonlight in Spoon Blending Sleeping Cream ($3.95).

We received the Rosehip one, which is a flavor(?) that I have not tried. 😛 I personally think the green tea and blueberries ones were fab and smell so good. However, if you attempt to use it all up at once, you might find that it is a little too rich to absorb. People complain about getting hair and lint sleeping in with the pack but I usually use my patting water first and then massage in half of this spoon for a better outcome.


Description from Etude House: This is a Blending Sleeping Cream containing Rosehip extract, Lavender, Chamomile and Mint. Blend together Sleeping Cream’s golden herb water-gel and richly nourishing cream contents to moisturize skin overnight for a lucid, bright moonlight-like complexion.

And you have to agree this makes such a cute gift too. 🙂 I’m looking forward to skewer bath bombs and other adorable beauty products from Etude!

It’s Skin Todak Todak Capsule Wash Off Mask ($5 both) looks so adorable sob. “Todak Todak” is actually a Korean sound for patting lol. It means that you would pat in some goodness with this product perhaps and keep your skin supple.


The pomegranate pack smells so delicious! It read it also contains shea butter. I loved their apple (green) one and am pretty pleased to have gotten these to try out. I’m giving my housemate the other one to test out~ 10ml of product is alot and you can use one capsule for two applications perhaps. 😉

My dream is to buy a transparent fish bowl and fill it up with different mask capsules from It’s Skin, Innisfree and Banila co. ❤ One day…

I did not expect the next product in this bag, but I was ready to try it.
The Femme Couture Highlighting Luminizer ($11.50)  has split and caused a watery mess upon opening.

image image

You can perhaps see from the photo below…yeah unicorns bled to bring us shiny, pinkish glow. 😦


I was not happy with this. I wished at least the smell would justify the mess it made on my sofa (which covers I washed after the whole shoot) but it didn’t. I might, or might not use this again, depending on how desperate I am, but I guess I would rather use the strong smelling Soap & Glory one I got last Christmas.

The Tony Moly Circle Lens Mascara ($6.50) would have a difficult time to impress me because I already have my staple HG mascara and I personally prefer more natural makeup looks.

image image

It didn’t do such a bad job to be honest. The wand is really slim, as compared to other volumizing mascaras out there. This means that it is perfect for a dramatic lower lash coat and you can apply this in a zig zag vertically rather than getting it all clumped up when applied horizontally.

image image

Yes, it is not as dark a black as the Dejavu Fiberwig one (more of an ashy grey), but the formula is comparable. I tried this on and it didn’t budge for 5 hours but I cannot be certain about oilier, hotter days because it was 0 degrees Celcius out today…. I would keep this for party times. 🙂

Lastly, the ever so lovable blending sponge ($15.95) in a ribbon sealable bag. *dies* (✿ ♥‿♥)


The sponge is so dense but bouncy it reminds me slightly of the TCFS Marshmallow puff sponge. This one does not reek of latex (thank goodness) and is go easy to grip. The sharper tip works to blend out of edges like the side of your nose, meanwhile the rounded end is for the cheeks and forehead.



Okay, lets be real. Some prices quoted were jacked up obviously, but I think they all do total up to at least $50 and lets not forget about how pretty the pink bag it came in looks. I enjoy the curations of this beauty bag alot and look forward to the next one: The Head to Toe Breakfast bag! Do check it out if you have not, the spoilers look amazing ❤


You can get the regular BB bags and other product offers on (sign up immediately for a $3 rebate) or find their monthly subscriptions at

❄ ❄ ❄ 

This bag was sent for review purposes but the opinions are honest and true to my experience.


5 thoughts on “Beauteque Head to Toe Pink Beauty Bag~ February 2015 edition

    • Yess… 😦 If you can, grab Hada Labo’s milk lotion as a refill! You’d love it. 😀 I think they have an authorized USA site. Overall, I think it isn’t bad at all considering I never get lip liners or sponges from other subs. And I can overlook the watery mess because of the lovely bag 😛


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