All that scrub with Memebox Scrub #2~ ☆


Memebox Special #59 Scrub #2 is as the name suggests, a sequel to the scrub box and a special one too. It comprises from everything exfoliating from head to toe. Of course there were mixed opinions about this box—it not being as awesome as the first and all. I will say this upfront, I like it.

For shy of $23 (and +$6.99 for express shipping when bundled with Volume Up Memebox) this jam-packed box is quite a steal. I knew in an instance (with winter coming) that I needed a package of goodies to polish myself with and wash away the dirt. I just enjoy exfoliating!

This box contains 6 Full-sized products.

Info card;





My favorite would have to be the Pro You S Special E/B Creamy Peel (50g, $48). It’s surprising that this product would outshine the more branded one from the same box but you’ll see what I mean.

Lets face it, we all love a good-valued item and that’s why we purchase Memebox in the first place. We get our worth! This Pro You peel is one of those. It works, and is pretty gimmicky which I like.


Ingredients’ list;


It dispenses as a pearly foam-cleanser-like liquid/cream (almost reminding me of Skin Factory’s foam cleanser). I spread it on my hand, half expecting it to form globules of dirt like most peeling gels would. Nope, nothing.


I massaged my face with this and left it for…30 seconds? Then when I massaged it again, I felt something forming as I went in circles. Dirt and presumably dead skin started rolling off. YAS! (excuse my eeky photo)


I washed my face thoroughly and got this clear, bright and visibly clean skin. My thoughts were dang, where can I find this and why isn’t it a 500g bottle! You can, fortunately, find the product at the Memeshop.

I can’t say for sure how good this foot peel is but I always love one. The Pureplus+ Skin Freyia Foot Peeling (20mlx2, $12) works like any foot peels.


Leave both on for up to 1.5 hours (after cleaning your feet) and wait for the magic to happen 3-4 days later. I have tried a couple of other foot peels in the past: Tony Moly, Holika Holika, the Saem and Kocostar to name a few… I can’t wait to try these. Unfortunately I have just used one a few days before receiving this so I might have to wait before the rebellious skin of my sole begins to form again.


The Tony Moly Gold Black Sugar Mask (100ml, $7) is one product that I wanted to buy off online shops but never gotten around to push the pay button. I have finally gotten it in my hands and can’t wait to try it!


This masks is formulated with black sugar (well, I thought they meant brown, because black is like burnt caramel?), gold (whoa) and honey extracts. Sound super sweet? It claims to bring suppleness and glow after massaging/leaving it for 10-15 minutes. Sounds pretty good to me.

Realized my top three favs were from the flip side of the info card? Moving on…

The Beauty Firm Rubbing Jelly Scrub (60ml, $18) looks similar to the Nella Fantasia scrub I saw in the Memeshop. I was quite intrigued to see that this is a heel and elbow scrub and has cute pink silicon bristles. It smells absolutely sweet too (of apricots obviously) and contains argan oil, apricot seeds plus panthenol.



I have tried this once…I wouldn’t say it is the most convenient as I do not have a bathtub in my current accommodation, but I love how this smells and I would use this occasionally or pack this into my gym bag the next time I hit the pool (there is a sauna there 🙂 ).


I was not thrilled to see this baby cartoon art again after getting the similarly designed foam cleanser before…. The Ddung Family Peeling gel (120ml, $18) is a facial peel enriched with centella asiatica (fab for acne), aloe, grapefruit and chamomile (smells yum).


I had to suppress the urge to call this dung instead, because my pre-conception of this product might be premature. The ingredients sounds fab, and a peeling gel never fails me. This will be added to my arsenal of exfoliators for sure. I hope it will impress!


The last product is the only one I end up feeling meh about. I never liked the quality of Pure Smile products and this one strengthened my believe once again. The Jewelry Scrub Amethyst (100ml, $10) looks absolutely pretty in design, but doesn’t do much. I’m half way through this tube and it smells of nothing. Plastic? Maybe.


It is like a sugar mixture in glycerin and other stabilizer. I bet a coffee ground, honey and olive oil mix could have performed better… I gave in the the urge of tasting it to confirm that this is just refined sugar and yes, it is sweet (not recommended to consume!).


The only saving grace is that this product is nearing its end for me and not irritating. It is affordable to repurchase but I wouldn’t do that. I’ll stick to a loofah or those pair of golden scrub gloves from H&B1. For a body scrub, try Aveeno’s oatmeal scrub or Soap & Glory’s Flake away. Those are golden.

While you might think this box is quite dull, give it a go. You will find at least 3 useful items that actually works.


I might actually repurchase a scrub box in future.

I’ll update with December codes once I get them.

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Happy Memeshopping!

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