Memebox Super Luckybox #11~ review



I know this review is uber late but I wasn’t going to pass up using some of these before concluding if this box is indeed a Super Luckybox or not. Let me put you out of your misery and tell you upfront that this is like any regular Luckybox, to me at least.

This box is well-rounded and I liked it. It wasn’t a total wow like OMG-Enprani-LJH-Innisfree-and-unicorns kinda wow, but half of the products I think has potential to become cult favs. Which half? Read on to find out!



The Memebox info card as usual; though the last product was wrongly printed as we received another different product instead of that lipbalm.

First rave rightfully belongs to the Soy Bio+ Fermented Lumpoule (5ml x 2, $24?). I know Sarah of Bits and Boxes raved about this endlessly and I just had to get my hands on it. This is like an essence-slash-serum which claims to prevent aging signs and brighten the complexion.


It’s just two miniature vials but one lasted me at least a week of generous application. I would love to bring one with me when I travel again.


Whatever “sshabav” means. This product has confusing names.


Lumpoule is apparently derived from the terms “lump” (fermented soybean lumps) and “ampoule” (facial essence/serum sort of thing). I do think this is a great basic essence. I used this after cleansing and toner and before moisturizer. I kept my routine basic to see if this works magic. My skin must have been super tame lately as there isn’t much of a drastic change– will update if any.

The next rave goes to the Yeon Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-in-one Serum (100ml, $20) as it is well-loved by the ladies over at the FB memegroup. First impressions; the serum feels like a watery jello and it smells like OJ. Besides hallabong (a Jeju island specialty: citrusy fruit), it is also infused with kiwi, brocolli and aloe vera extracts.


This is named all-in-one as it replenishes, softens and protect the skin. I do think this product is a winner and will keep an eye out for more The Yeon products. Very neat considering the skincare also promotes a region specialty product for Korea. 😉

Okay, not everyone might agree with me, but this Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack 180ml ($16) has been a really softening conditioner for my hair. I use it after showering and left it in for 3 minutes before rinsing and viola, fluffy-post-saloon-treatment hair.


I have gotten this in another memebox before this so I was quite pleased to have gotten another backup. This treatment pack might not be of the memevalue of $16 (yeah, some Korean websites are selling for a lot less than 10,000krw/$10) but heck I ain’t paying shipping for this 200g or more product. Glad Memebox gave this to us! ❤


It may be obscenely neon orange but the stuff smells lovely and my hair likes it so yes, this is rave-worthy. 🙂

I thought we were given the scrub but instead we got the Too Cool For School McGirly Good Morning Rice Wash set (2gx10, $6) instead. Idk, I’m too lay to prep a basin of rice water to wash up but this could be awesome. Maybe I am missing the point.


The wash is formulated with fermented rice bran, oatmeal, black tree fungus and portulaca (a colorful flower aka Moss Rose) extracts and claims to be anti-aging + hydrating. Okay, I should probably give this a go before concluding.


I have plenty to test. Lets hope this is as good as it sounds. Maybe I will use a spray bottle again because I can’t find a clean basin/sink.

Full-sized BB cream is always love. After all, Korea is the land of BB creams, or at least it was the craze in early 2010s. The Dr.G Bling Bling BB cream SPF35 PA++ 45ml ($24) is special in that is provides natural coverage for fair skin an hydrates while controlling sebum.


It sounds like a whole package but I can’t bring myself to open another BB cream at the moment *stares at other 923173917129 foundations, BB, CC and cushions*. Okay, I might open this in a few..months. 😛

I wasn’t fair in not reviewing the last product: The Revecen Purple foundation, because a lady wanted this so I traded it away even before I photographed it individually. 😛


I know a few ladies with redness and uneven tones claiming this to be a fabulous product in helping them combat the problem. There were initially some negative remarks since it was a CPM2 product, but I think this deserves more positive ones now that people are ISO-ing alot.

Pic of the five products excluding the Revecen foundation;



The six products totaled to around $70 at least and I think it is well worht the $23 (+$6.99 for shipping) I paid. Yes, it might not have been a super box, but I appreciate that they didn’t throw in duds in this.


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Happy Memeshopping! ❤


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