Best Beauty Forward Memebox


This is my second to last Memebox perhaps. I was intrigued by the description of it being curated by Memebox’s ‘beauty experts’ (and they even promised it to be a bunch of winning products). Okay….

Let’s dive into the Best Beauty Forward Memebox to see if it lives up to the expectations.

Info card (front and back);



At first glance, I saw at least 2 products I am keen about; the galactomyces essence and peeling body scrub. ❤

The Ferfree Ultra Facial Intense Hydration Cream (50ml, $16) looks like a green version of Kiehl’s or something. The packaging could be more original but well, if the product works..


This cream claims to be an ‘oasis in the dessert for skin’ and contain olive oil and squalene for protective hydration. It can be used as a day or night cream according to personal preference.


The cream has a slight fragrance to it and absorbs pretty well. I have not dived into it long enough, but it does hydrate my skin nicely. Perhaps this will substitute my SNT Goddess cream after that tub runs out. I do enjoy how cooling my skin gets after using this. It is not a bad moisturizer at all! 🙂

Many were upset upon seeing this W.Lab 3P+ CO2 Pore Crown Pack (sample, $26?) because one-use products don’t seem to be a hit among the meme crowd. I would not prematurely conclude this as a bad item because I have not tried it personally. Who knows, it could be miraculous.


I know the Air Laynic pore (also a one-use from memebox) was HG for several ladies on FB. This one has a fizzy carbonated formula that gets into the pore to remove the gunk. It also exfoliates dead skin and soothe the skin. I’m not even mad, that is amazing~ 😛


There is just a really, really long list of ingredients on it. I will reserve this to after my job interview so to not potentially walk in with a hot, flushing face. 😀

I am pretty pleased with the Rimbi Powerful Treatment Essence (125ml, $34) because it could be my alternative to the infamous SK-II essence or IOPE bioconditioning essence. Sign me up for trial any day! 🙂


So far, it has been very gentle on my skin and it does moisturize my skin very well after cleansing. I use this after toning and my face plumps up nicely. I guess essences would need a few weeks to yield results so I shall be patient. Please work! 😀

The SecretKey Perfume Peeling Bodu Scrub (200g, $24) isn’t really perfumed. I got the no.2 Clean & Soft variation perhaps, which explains why it didn’t smell amazing. I would have loved to receive the Fun & Fruity one instead. 😦


That said, the product itself if pretty nice. It is a semi-lucent gel that forms globules when massaged onto skin. I made a mistake thinking that it is a scrub and used it on damp skin in the shower. That did not work at all lol. 😛 This is a peeling gel similar to Mizon’s peeling gel or The Tang Tang’s peeling for face– except this is for the body. I recommend using this on dry skin and leaving it for several seconds before massaging it to scrub off the dead skin. I do like this product, although not enough to repurchase it for myself…

Next up is the SUR Nail Polish in Noblesse Purple (10ml $5) which I am glad to have gotten in stead of the red or gold ones.


It has a nice lavender color and applies nicely. Downside? It took too long to dry and got ruined because I can’t sit still and keep my hands stationary for more than 10 mins. 😦 I’ll stick to Rimmel’s fast dry polishes instead. Tyvm..

This is a product that I have received a couple of times before from previous boxes, and from other online shops. It is the TonyMoly’s Delight Tony Tint in red (sample, $4). I can’t say I love or hate it. It is just a product that I don’t mind having but don’t need either.


Maybe anyone who is into the Korean gradient lip will appreciate this. I do like how easy it is to apply this and it tastes like cherry juice.

Anyone else realize how much Koreans are venturing into more Westernized designs? Idk how this is a good strategy but the Virgin Farms Double Care Fresh Gel and Cream pouches could be fantastic. The brand is made in Korea btw.


It says to target blemishes, mild acne, redness, dryness and sensitive skin. The whole description sounds very convincing and I would personally try it and report back when I can.


It is also free of synthetic ingredients, which can be a bonus. 🙂

I love the Rimbi Galactomyces essence so far, and enjoyed the Secret Key body peeling and Ferfree cream. The rest needs a little more exploring perhaps. In regards to whether this box is the Best Beauty Forward curation, I would say no. Sorry..I can name 6 other products that could possibly make the box. Although it is worth buying, it didn’t quite make me go wow..


You can still get Memebox if you are in USA. China or Korea. I hope you’ve enjoyed my review on this box. Do drop me a question on the comment box if any. 😉

Happy memeshopping! ❤

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ve lo


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