Memebox Cleanse & Tone~ ✧



I bought this box because I was toner-deprived back then. It’s interesting how Memebox supplies you with lots of the same item within a few weeks– there was an overload of foam cleansers and creams last month, and now its cleansing tissues’ and lip balms’ turn! 😛

The Memebox Cleanse and Tone is almost practically fail-proof. I thought it is a box of things we ladies need in a long run, so why not? 🙂




The Neogen Code9 Glucose Skin (250ml, $26) is as exciting as it looks! It claims to be lightweight, hydrating and nourishing at the same time. There are fermented glucose complexes in this one (I don’t remember encountering fermented glucose before?) and works as a toner for after cleansing.


It is of a light pink color which isn’t the bottle I’m sure. The toner dispenses as a spray and smells subtle and fresh. ❤


It expires in 2017 I suppose (the date is manufactured date) so I have plenty of time before getting to this one!

The second most exciting bit it these lil babes: Banila Co Clean it Zero Original and Resveratrol (7g x 2). I have always wanted to try these and yay to travel sizes too!


It is a cult favorite and ranks top 3 in their (Banila Co)  bestseller page.

I am especially interested to try this resveratrol one because of the powerful antioxidant properties it promises. This smells absolutely amazing as well! ❤

I am definitely packing this Charmzone Gingko Natural Cleansing Tissue (10 sheets) on my year-end trip. It is enriched with- you’ve guessed it- gingko.


Okay, obviously nothing to shout about, but I love how practical this is and it is light too! I can’t carry 100x sheets in my weekender, no.

The Mizon Cotton Shower Sheet Essence (55ml, $7) however, is a tad heavy and confusing at first glance. Is this….a mask? Cleansing tissue? Or toner? Because the description tends to claim all three possibilities, I might have to use it first to judge it.


You can use it as a toning sheet or a point pad mask (for dry patches). I got the “Moist” version which I reckon is for dry skin. There is also the oily skin version (“Fresh”) in blue and green graphics.


Glad that this is resealable too. I think keeping this in the fridge for summer might be absolutely amazing for the sun-burnt skin. 🙂

I quite like Enesti as a brand. The Enesti Yuzu Foaming Cleanser (120ml, $14) sounds quite lovely. For anyone who doesn’t know, yuzu is believed to be a hybrid of sour mandarin, hence the citrusy illustration. 


This will lather up well and cleanse deep into the pores while delivering rich moisture. I think I might have to shower with my other cleansing foams before getting to this tube, but first impressions? Sounds good to me.

I have gotten the a;t Fox Tea Tox Water Clear Tablet (4g, $2) before and haven’t gotten around to using it although I adore the brand packaging. I just don’t think my sink is clean enough for this and do not own a facial basin either…



I do like the idea of making your own cleansing water with the pH of 4.9 and all the added benefits. It might be better if they come up with a makeup remover water for us lazy ladies! 😛


Overall, this is quite a satisfactory box! I like and will use most of the box for sure. My favs are the Code9 toner and Banila Co Clean it Zero. ❤ For the price tag of $23 (+ $6.99 shipping), this box did not disappoint at all. I will keep an eye on useful everyday Memeboxes and solid food-themed ones for sure.


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Happy Memeshopping! ❤


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