3CE Stylenanda Lip Color in #602 V review





I’m going to rave about this 3CE Stylenanda Lip Color in #602 V I was wearing all week long. It is a striking neon purple color which I don’t often come across. Cool colors matches my skintone and hair better than warm ones.

I bought mine from Testerkorea for 17,900 krw (+shipping) but you can get them on the Stylenanda webshop for 20 bucks.




I’d like to believe the lip color I received is original. It came with the original barcode and all, still bubble-wrapped. TTK seem to order and wait for their stock before shipping it out to me.



The lipstick is also sealed and feels proper (?). Lol, meaning it is not made of cheap, flimsy plastic material like some fakes out there. One other tell-tale sign is the texture of the lip color once applied. Other than the lip lacquer range, I don’t think their lipsticks are suppose to dry out your lips. I do apply a lip balm before color though.


pic source: http://en.stylenanda.com/

Erm, how can anyone resist that glorious swatch? ❤ . ❤


I twisted it up and whoa, it is really as purple as advertised. (super excited at this point-*squeeees*) 😀


Quick single swatch before applying it onto my lips. It does look warmer on the skin and lips. I have slightly dark lips (not to the extend of being cyanosed though 😛 ) and the color turned out pretty much like this indoors (not my lips);



original pic source: http://en.stylenanda.com/

I edited that picture to a slightly warmer, darker tone. Okay, I admit I’m shit at taking lip selfies so please bear with me.

You can find more wonderful swatches done by the models of Stylenanda but honestly it will only look that color if you use a lip concealer beforehand. I tried using a white concealer/primer on my lip before applying the lipstick and it worked! I achieved a beautiful cool violet tone, though at the price of sacrificing lip moisture. I don’t fancy topping it up with a clear gloss, but I suppose you could to make it last and not chap.




Yay or nay?


Would I buy more Stylenanda lip colors? Yes, I would. 😉 I wore this and on the first day received a compliment for it. ❤ The colors do last 3-4 hours before needing reapplication and runs a tad with drinking. However, it leaves a slight violet tint on my lips afterwards.

They are worth exploring for lip color lovers. I would say get them from reliable vendors today. I’m eyeing their creamy range atm, wishing they had more purply/ violet-y hues.


2 thoughts on “3CE Stylenanda Lip Color in #602 V review

  1. Had a look at the Stylenanda website last night as I love a few of the colours (Jammer, Vamp – all the ones that seem really difficult to get hold of elsewhere!) but wow! the constantly changing pictures REALLY did not help my headache!! May have to feel top notch before I brave that one again!


    • Lol! I adore their colors, but I think I might need to regenerate more moneys to buy em. :(Or better still walk into a physical store in Seoul to swatch. Yeah, they have ALOT of photos. Gosh. And their models are so prettyyy X_X ❤


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