Memebox #18 unboxing and review



My Memebox Global 18 arrived way after new year, on the first day of my return from my long winter trip around Northern Europe. 🙂 I was glad to be greeted again (like an old friend).

This box was $23 (+$6.99 for shipping) on Memebox and is currently sold out.

Info card;



This box carries 5 full-sized item and a trio of deluxe samples. Lets go through each.

The echoice Hand therapy (60g, $2) come in either Cherry blossom or Sweet rose and I was  pleased to have gotten the Cherry blossom one. I quite like the scent of this spring flower ever since I used the MBD masks and Kiss the Perfume hair conditioner (from the memebox hair & body) in similar scent.


It also contains shea butter which softens and nourish my hands. 🙂 This is not a luxury brand, no, so the formulation seems to not absorb as much as I hoped. It leaves my hand moisturized, but people with clammy hands might not appreciate it.


I think echoice is a mart/affordable brand and aims to sell cheap but useful products to its consumers. I like their concept and all, but to see it in a Memebox makes my greedy heart weep abit. I did purchase another tube of the hand cream in Melon scent via TTK before this box was unveiled (I love anything Melon). I’ll wait for that and do a comparison perhaps. 😛

The Dr MJ Bee Tox Control cream (55ml, $50) would have been a rave-worthy product had it not been a repeat. It was given as a free gift with an earlier CPM box (?) and appeared here and there.


So here’s me being objective. Bee tox is one of my favorite genre of skin care. They kind of work for combi/oily skin. This product contains a long list of beneficial ingredients namely propolis, bee venom, tea tree, rosemary, and calendula extracts. I do believe it is a good moisturizer for winter. I am currently using the Tosowoong bee venom lotion and I adore that one! ❤

I do have to say I do not come across many brush tip moisturizers. This one is an emergency anti-flake pen; the Touch by Lee Kyung Min Extreme Shield Master (2.2ml, $46). Well, I’m skeptical. $46 for a 2.2ml pen? Is there gold in this…because there better be.


In the exact words, “this is a magical ampoule enriched with essence type oil components for instant moisture surge.” Idk, I currently don’t have a dry patch to test on. I think people with dry skin might benefit from this. I like the balm stick version of instant moisture surge products better I guess. The Hiaromax vitamin stick I got from the Moisture surge box proves to be quite useful. 🙂

The trio of deluxe samples are the Derma Lift Intensiderm Aqua Rich Cream (15ml x 3ea, $30+). Okay, lets face it, these are free samples but the price of the actual product seems phenomenal. The cream claims to protect, moisturize and soothe during this cold season.


I quite like the fact that these came in little tubes. (I’m almost always traveling so this is a bonus). 🙂


Again, this is a product for people with dry skin (so that makes three in this box so far…).

The next one is a bath product; Purederm Shower Jelly in Brightening Milk (100g, $6). I have gotten this instead of the Cooling mint one. Either one would have been okay with me. Again, Purederm is an inexpensive brand. I was traumatized by their soapy but cheap sheet masks but since they are good with soaps, I reckon this one would be alright.


The cup looks like custard pudding but I have not tried this yet. Apparently this is of a gentle formulation, whatever that means, and helps wash away all the dirt– like all soaps do.

Last but not least, the Puresmile Animal Point pads (17ml, $1). You can probably guess that I’m quite done with any brand that has the word “Pure” in them. 😦


Just no. I don’t know the ‘point’ of these, ironically. I rather just use a sleeping pack or a full  hydrogel mask. This is just odd and nobody finds me funny or cute using them (got a animal footprint one from an earlier MCW box). So no.

Memebox #18 is obviously leagues under the sea as compared to its predecessors. I do think half of the box is okay, but I can barely hide my disappointment. I think the folks in the memebox fanclub will have to agree with me on this.




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Happy Memeshopping! ❤


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