DIY: Memebox Cosmetics Storage v.02- This one is 3-tiered!

Not sure if you have seen my simpler DIY storage. I have since come up with another, which will hold other things like samples, sheet masks, makeup tools, pacts and other lighter things.

 v.01————————————- v.02



The first Memebox storage is perfect for bottled products and I personally rate it a 2-star difficulty. This new one is probably just 3-star, but bear with me, it is doable!

All I needed were:

1. 3 Empty memeboxes of roughly the same size
2. A penknife
3. Glue gun or strong tapes
4. A roll of black tape (or any other decorative tape) // Present wraps (this is for decoration so you can come up with anything!)
5. Time and determination 😛


I am not a pro craft person-slash-pinterest-stay at home mum with 20k followers so if I can do this, so can you! 😉

This whole project took me 20-30 minutes tops….only because I plan as I make it. You can totally slap on a hydrogel mask and make this storage box!


Step One: Take off the top lids of 3 Memeboxes of roughly the same size



I have used the black electrical tape to cover up the rough edges.


Step Two: Put the lids together like this…;


….and you will be snipping off one ear from each the side lids like so;



Still with me?

Step Three: Assemble and fix the boxes to form the base/holder.
I would recommend a glue gun if you have one, or a strong tape. I am using a regular clear parcel tape to demonstrate how it will look like at the end, so please don’t mind the ugly taping work 😛


The back will look like this;


Glue all the ‘ears’ to the box to make it sturdier.


We are almost there!

Step Four: Decorate the box and conceal ugliness!
Just stack them up into the holder and viola!


Phew! That was quite simple, yes?


I am still devising a way to make a drawer, but that might not hold up easily…hence I opted for this take-and-slip-back 3-tier storage instead.

To make it easier for you, I have drawn a simple illustration as a guide;


Here is an example of the final result. I will fill mine with lighter things on the top and heavier ones on the bottom. 🙂


Would you attempt this DIY project? Do comment~ ♥



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