Memebox Night Care~ ☾✫


I’m happy that Memebox is finally gaining some momentum lately. Before ,memefans were worried and I can’t deny I felt the same way. So to quench my memethirst, I picked up this box even before the info card was released.

If you have been buying em Memeboxes, you might have found out that Memebox no longer prints their product info onto cards but publish them online instead. The Memebox Night Care came with this card;




I was most excited about this product. Tosowoong Natural Pure Snail Essence (60ml, $24) is a little smaller than the lotion size which I have received in previous memeboxes. The bee venom lotion is my current favorite moisturizer and I do need a new essence so I will incorporate this into my routine soon~ ❤

The next interesting product is the Switch Patch Elephant 3-Step! Black Head Nose Pack (7g, $3) which combats black heads. I have tried similar products in the Korean market, but from different brands namely Holika Holika. 


Description: The step 1 is a cotton mask sheet enriched with witch hazel water, lemon balm extracts, and grapefruit extracts and works to melt and extract the excess blackhead and sebum. The step 2 is a peel-off type nose pack made from lemon extracts and aloe vera leaf water. Lastly, the step 3 bio-cellulose mask sheet stretches out 8cm and effectively soothes and firms back the enlarged pores with a gentle blend of lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus extracts.

In short: soften-> strip-> soothe! 🙂

We memefans do love a wide variety of products to try. The AVEC MOI Mask 4 Set
(8g + 16g + 16g + 4.5g, $33) 
consists of;
1. Shea Butter Special Care Foot Mask 16g
2. Camellia Special Care Hand Mask 16g
3. Intensive Nail Pack 4.5g
4. Pony Tail Silky Treatment Pack 8g 


These looks promising, although I have not heard of the brand Avec Moi before. I think the one that piqued my interest the most is the foot mask. I don’t recall when I last use one. This will be essential for after foot peels! 😉

I think this next product would be the most-tried one from this box. Already, some ladies receiving the Night Care box gave some reviews on the MYPU Black Pearl & Gold Velvet Gel Eye Patch (1.1g X 60ea). Okay, first of all why would you name your company brand ‘mypu’. I guess it means something..?


I’m glad my tub came in intact because some girls claim that theirs leaked. This eye patch is not only for eye use, but you can also apply the patch to your laugh lines!


It is formulated with a blend of premium collagen, hyaluronic acid, black pearl extracts and other essential concentrates to keep your under-eye skin moist, soft and firm. Sounds like a dream for anyone with fine line concerns.

The D’RAN Wonder Lifting Eye Cream (25g, $35) really steers the theme of the box towards anti-aging, now that I realized. It is always great to have an eye cream because they are so expensive to buy myself! I might have more than I need for my age lol.


The cream contains a long list of good stuff; beta glucan, macadamia see oil, argan oil, jojoba seed oil, and EGF. I wish I have this much eye creams when I will be 30.

The following product is a repeat for me because I have received it in the LB #2 months back. The Heart Face Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack (100ml, $14) is not my fav sleeping pack despite it smelling a lot like the Laneige water bank one which I adore. There is definitely a mixed review on this pack.


I wish this had worked for me but it didn’t. It is a tad stickier and thicker than Laneige’s formulation, and is of a grey-lucent color. I didn’t see any huge improvements upon using the sample-sized one before so I think this would have to go to someone who appreciates it more than I do.

With the current influx of five-item boxes for $29 + $6.99 (shipping) and cheaper brands like Pure derm, etc…I think it is rare to get a box of this value. That was the redeeming point for me. However, I might not have bought this had the info card been released sooner. Obviously many would not share the same opinion. We all have different skin anyways.


Hopefully there will be more exciting things cooked up at Memebox. I already see lots of new boxes on the site~ ❤

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Happy Memeshopping! ❤


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