The Lovely Boutique Memebox

Maybe you realized I left out the ‘My’ in the box name. This ain’t My Lovely Boutique for sure… I bought this Memebox with the impression that it will be filled with elegant, luxurious little trinkets, glittering vials and rare unique charms. Nope, not quite it. It is all lovely for sure, but just not my kind of boutique I had in mind.


It is befitting the theme and description, yes. But do I need these? Let’s take a look.

Fuzzy, grey cards. Sorry. European winters made it this way… 😦




There are 6 items in total. At the first glance, it isn’t bad at all. Lots of little things that people might appreciate. I would actually gift some for Christmas!

My favorite of the lot is probably the quad packs from The Yeon’s Jeju Hallabong Energy range costing a little under $6. Not sure how these qualify as ‘dreamy’ or ‘magical’ but I love useful things. And packs are my best bets.


They came in fours: 1 peeling gel, 2 live packs and a pore ghassoul pack. I assume the Live packs give ‘live’ to the skin by replenishing nutrients and cooling the skin. I can’t wait to try the Ghassoul pack especially, because I love to rid the excess sebum and dirt with some Jeju wonder ingredients.




Apparently I have 2 more years before these go bad. But I’m using these up in a week hah!


My next favourite is this Etude House My Castle Hand cream (30ml, $7). This one definitely qualify as cute, lovely and all the similar adjectives. From the 4 selections. I got the Sweet Cookie by random. This smells like vanilla, butter and cacao.


I like that Memebox curated a rather new product to add because we did see some discontinued products in the past.




I love this hand cream. It’s swoon-worthy for sure. I only wished they added at least two per box instead of just one. Now I’m curious how the other ones smell like! Check em out here~


I was bummed that the Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City is only a deluxe sample of 10ml. I really wanted to try the full-sized one with the blusher tip for the longest time but hadn’t bought one because of the many CC/BBs I own. (I am penny-pinching…)


I love the art and packaging mainly because I’m tired of seeing imitations with Korean products. Kinda wish people can be more original. TCFS’s concepts are solid and I don’t even know if their products are good yet, but I’m already sold by the first impression. Korean cosmetics companies, take note.




This will end up in my travel pouch probably. I can at least show off my ‘Korean dinosaur product’ in the train or flight you know..


I don’t know what to say about the next item. It just fits the theme so well! Sadly with the huge influx of Shara Shara recently, the brand name seems kinda tarnished. It is the opposite reaction that the company wants I guess. I bet they supplied tons of things, waiting in anticipation for the buzz, but so far nope…

The Only You Necklace Lip Balm No 1 Juicy Peach retails for an astonishing $34. 



It intrigued netizens all over the world but the huge flaw is, I won’t wear lip balm around my neck. Not when it is made of cheap laminated gold foil. The foil was so badly glued to the body of the necklace I could see and feel bubbles on it (possibly damaged from the flight from Incheon?).



I can’t fault Memebox for putting this into the box. It is after all befitting the theme. I just…don’t know if anyone I know would like this…

And you think Memebox stopped there.

Another Shara Shara product; the Acerola Moist Oil Balm (30ml, $17) is neither cute nor boutique-sque to say the least.


Well, at least this one smells good, and is useful. And doesn’t look tacky. I quite like the simple, red tin and design actually.





It smells mildly of cherries and I can use this on my ankles, knees and elbows. Pretty pleased as this is like vaseline, but better.

Well……This box might be renamed Shara Shara box if not for the earlier 3 products! Yes, the Shara Shara Natural Shining BB SPF36 PA++ makes me whimper a little. I don’t hate this brand. But I’m just seeing it too much and not getting any HG from it yet.


This one has micro pearl powders, diamond powders and amethyst in it. Sounds all glimmery but dayumm I can’t wear this to lectures! :O




Not my style. I’ll gift this too.

This box wasn’t a wow for me. I was expecting more exciting things after seeing the Korean one;

I was half expecting perfumes, candles and such. That box oozes French elegance and pure lux in little packages.

Or maybe this, which I curated this from Korean beauty products, which is more lovely and cute than a mature ’boutique’ theme.


I made a mistake. Memebox had a different definition. I’ll move on.

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Happy Memeshopping!





12 thoughts on “The Lovely Boutique Memebox

    • It was smaller than expected (barely my palm size)… I think it will last me 2 weeks with constant use. Other than it being branded (EH) and cute, I think I will take my money and try others instead. 😛


  1. Memebox had a different definition. – you couldn’t be more right with so many of these boxes. This is just another one where everyone else’s definition differs from theirs. And I’d be rather upset with getting so many products from one brand with so many to choose from.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It might, but that defeats the purpose a little. I think I’ll gift it to a younger cousin of mine or someone who would appreciate more than I do. A great idea tho! 😉


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