IOPE Air Cushion XP C23 quick review


So I just got this IOPE Air Cushion XP refill in C23. I have tried a couple of C21 shades from other brands and they seem to be lighter than I imagined. I just wanted to get a 23 shade to see how dark they run. Apparently these IOPE cushions come in natural (N), shimmery (S), and cover (C).

I got mine from Testerkorea (see my full haul unboxing here).


I just had enough cushions lying around and I thought this refill might fit into one of those cushion cases, and in case this isn’t my thing, I did not spend too much on the full product.


Ruler to scale


Okay, what the huh…both IOPE and Innisfree are from Amorepacific so I didn’t see why they wouldn’t make them all fit into each other’s case. Maybe it is a chaebol thing ya’know.. family rivalry (clearly I watched too much k-dramas).

image image

On the other hand, the IOPE refill did fit a little better into my Easybeauty firm’s “It’s my cushion” case. It does not lock into the case snuggly but I’m okay with that lol (cheapo 😛 ). The refill rotates within the case but I can hold it in place and save a couple of bucks, thank you very much.


Back and front


So this cushion looks like any cushion I have seen. Sponge, puff and all. It was protected by a film.


Finger swatch~ Pretty warm shade, with almost the same density as the Innisfree’s Intense Ampoule Cushion without being heavy at all on my skin. Sorcery! :O

How to use:
After basic skin care,use it as a makeup base. Re-apply it anytime you need a sunblock.(You can use it both before and after makeup)


The IOPE cushion picks up better than the Innisfree’s cushion at the beginning. The sponge also does not slip easily (personal finger size thing though)


I wore it out for a few days now and am very impressed with this. While the Innisfree one is perfect for touching up and soothing stressed/oily skin after a long winter day, this one is perfect for a quick makeup on my bareface and it covers slight imperfections on the go. I didn’t even need my HG primer as the base.

The formula is perfect! ❤ It probably doesn’t cover eye bags (I tried covering eye liner on my forearm with it) but it does cover up the slight redness I have on the sides of my nose.

– One of the higher SPF cushions (SPF50 PA+++)
– Proven effectiveness and raved by many
– Covers well (buildable)
– Not too drying unlike most cover products
– Blends beautifully
– Ever so slight scent which is beautiful

– Full sized product might be expensive

– Can’t think of anything else so far!



Where have you been in my life?! 😀 I am definitely buying one more in a lighter shade to use in winter and this one for summer. There is just something magical about the formulation. It isn’t so different from the Innisfree Intense Ampoule one but gosh, the finish on my skin is just so…photoshopped! 😛

Maybe it is the IOPE-placebo working but I assure you placebos do not exceed a week long lol. I think every lady out there should fork out abit more than 10 bucks and try this for themselves once (the refill I mean).


6 thoughts on “IOPE Air Cushion XP C23 quick review

  1. I don’t like foundations at all but I really liked this! I actually found the full size on Rrs for 30$ and it is currently on sale for the same at Honestskin. That is not much more that the sample and much cheaper than in most other places

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    • Yeah, this is quite perfect. ❤ Only small qualm that I noticed is that it lasts me 6-7 hours before my forehead shows some oil. It was a little less than $13 shipped for this refill so I am happy with that 😉


  2. Hahaha! Told you so!
    With the refills the story is such that the refills from expensive lines do not fit into the cheap compacts. But they are exchangeable within the pricier range. This is to keep people from doing what you did. 🙂


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