Mini Testerkorea Haul #2

So I split my haul in two separate orders to avoid unwanted custom taxes. The first mini haul was reviewed here.



I was extremely pleased to see the “fancy goods” appearing at my door~

Here are the details to my order (made from Central Europe);
Order date: Saturday 6/11/2014
Shipped: Wednesday 11/11/2014
Arrived: Wednesday 19/11/2014

Again, the whole process took less than 2 weeks, I’m very impressed! ❤
This haul consists of;


Name Price(won) Qty Total(won)
TOTAL 25,800
[W] SINGABRUG Marbella Tattoo Stamper 2ml 13,300 1 13,300
[W] MEMEBOX It’s My Cushion Pact Set 3 items 7,500 1 7,500
THE SAEM Mint Jungle Foot Peeling 5,000 1 5,000

The shipping cost me 4,760 won only and the total was about $33  (Testerkorea’s conversion $1= 980won). 

I was super excited to be getting the MEMEBOX It’s My Cushion Pact Set. I first saw it on Memebox Korea retailing for 5,000krw and this appeared after being requested on the Testerkorea site! 🙂

I put an order through for a white pact but it was a shame to get the black one instead because I have a bunch of white gadgets and makeup cases. However, the CS of Testerkorea responded promptly to my email (within minutes! I must have been in luck), acknowledged the issue after I sent in photos and refunded the full amount to my paypal. 😉 Cheers to the CS team!!



It does look quite dear. I love the typographical/minimalistic cover. You do have to peel off the fuzzy protector from the mirror though. It took me a few minutes to pry it. Overall, it might not be as sturdy as some of the expensive pacts out there but this is worth getting for those who have their individual BB formulation!



I am thinking of adding my Dr.Jart black label BB cream or the Too Cool for School CC Cinema city (Memebox My Lovely Boutique) into this pack along a drop of Centella ampoule for blemish care + Mizon snail recovery cream gel for improve blendability. We’ll see! 🙂



You can get yours here if you like. It is about $7.50 (I think $2.50 is for local shipping) but this is inexpensive compared to the Missha or A’pieu DIY pacts.

Next up;
Marbella Tattoo Stamper 2ml 신가브루크 MARBELLA 워터프루프

I saw this stamper in one of the summer episodes of Get It Beauty and I just have to have it! This costs 13,000krw (cheapest I have seen tbh other than on Memebox Korea on a sale price of 9.800krw?). It is a tad expensive but that is the price of convenience!



It is like a jumbo marker, but without the typical marker smell. It smells of nothing strong, really. I was half expecting this to be pungent because it is a tattoo after all. Nope, nothing of that sort.




The tip is a stamper with whatever pattern you choose. Currently on TTK there are 4: peace, yinyang, star and heart.

Ingredients list just in case you are afraid of some allergens;



This tattoo lasts me about 2 showers. I do think it is not super durable but that is a plus for if you make a mistake in stamping. It comes off with warm water + vigorous rubbing and looks like a real tattoo! ❤


I have always wanted to try The Saem (erm hello GD is their ambassador) but they are often too expensive. I do see an influx of brand new products from them on TTK atm! I chose the Mint Jungle Foot Peeling as it was only around $4! 




I adore all things mint and hold high hopes for this peeling pack! I will need this in a few weeks’ time *stares down at heels*



The ingredients and directions are pretty similar to any foot peels out there.


As usual, TTK does not fail to include some awesome samples (similar to my previous haul) in a mini thank you package.




– Good and prompt CS
– Free samples!
– Can request products (easy and takes only a day or two)
– Items professionally packed
– Relatively cheap prices
– Site is easy to navigate


– Shipping starts at around $4 for me and climbs fast (understandable though)
– Sometimes things go OOS too fast
– I wish they could have more discounts and events 😛


I absolutely recommend Testerkorea and will put another order through once my cart is loaded with all my wishlist items! ❤





14 thoughts on “Mini Testerkorea Haul #2

  1. Hello!!👋👋
    I ordered a cushion case too, so i can use my bb cream without useing my fingers ( i need to do it fast 😳 not time 😂😂)
    Do you now if a refill of laneige would fit in?? I want the laneige beacuse of the pore control ability but its too expensiv 😔


    • Hi, the cushion case is fantastic. I even made a bb blush with it!
      just bought the Laneige pore cushion. It does not fit snugly with a click unfortunately….
      The Iope refill fits into the Laenige case though. 🙂


      • i bought the laneige one 😦 coudln’t resist it 😀 and my cushion case from memebox came. it is so cute XD by the way i got the white one but they are now avaible in pink (!!!) and pastel green (!!) soo pretty<3 (i love these cushions)

        Liked by 1 person

        • I knowww~~ I used to be skeptical, now I feel like collecting all the cushions. ❤
          And they even released a xmas red edition too~ I predict a whole color spectrum coming soon haha. 😀


    • Hahaha I know right…its not like we need more, but it’s the addiction and never-ending sense of not having the instant gratification. All the wait, just for that 5 minutes of unboxing and ooooh-ahhhs and moving on to the next haul. SOB. Someone get me outta here.. 😛


  2. I have The Saem Bubble 02 Black Pearl mask on the way from them along with a couple Mangosteen things from It’s Skin. I was excited when I saw the chemicals they don’t include in their products.


    • Yes that one is pretty nice! Got a small sample wayy back. Mangosteen!! That sounds really interesting. I love their eco concept. ❤ The jar packagings are to die for 🙂


  3. After my initial joy at getting the DIY cushion, I must say, that now, after I’ve played with it (them) a bit, I am quite disappointed. The biggest difference is in the consistency of the actual foundation or bb/cc cream. The ones that are in “proper” cushions are a lot more “runny” than the standard issue non-cushion ones. I’ve experimented with a few, and the problem was that when the foundation was liquidy enough to be used in a cushion, it was meant to be shaken before use. The best results I got was using Allie UV Foundation (Kanebo), but that’s more of a tinted sunblock than proper foundation. I was going for the same level of sun protection that standard cushions claim to offer.
    So, just my opinion, yeah, you can make a serviceable cushion at home, but it won’t compare to the original product.


    • It’s true we need to experiment around for abit before getting the right mix. I think 1 pot might not be enough and I would pick up more sponge + empty refill case in my next order. 😛 You are totally right about the consistency of the base. I think this would be perfect for heavier bases like Dr Jart black label (heavy coverage) because the sponge might absorb quite abit and make it difficult to pick up. I love Japanese foundations!!! Thanks for recommending that one! My current staple, the Kate Powderless Liquid foundation applies like Photoshop!!! 😉 Hot stuff. I think there is a reason why ready made cushion pacts are so pricey… :/


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