Memebox Special #69 My Pouch Essentials


I actually bought this because I liked the first Memebox’s Pouch (reviewed here). The Memebox Special #69 My Pouch Essentials was purchased as a bundle along with the Cleanse & Tone Memebox for a total of $46 ($23 each) plus express shipping cost of $6.99.

Honestly, I was already disappointed when I held the box. It felt super light and when I opened it up, there were only 6 tiny products…




LOL at the picture of that Hanskin BB cream. I wished it was that pot size instead of a puny thumb-sized one.


This box would have been a hit if Memebox wasn’t stingy with the Witch’s Pouch Radiant Lolli (2.5g sample size…$7?). I have gotten the 03 Funky Bloom. It is a light pink tint. Although the name says tint, it is actually super light and is more of a gloss.. I get why people like this tint.

The color is pretty and it smells (and taste) delicious– of sweet cherry juice or something. It applies beautifully and is fab for creating gradients. Only negative point is that the staying power is kinda bleh and goes off within an hour or so.


Despite that, this tint is actually my fav in the box and I couldn’t be happier to get the light pink shade. I have been getting too much reds and orange from Memeboxes perhaps.

My second fav is another repeat: the Hanskin Bio Origin Ampoule BB SPF30 PA++ 4.5ml ($6.9?). This is a thumb-sized sample. Again, I wish Memebox could just throw in a full-sized BB cream for us or at least add in several samples from the brand. This is pretty stingy since I love this BB cream!!


The formulation is like creamy velvet and suits my skin tone so well. Not the best for coverage, but it does not cake or dry up your skin at all! I would consider purchasing more Hanskin BB creams if they weren’t so expensive and hard to come by…

Next up is a pretty raved concealer: Tony Moly Face Mix Cover Pot Concealer (4g, $5) in 01 Light Beige. The shade I got is the lightest but suits me well.


I reckon this would be fab to conceal pigmentations and dark under-eye but not dry patches/pimples. The formula is pretty creamy and blends out nicely. I tried this several times myself and it seems to cover mild discolorations.



Despite how light it looks on my finger, it actually matches my skin tone after blending. Moisturize well and use a mini concealer brush/ angled sponge to apply this. 🙂

The next one could have been on a higher rank of the list had it not been too powdery. The Kwailnara Perfume de Moist Hand Cream Glam Savanna (50g, $4) is a musky floral cream with various oils and nourishing ingredients.


I love all hand creams and am keeping this for future use although its musky..

Another Tony Moly product: TM Crystal Stick Shadow 1.35g ($5) in 02 Luxury Gold. I’m not sure if I would keep this. One on hand, I wanted to try a stick shadow from TM but on the other, gold just isn’t an easy color to wear unless you are going to a dinner party or something posh.


This comes in various other shades as well.

Last item from the box is the Rosemine Vitamin E Lip Balm Rose Fairy (12g, $7). It’s a fruity, floral scented lip balm with Vit E, perfect for dry and chapped lips.



I have a couple of other things from Rosemine. Although they aren’t duds, the products are nothing to shout about either. One glance and ohhhh the packagings are so cute. Another and you’d roll your eye at the realization that its a blatant imitation of the brand Cath Kidston… 😦


Nuff said about this box. I do love half of the products in this and would use most of it. My only qualm is the fact that it isn’t as substantial as other $23 Memeboxes we had so far. I’d name this the official Lovable Stingy Box.



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Happy Memeshopping! ❤


2 thoughts on “Memebox Special #69 My Pouch Essentials

  1. LOL about the lip gloss ” print”.
    IMO, Cath Kidston simply picked up her main styles from the late ( and original) Laura Ashley. I agree about the box being a DUD.

    Liked by 1 person

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