Memebox Thanksgiving Box #2 For You

I have to admit I’m a bit too backlogged. Part of it is due to my uni assignments, year-end finals and vacation/ work interview planning. I have a life, woot~ 🙂

So here is my quick unboxing and impression of the Memebox Thanksgiving box collection #2 (I know…its well past thanksgiving and Memebox is doing an advent event at the moment–check it out here!).

This one came in the specially designed Thanksgiving box.

image image

Info card;




This box is loaded with things we don’t normally get in previous memeboxes! Like this makeup brush set from Shara Shara (5ea, $24). I find it difficult to use too many brushes- 1, I’m squirmish about reusing/hygiene 2, I rarely ever wear decorative makeup.


Regardless, this is a great addition to the box and makes an awesome gift to anyone who loves makeup and colors~


Inside: 1 fat powder brush, 3 medium sized brushes for eye makeup and 1 for lip.


I was most excited about the 2 Vivito products!

The Vivito Illust Lumiere Primer (30ml, OMG $50) is probably one of the best primers I have used. I adore the blendability, scent and all— but, the flaw is this one has shimmer 😦 and I can’t wear too much bling to the clinic y’know what I mean…





I tried this once and hoped Memebox would eventually give us their matte foundations, cushion or non-shimmer primers. I really love how posh this looks unlike their sister brand Shara Shara which looks more cutesy.



The next Vivito love is the Painting Sweet Lip Balm (12g, $24). Okay, lip balm for $24. Hurrr…


It smells so good! I randomly got the 01 Orange farm one which has orange peel oil and vit E amongst the ingredients. And do you see the embossed tin? IN-LOVE. ❤



You can get a whiff of their products on the Vivito company webpage.


I also think the Peripera Heart glow stick in 02 Gold Aura (6.5g, $14) might be worth keeping. Its cute and a new concept for easy-to-carry makeup. The formulation claims to be absolutely creamy and non-flaky so win! 😉


This works as a highlighter and can be used for contouring, but maybe works as a base eye shadow too.


Nail stufffff….: with Shyan Nail Lacquer (15ml, $4) is not a bad polish to have…if only I didn’t get the NEON GREEN one. Hideous to me 😦 And of course I didnt get a nice glitter to remedy that. My Saracen Fluorescent glitter (13g, $6) came in the plain silver variety. Sadface.


I forgotten to photograph the Shara Shara Miracle Multi Cream (50ml, $18) but here it is;



This is a lemon-ish, balmy cream thing useful for moisturizing the face, body and hair. It contains 30 different kinds of plant oils and promises to lock in moisture for up to 48 hours! Smells absolutely lemony and looks it too.

Pure Smile Essence sheet masks (23ml x 2, $2) came in both Milk and strawberry milk. I don’t use sheet masks often after I found Blithe and hydrogels, so this is going as gifts~



This box costs me less than $30 to buy with the #1 box as a value bundle. I am quite pleased with both as I can easily gift them to my homies. My favorite products would have to be the Vivito ones (despite it being shimmery) and least are the nail polish..

They are quite vibrant and assorted, which I think the Memeladies will enjoy and view favorably.

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6 thoughts on “Memebox Thanksgiving Box #2 For You

    • Thank you, hun! I really like that primer, only that it is the shiny variety. I would be pleased if we ever get the matte ones 🙂
      It smells good too. Lol yeah very orange-y indeed! 😛


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