Testerkorea Haul #3


Read my other testerkorea hauls unboxings here and here.

Okay, I have to admit that Testerkorea’s prices are unbeatable for lightweight items (because shipping is taken into account). They might be reselling their free samples for moneys but at least they ain’t taking too much profit from normal priced items. We do receive pack samples (5 foils) for presumably every $30-40 purchase. 🙂

Order date: 24/12/2015
Shipped: 30/12/2015 (but it only left Korea on 14/1 wth Korea post?!)
Received: 20/1/2015

That’s almost a month, but they were probably waiting on one item that had to be ordered from the manufacturer. (read on)

My order this time is a bit larger than the previous two. It is packed to the brim in a squarish box!



The shipping costs were 9,670 won via normal air mail so the total came up to 76,380 won (or approx $75).

I shared part of this haul with my cousin since I was over at her place and decided to pull her to the ‘dark side’ aka Korean beauty obsession.


I was most excited to get this: the Iope Air cushion XP refill. Yeah, I’m cheapo like that. I have two other casings and decided that I should just take one in case I don’t like the formulation or something. When I bought this, it costs approx $13- much cheaper than most ebay sellers. 😛


I’m excited to test this one out since it is highly raved and so-called the “mother of all cushions”. Stay tuned for a separate review post~


Next up is a blusher that keeps going OOS. Yeah, like that Peripera cushy blusher..I gave up. 😦 The A’pieu finger blusher is cute and all, but I didn’t appreciate how cute the size was.


Ruler for dimensions

The blusher is a pretty light pink, but too light to be seen under natural lighting. Idk…I’m not loving this much :/


Maybe I’ll stick to using my lip tints/ cheek & lip products for a better blush payoff.

I’m also convinced that their 3CE products are genuine. Since the internet is plagued with fake cosmetics from this brand, I was apprehensive to order more.


I guess they were waiting on this item for so long before my order could be shipped. It is still in it’s original wrapping with barcode and all. 🙂

YES to purple lippie. ❤ ❤


I’d say this is quite worth the wait? The lipstick does make my order 😀 I’m pretty pleased with the color although it might look dark pink-ish under low lights.

I adore how pigmented the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse was (got another shade before this) and had to pick a lighter pink (#1) for gradient-making. 😛


Be warned though, these highly pigmented lip stuff are often pretty dry on the lips. Chapped lips will show and it won’t be pretty…


It is a nice color and quite wearable daily.

Yup, I needed a better lash curler after that disastrous (cheap) one from Y.E.T. That brand is just bleh. Now this is what you call proper. It is the Natural Republic one and comes with an extra silicon replacement. It does not have a spring but you can control the amount of strength nicely.


For this price, I totally recommend this curler. 😉

Another two little items from Natural Republic were my hand sanitizers. I’m slightly germophobic so this would always come in handy.


The duo was packed into a separate plastic with my blusher, spot patches and etc.


They are both super tiny (30ml each) and costs $2 something each. Oh well, at least the divine peach and grape smell makes up for it. I do think drugstore ones would be cheaper but they don’t smell this good.

I’m also having a hand-cream mania moment and had a difficult time eliminating all the 9293713 other hand creams loaded in the cart. The e-choice hand cream is a bit more than $1.50 (only!) and smells exactly of honeydew. Urm..yum?!


And did I mention PENGUIN? Oh. ❤

Some beauty tools: Missha makeup sponge (so worth the price!), 2 cushion sponge replacements, Innisfree spray bottle (for more Blithe misting water experiments~) and my staple Missha oil blotter.


Okay I didn’t snap individual pics of the Skin Food point makeup remover, Innisfree hydrogel masks, Skin food nose strips etc etc but man, I’m just so glad I got my order already.



Here is a list of what I ordered;

Name Price(won) Qty Total(won)
TOTAL 66,710
E CHOICE Melon Hand Cream 60g 1,000 1 1,000
STYLENANDA 3 Concept Eyes #602 V Striking Neon Purple 3.5g 17,900 1 17,900
INNISFREE Creamy Tint Lip Mousse 7,000 1 7,000
INNISFREE Eco Beauty Tool Spray Type Dispenser 30ml 1,050 1 1,050
NATURE REPUBLIC Nature`s Deco Eyelash Burler Make up Tool 2,450 1 2,450
THE FACE SHOP Daily Perfumed Hand Cream 30ml 2,310 1 2,310
HOLIKAHOLIKA Penguin’s Dream (Limited Collection) 2,730 1 2,730
INNISFREE Green Tea Hydro Gel Mask 25g 1,400 1 1,400
MISSHA Oil control Film 50ea 1,540 1 1,540
IOPE Air Cushion XP Refill 15g 12,600 1 12,600
SKINFOOD Black Bean Nose Pack 7pcs 2,380 1 2,380
[S] Skinfood Seaweed Waterproof Point Make-up Remover Tissue 2pcs*10ea. 2,100 1 2,100
MISSHA Magic Cushion Case Replacement Sponge 2 pcs 1,050 1 1,050
A’PIEU NonCo Tea Tree Spot Patch 12pcs 350 1 350
MISSHA Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch-1ea 350 1 350
NATURE REPUBLIC Hand & Nature Sanitizer Gel 30ml 1,400 1 1,400
NATURE REPUBLIC Hand & Nature Sanitizer Gel 30ml 1,400 1 1,400
INNISFREE Hydro Gel Mask 25g 1,400 1 1,400
MISSHA Fresh Colorful Make-up Sponge (25pcs) 2,800 1 2,800
A’PIEU Finger Blusher 10ml 3,500 1 3,500


I’ll be waiting on my next. Obviously TTK is a great (and dangerous) place to shop but you have to be as patient as a saint.


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