✤ Papier D’Armenie La Rose review ✤





I have been eye those Papier D’Armenie (Armenian papers) for a long time after I went to France last summer. What pushed me over the edge was (to my surprise) the appearance of this product on the Korean beauty show Get It Beauty! It was in the up and down section where they talked about travel-friendly products.


I got mine from an ebay seller (in France) so I was assured of its originality. One carnet (12 pages x 3 strips) costs me 3.20 euros + 0.85 euros for shipping. It is quite a deal considering how many times you can use it. 🙂 On the main company webpage, it is 8 euros for 2 booklets.

This ebay seller is so sweet to post it immediately, send a confirmation email and add a small handwritten note to thank me. ❤


What it is

Papier d’armenie is a paper candle sort, with benzoin resin in it. It is a slow burning, incense-like strip with all the health benefits; deodorizer, fragrance, disinfectant, soother, anti-depressant and more.

“Le papier d’Arménie” is used by setting light to a single strip, detached from the booklet one at a time, folded concertina-style, and placed on a heat-proof surface. It can also be used without being lit. Simply place one in a cupboard or drawer and it will slowly release a soft, sweet fragrance. “



The carnet is barely palm-size. Perfectly portable and easy to store.




I have chosen the rose one as I think this is more bearable than the original medicinal incense papers. There is also the other designer option to choose from.



There are 3 strips per page with dotted lines to help tearing it neatly.




How to use

Tear off a strip, fold it accordion-style and place it on your “Papier d’Arménie” burner. Light the paper, blow gently so that the paper begins to glow (it should not burn quickly).




I placed mine on a used candle holder and let it burn off slowly. It took less than a minute but the ash releases the scent for up to hours.


What it smells like

The aroma is very woody, musk-like with a sweet, vanilla-ish note plus a ever so slight floral (rose) note somewhere if you can identify it. This smell might not be for everyone, and takes a little getting use.






I love it. It smells really like some middle Eastern incense I have came across, and it lasts for several hours (almost 12, in my closed room). I do feel calmed and perhaps the placebo of knowing that my room’s air has been ‘cleaned’ made me happier. 😛

I might repurchase this when I run out. It is certainly a fabulous find and one of those very-French-things that you can gift to that someone who loves scents and novelty things. You can even bring this to deodorize a new apartment or during your long travels, especially when you booked an old place with a risk of encountering musty carpets. 😉


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