Memebox Superbox #52 Thumbs Up! -thoughts~


The Superbox #52 Thumbs Up! memebox is successful box for obvious reasons (that you will read in a little).

The box was released a few months back and I have been beating myself up for not grabbing it. However, it came back on restock and I had to snag one. Superboxes are typically a little more expensive than normal ones (although they ameliorated this difference). I paid $32 with a $6.99 shipping fee but it is totally worth the next product I’m about to introduce.

The Miguhara B.P. cream (30ml, $37) is a cult fav. It is a primer and BB cream that covers like magic and yet feels like light velvet on the skin. What is in this stuff??! Well, these.


I like the b.p. cream alot. In fact, I am contemplating on breaking my emergency piggy bank just to get another. It is definitely a HG for me because I can just run out with this on my face look like I have the most perfect complexion. Sobs (of joy). 🙂


Be warned though, the b.p. cream might not be for everybody. It does contain mineral oils and stuff which may irritate some sensitive skin (as with most primers anyways), but I have not gotten any adverse reaction from this. I did read on some beauty boards that the primer seems to cake and look powder-ish for some people.

I’m glad to have discovered another jewel. Now if only Miguhara would ship worldwide or sell it for cheaper… 😦

The next product did receive a mixed reaction: the O& Soap berry cleanser (100ml, $13) seems to be a hit or miss. Mine spilled in the box and thankfully did not cause much damage. The back of this packaging was ruined so I emailed Memebox and they offered a little compensation so I shall only post this (better) photo.


I reckon I’d have to use it now that it has leaked. The soap smells pretty nice. I agree it can be drying to people who already have dry skin. My advice would be to cleanse with cool water and use a good moisturizer after. 🙂

The Real Beauty Serum (50ml, $22) was selected randomly from 3 other options, and I think I got the D. Bouncy Firming serum. I have a feeling this one is meant for anti-aging.


The product claims to have various all-natural ingredients in them and are gentle + nourishing to the skin.

Herbclinic Rice Bran Powder (80g, $10) makes this box an interesting one. I recall that we had not have a lot of mix-to-use mask packs back in the day. This pack contains 100% rice bran powder that delivers intense nourishment.


It’s advised to mix this with milk to create the pack. Actually typing this makes me feel more inclined to try it. I’ll decide if I should. 🙂

The 3D Hope Girl Blusher 01 Sexy Rose (5g, $18) is a cool blusher with a sponge attached to it. It also contains allantoin and vit E.


Next up is the Rivercowe Sebum Control Convenient compact (8g, $17) perfect for those who needs oil control. I have not tried this myself so I cannot comment on the effectiveness, but the card describes this as “instantly mattifying for up to 8 hours, revealing a natural, flawless complexion with zero shine all day long.”


It also shows some of the ingredients upfront. Thyme, Sage, Mint and Chamomile is interesting to have in a compact powder for sure! 😛

The last product I have tried: Kocostar Nail Therapy (4g x 2, $7) are not bad for its novelty. I wouldn’t do them regularly, because I always need to work with my hands and these finger masks are a bit of a hassle. I also don’t think they perform any better as compared to a hand cream.


These will be off as free gifts in my coming destash project.

The box contains legit 7 full-sized items. I absolutely love this box! I mean, I love the Miguhara and thinks it alone makes up for the whole box. ❤ I would repurchase this again if it ever comes back on stock lol.


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Happy Memeshopping! ❤


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