Volume Up with Memebox~

There may have been mixed opinions on the Memebox Special #61 Volume Up! and that is exactly how I feel about this one. On one side I do think it delivers on the theme (though not with a wow impact), on the other I found myself perplexed with what I should do with half of the things in it.

These are some confusing times with Memebox’s curations honestly. I was deluding myself with various possibilities: volumizing shampoos, caffeine-loaded or spicy body things and a massage cream to sort of lift the face. Has it stayed simply a delusion after all?





Yes, it probably has. 😦

The 803 Cream Sam H Cream (50g, $34) sounds exciting with the promise of nourishing, rejuvenating and adding extra volume to hips. It contains shea butter, adenosine, adipophilin, niacinamide and borphilin.


I decided, why not? Lets rub this stuff onto my posterior and see if it gets perkier. Nope. Of course I am not saying this after one use. I applied this religiously every time after showering (with rolling and massaging) for 2 weeks or more now. Still nope.




This cream, however, does moisturize alot and keep the area proper tender. It is like a body butter texture without much greasiness. The cream does not smell of anything in particular. I wished they would improve the range with some steam/warming effect at least (because gimmicks work as better placebos). :/


We all are pretty accustomed to the brand Mizon. They are some affordable and yet useful products. The Mizon Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream (50ml, $9) is enriched with Alaskan water, deep ocean water (lol?), coral water, witch hazel leaf, watermelon (lol?), basil leaf, lotus (lolol?), niacinamide and birch tree sap. Interesting list of ingredients indeed! Mostly soothing and cooling however.



I like that this is free of paraben. The tube is also small enough to add into your travel pouch. Despite it being simply an affordable moisturizing gel cream, this made a lot of ladies happy. 😛


Pureplus+ Lip Treatment Milk Bebe (10g, $10) sounds like any other lip balm. I have not tested this to comment on it, but it might actually be great. *shrug*



(cool, its free of 3 harmful things)


I don’t know if Pureplus and Purederm or pure whatever are related but the lack of originality is sad, really. I also don’t know who came up with the packaging first, but they all look like duplicates now, which is also sad. This could otherwise have been a nice product for me but if you know me well enough, you would also know I take packaging and design (originality) very seriously.


Shara Shara Glitter Powder WH01 Snow White (2.2g, $7) boosts its glitter (groans) pearls and sparkle (more groans) on skin to brighten and contour the face. I don’t know whats with them and shimmery things. Can.We.Please.Get.Natural.Looking.Things.Please.



Nevermind, this goes onto the swap/trade pile. I think makeup lovers might appreciate this more than I do.

This Mise en Scene 2x Curling Essence (30ml, $2.40) is the third time I ever owned. Probably this is meant for newer meme-members.



Memebox’s hair products surprisingly rarely disappoint- Palan, Cherry blossom conditioner and Ryoe to name a few. I wish we got those instead… Or a nice volumizing dry /wet shampoo/ conditioner would have been lovely!


Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Plumper 02 Hoot Mint (4.6ml, $8) plumps and smoothens lips for a kissable cherry-like pout.



It does look cool though. Not something I would pick up in TM stores but nevertheless befitting the theme. Sort of.


I like Enesti as a brand, especially that lovely apple and honey hand cream they showcased in Memebox Honey box  and was hoping the brand would appear more in Memeboxes. They must have a lot of confidence to put their mascara into a box because mascaras, to me, are usually to stay once you find the one.

Enesti Ultra Volume Mascara (7ml, $9) intensifies lashes and claims ‘no clumps or stickiness.’

image image

Have not heard a rave on this yet. I cannot stand clumpy, overly volumizing mascaras so I will hold on to this and decide whether to use this later. I have several in my stash at the moment, favorite being the Imju Dejavu Fiberwig Long mascara. ❤



Ultimately, this is a box full with things that has certain volumizing effects to them. I was the curious kitty when I saw this released alongside the oil and scrub #2 box and between oil and volume, I chose this to satiate my curiosity. (ordered it as a bundle with Scrub #2 Memebox)

I do think this box is quite decent, just that I don’t personally use some of the items. Oh well, can’t always get all the good ones… 😛


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Happy Memeshopping! ❤



7 thoughts on “Volume Up with Memebox~

  1. This box seems more of “This said its volumizing on the bottle, let’s put it in!” without actually trying it or seeing it if worked. I agree on that lip balm, it seems the exact same in every box its put in, and it’s in a loooot of boxes.


    • I do wonder too who curates some of these…maybe it was wrong of me to have a preconception of ideas but oh well… And you are right about the lip balm thing. So many lip balms…they are cheaper I suppose.


      • They’re definitely hit and miss, some are much better than others. When they’re good, they’re REALLY good and when they’re thrown together it’s kinda just weird. @_@


  2. I was definitely right in not ordering this box. And I’m surprised they included the Shara Shara Glitter powder and the Curl Essence which have been in previous boxes. They really do seem to be running out of companies to feature in the boxes.


    • I don’t think they have limitations, judging on their sister sites…..but maybe they had a high volume of those items to rid off. Yeah, I agree it isn’t the best of curations since there were really amazing ones before it…


  3. The first item made me literally lol…I don’t think I want extra volume on my hips…I commend you for trying it and sticking to it haha. Also idk why, but I think illuminators/glittery products are being included in boxes more often now – maybe it’s a winter kind of thing.


    • Haha, I wanted to see if it was a gimmick because I got the other 803 in one of the thanksgiving boxes as well. :/
      Yeah, maybe its that dewy, ‘shabang shabang’ look that they are into. Not my style tho… 😦


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