Christmas gifts for your Bae~

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Having a hard time deciding on what to buy for your loved ones? I have been jumping from site to site to search for some of the best deals out there. These are some products I have either been eyeing or gotten for myself. They ship (almost) worldwide. You should not miss out on these deals so get moving~ 😛




Memebox is a huge box subscriber company based in South Korea, USA and recently China. They have brought out hundreds of amazing boxes during the past year and will only be celebrating their first anniversary this December! I think there are a few boxes to choose from, though the Thanksgiving box seem to be one of the safest bet for a new Korean skincare user. It makes a wonderful gift for anyone: sister, girlfriend, mum or probably even boyfriends! ❤ If you fancy getting something for yourself as well, take a look at their value sets page. These ship express. Use my discount code HVLNVV for $5 off $30 purchases.


Beauteque is a company based in the US and they have been releasing several beauty bags this year including the BB Bag 2: Showstopper which I have reviewed. The 3rd edition of BB Bag is definitely one worth getting since it is only $22 (different pricing for Canada/Europe) and psst, this one includes a scarf! A little birdy also whispered to me that the bag will be hugely on skincare~ They also have other deals with free gifts and etc. 😉

Lookfantastic Beauty box is a UK-based company making beauty boxes out of mid-to-high-range cosmetics (think Glamaglow, Evelom, Nuxe, etc). A box costs only fifteen quid, though I did pre-order mine for about twelve with codes. New members get discounts! Use LFNEW for 10% off or Save £5 when you spend £40: XMASTREAT40 (there are more, so don’t be lazy to search!). Best of all? Free delivery! 🙂


Nerdblock is another subscription box full of toys, games, shirt, plushies, miniatures and figurines for your kids/other significant one/a geek you know. It is the perfect gift for Christmas considering the many versions they offer: Classic, Arcade, Girls/Boys, etc. You can check out Nerdblock here and prices are under $20. You can also find 10%-15% off first orders lying around the net. Score!


I am writing this from a European/UK beauty addict’s point of view, and I know there are tons of other more interesting sites to purchase from! Here is a short list in case you are in for a night of retail therapy! 
Reviewed recently
For Korean beauty products, you can checkout reputable sellers f2plus1 , rubyruby76, beautynetkorea, iamlove-shop or Roseroseshop

Other places to shop for gifts

Boots’ offers!
Terrific deals with 3 for 2, BOGO and gifts
Delivers cheap within UK, and delivers orders within 7 days at a cost of £9.99 to select European countries

John Lewis
£7.50 per order for delivery to Europe, and £25 for the rest of the world.

Offers various stores/sellers with fantastic selection of gifts. You may peek into this store for ideas and find some cheaper deal elsewhere sometimes tho.

Amazing design items for both him and her. Airmail – Untracked (Spring Global): Prices start from £3.25, takes around 3-7 working days 


Feel free to tell me where else you have shopped for Christmas before! I know I have bought from many sites with my student discount, codes and other perks. 🙂 Retail therapy rules my life!


3 thoughts on “Christmas gifts for your Bae~

  1. I waited too long on these and they sold out… I’m so used to Memeboxes not selling out at a record pace that I kept thinking “oh I can buy it Friday when that new box comes out.” NOPE.

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    • Omg thats so true… sometimes I thought of using the 20% off $200 but nope. The boxes I want always sell out before I can accumulate enough boxes…I gave up. 😦
      I hope that people could slow down in buying and weigh out everything rather than canceling boxes afterwards but I don’t think thats possible… there are some tenacious shoppers in the memeverse.


      • I used the 20% off 200 coupon with points and spent about 100$ total so I’m pretty good on boxes, but at that time there was a lot more boxes available too. Pickin’s are slim. There’s a couple I’m looking at but there’s not enough interest to warrant a purchase.

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