K-Beauty Wrap-Up No.2 Memebox review

image I bought this Memebox during the review event days before they stopped shipping internationally. Sob. I will miss you, hot pink boxes. Let’s get on with this review before it gets too soppy. 😛 The K-Beauty Wrap-Up No.2 Memebox came with 6 full-sized products. There was no info card in this one, but you can find the details here. I will start of by introducing the Goat Milk Vitamin Scrub Foam Cleansing (150ml, approx $14,000krw– not a memevalue) which makes up most of the weight of the box. I love anything goat’s milk! It is really gentle for the skin and works well on dryer days.


This was chosen randomly from a selection of Xaivita’s cleansing foam, hand cream, wrinkle essence and soap. I wanted the hand cream the most among the 5, but am pretty pleased with this one anyways.


Impressed that it is in the “no added system”! This means this product is free of most harmful ingredients like paraben, mineral oils and other irritants. In fact, you can read the ingredients yourself in the photo below; 🙂


The formulation is silky and pearly, which reminds me very much of the SkinFactory’s Real Soft premium deep cleanser! It also smelled like it– very milky, light soy-based scent. 😀


Unfortunately it does not make the cut as a scrub. As you can see there are only few to no beads for exfoliation. The cleanser foams very well and works magic when partnered with a facial brush. I highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin. This will replace the Skin Factory tube once that one is gone. 🙂

Natural Mineral White Clay Pack (80ml, $24) has a lovely all-white packaging that matches it’s product name- extra points for that! When I took of the safety foil, a little white liquid oozed out. The product has probably split during the flight or due to the cold weather idk. Nevermind that, the rest of it is still fine.  

I am pretty excited because quote-unquote; All the products from Mineral Bio are greatly acknowledged for high content of natural mineral water which was also approved and categorized by the US FDA as being ‘High Mineral Content.’


I love clay packs and do them after every 3 days. This one is pretty smooth but it smells a little of soil and chemicals(?). I can’t point out exactly, but it isn’t an offending smell at all.


A thin film was needed to tighten and unclog my skin. This much (show above) took only 3 minutes or so to dry, which is convenient for people who don’t like sitting around for too long with a clay-covered face lol. It is also relatively easy to wash off (as compared to Tosowoong’s platinum clay pack/ Secret Nature’s volcanic ash pore pack). I’m definitely keeping this one to see if it lives up to it’s claim!

I have no need for concealers as I don’t have undereye bags but one would come in handy in times of PIH perhaps. The I.MYSS Cantabile Stick BB Concealer ( #02 Natural Beige, $13) is not exactly my shade (as you would see in the swatch below) but I will give it a go anyways..


It is a twist up pencil type concealer with about 6cm of product. The plastic part of it seems a little flimsy. Oh wells, it might be great for people who prefer this over dipping their fingers into concealer pots.


Coverage over liquid eyeliner is so-so. It also seems a little grey for my skin. Pros? It is creamy and has a hygienic application. Cons? Not my shade (can’t blame it because I didn’t get the #1 light beige color) and tad expensive for this quality. Hmm.. :/

ECLADO is not a brand that we have heard of, but their Real Radiance Whitening Cream (40g, $50) seems exciting to those who wants to brighten up their complexion. It contains  a blend of allantoin, licorice, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, green tea extracts, and portulaca extracts. Read: whitening & moisturizing.


Yes to the beautiful scent! I picked up a hint of tea and some floral notes. ❤ The formula is less powdery compared to some whitening products out there like Milkydress or Daltokki.


Not sure about the long term effects and the cream does confuse me initially as to which step I should slip it into. I have been using this under my base makeup as it leaves my face looking fresher but it does not prime or anything. Not bad, but could be better. Possibly add some SPF and priming agent and it will be perfect!

I.MYSS Natural Toc Face Tuning Eye Cream (30ml, $30) This was randomly selected from Tea Tree and Argan Oil and I scored the argan oil one. Oddly though, this product seems to be made in New Zealand. :/


On the box it also says that it is a no-addition product- nice.


The product is pretty light and is more creamy than gel-ish unlike most eye creams out there.


This eye cream smells like soy milk and feels like a moisturizer when blended. I guess the whole idea is to be able to use it under daily makeup and give intense hydration with a light finish. It does absorb very well but does not reduce any of my non-existing wrinkle. Thankfully, this tube expires in 2017 so I might need it by then. 🙂

Sidenote: wished I didn’t have to open it for this review but it has been done in the most hygienic manner and resealed. Otherwise my mum would be the lucky inheritor. 😛

Lastly, we have the O’GCE Minus Touch Cooling Nose Pack Set (Cooling Nose Pack & Pore Slim Pad Pouch 10pcs each, $24). The cooling pack is just a regular nose patch which rehydrate the nose (more like a sheet mask which only covers your nose) meanwhile the pore slim pad is a product that shrinks your pores.


These did not come with the original box as published in the info card, but I’m pretty pleased to get the whole lot. I gave away half to my friends to hear what they would say about it! 😀


Cooling Nose Pack

Loving the cute illustrations on these as well. Lol at the ‘dirt’ screaming after being extruded. The patch contains blue menthol, button flower, arnica, and pancratium maritimum extract and it does feel slightly tingly.

I don’t think it helps with getting out the gunk alone, but it might be similar to the second step of those 3-step blackhead kits. I used a pore gel before and a little more blackhead came out than before. Thinking if it was this product that helped… 


Pore Slim Pad Pouch

This one however, is akin the third step of the 3-step blackhead kits. It soothes and shrinks the pores with ingredients like camellia extracts and witch hazel extracts. Again, I did not see significant improvement with it but the placebo of ‘cooling to shrink my pores’ perhaps did it for me. I woke up the next morning after the cooling-strip-pore slim procedure, feeling that my nose seems a lot clearer. :O 

Overall, this is a difficult box to hate. It is pretty monotonous because I can’t point out a single product that wowed me. However, I would use all of them regularly with the exception of the concealer and eye cream. My favorite would have to be the Xaivita goat milk cleanser. I know the memevalue is well over $150 but I would value it at $60 perhaps.

image You can still get Memebox if you are in USA. China or Korea. I hope you’ve enjoyed my review on this box. Do drop me a question on the comment box if any. 😉 Happy memeshopping! ❤ Click my link here to get $5 off $100 purchase or $10 off $150 purchase (available while offer lasts).


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