Memebox 1st Anniversary Box unboxing & review


An Anniversary Memebox? “It has got to be like the best box everr”. Or not. I bought this thinking oh well, what company would screw up their commemorative box? So did Memebox?

Lets find out.




I notice there were only 5 products, one of which was a repeat.

I was happy to receive (randomly) the Tosowoong Bee AC Control Lotion (100ml, $15) instead of the toner. This single product almost made up for the whole box, really. I have been using it for awhile now.


The lotion has the key ingredients listed on it’s bottle. That’s what I am talking about. Companies should make it easier for us like that!


This lotion absorbs nicely into my skin and works as a daily moisturizer without making my face too oily. It is an AC control type after all. It is not scented or anything. The consistency is pretty creamy without being heavy. I think I need to jump on this bee venom/ Benton trend soon.

Remember we got the same brand from Tea Tree cosmetics box? I can’t wait to try that one after I’m done with this! Fab.

I see so much of RiRe lately and not enough hype from this brand. We get two RiRe products (or 3, considering these hair products as 2 separate entities) in this box alone.

The Hot Speed Manicure (15ml) and Cool Dr Scalp+ (10ml) are surprisingly full-sized ($11) claiming to give healthier scalp and hair. You are supposed to use the cool one as a shampoo/conditioner and then rinse. The hot manicure is like a treatment essence for before/after blow-drying.


This may be quite confusing, but the cooling one did nothing to me. Rating? Meh. I am rarely ever disappointed with Korean hair stuff so far though. This might be the first.

I seriously thought this pact is a cushion seeing the dent on the picture (thinking it was a sponge). Nope. The Unni Recipe Makes Your Skin Smooth Firming Pact SPF 25 PA++ (12g, $24) is a powder pact that covers while preserving its moisture and nourishes the skin with various galactomyces and lactobacillus ferments.


I don’t really like powder pacts especially in winter because they tend to cake when it is all dry and oily at the same time. I don’t know…I might give this a try maybe since it is in my shade (#21 Light beige). It does promise to not cake at all but who knows..


I feel dubious about this since it is still the dryer season but I may be keeping this for when it is warmer..

This RiRe Capsule Mask Pack (75ml, $22) is packaged like a capsule and has double cover. It is sort of like a mist/essence thing I suppose and I have gotten the Whitening type (randomly chosen from Moisture, Whitening or Anti-Aging).


It smells subtly floral and seems watery like a mist would be. More accurately, I think this was meant to be the essence they soak masks in. I am a fan of patting water packs (more accurately just the brand Blithe) and would give this a shot had this been the moisture type.


Ingredients do point to whitening and moisturizing though.

Sigh again at another whitening product (I think its just me being overloaded with whitening things at this point), the AHC Whitening Cream SPF 35 PA++ (30ml, $38). This one can be a potentially awesome sunscreen type of prouct. Unfortunately this is tailored 100% for Korean women and not everyone in the world.


I might give this a try, bearing in mind that it would even out skin tone and whiten darkened areas while moisturizing and acting as a sunscreen.





Okay, let’s be honest here. This most definitely isn’t what we expect of an Anniversary box. It seems more like a regular Memebox without being a total wow. I do think one or two products are interesting, but this is otherwise too bland to be iconic if you know what I mean….



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Happy Memeshopping! ❤


11 thoughts on “Memebox 1st Anniversary Box unboxing & review

  1. Oof. This box did not dazzle like it should! I got the same variable products as you–the lotion and the whitening spray. I agree with the comments about the whitening lotion. It applies nicely and smells good, but it left my skin looking greasy :0


    • Yeah..a tad. I agree the bee venom lotion (didn’t get the toner tho) for me is fab. Maybe I should give the whitening lotion a go. I have been using the ones in the Snow White box so I can’t possibly open another lol


        • No worries! And you are right, I just went to give it a whiff and it smells really good too. Earlier I thought it was still sealed. I’ll use this as a primer/sunscreen soon! (especially when snowboarding in the mountains) 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!


        • Omg lol! Yess~ I’m away from home for 3 weekends and will stop by the alps/ Flachau somewhere along to snowboard if the snow is good enough. It’s absolutely cold, but not snowing much 😦
          Hehe I do love the Shiseido Sun Protection liquid alot but I’m running low on that. 😛

          Liked by 1 person

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