Blithe Patting Water Purple Rejuvenating Berry review! ♥


 블라이드 리쥬브네이팅 퍼플베리 워터팩

I am misting away again with my Blithe Patting water. My previous bottle was the Healing & Soothing Green Tea (used up almost half of that) and I slowly changed up my routine to test this purple one. I have reviewed the other one and wrote about how to make the misting pack here.

I bought my purple bottle from Memeshop at $27 while it was on sale, and added 3 packs of Purederm nose strips at $1 each to be able to qualify for free shipping (VIP code). It was quite a steal! ^_^


The order did take awhile to arrive but I wasn’t impatient about it because I had the other bottle to use anyways. This one came in a box, professionally bubble-wrapped and all!




There is also a small pamphlet not included with my previous bottle (KMW1). Well, in case you read Korean alphabets, I thought I should post it..


I just love the color of this bottle and its simplistic design~


There is also a hidden flap for instructions etc, but here it is again in English;

1. Prepare a basin and add clean water until 1/3 full
2. Add 1 cap of your choice of a Patting Water Pack to dilute with water (ratio 1:100)
3. Mix and gently pat the diluted concentration onto the skin.
4. Let it dry naturally or gently pat with a facial towel.

Never will I use the “sink way” because I feel icky about cleaning my sink for this and I can never find those Asian pails/basin for face wash here..

This resulted in me making another mist out of this patting water pack; this time with the Ariul Spa Water Refreshing Mist from the Earth and Sea Memebox I have purchased last month.


I have half a bottle left, so I thought it would make a perfect experimental mist. 🙂 After all, I know what the mist could do for my skin and I can weigh out how adding the Blithe patting water would help.


About 3 caps in and shake shake~ 🙂




That Ariul mist is tinted blue and only when I tilt it do I see the purplish mist in it. ❤


Smell: Smells like the artificial grape scent from Asian blackcurrant syrups or the Mirinda Grape flavored carbonated drinks. I am used to these flavors as a child and I liked how it smells frankly. Not bothered by it at all, although some may think this is too sweet.

Results: My skin feels softer the night after I use it. As with the green one, this purple pack moisturizes with micro amount of oil–it is like using a sheetl/sleeping mask with some facial oil in it. The purple one is slightly stickier than the green and gives you bouncier, soft skin rather than oil/blemish control. I would advise those with sensitive/oily skin to use the Healing & Soothing one instead and this purple one if you are not having any active acne problems or entering your 30s. Both do what they claim to do and I’m totally impressed!

Verdict: I like this pack alot, though not as much as I love the green one. It is a personal preference of course, and I think the other suited my skin better. I think Blithe has changed my skincare game and my skin never felt better after using both these products for almost 2 months now! I like how it speeds up the process of a normal face mask to just a couple of minutes. Give it a try if you haven’t, because I think frequent use will make your skin fab!



You can purchase the Blithe Patting Water Purple Rejuvenating Berry at the Memeshop with my affiliate’s link + $5 off $30 code HVLNVV or at at a sale price of $26.60 (current 8/11).


Have you tried the Blithe products yet? What are your thoughts about it?


8 thoughts on “Blithe Patting Water Purple Rejuvenating Berry review! ♥

    • Nope it isn’t displayed. Only some words about what it does and the directions of use. I know it contains fruit extracts (maple syrup, lemon extract, orange extract, sugar cane extract, blueberry extract), cellulose, proteins, polyphenol and anthocyanin as main ingredients.


  1. Thank so much for this review! After getting this patting water I was so confused as to a convenient way to use it until you suggested this method! I feel the same way about “sink products” as I like to call them, which is why i haven’t used the vitatablets from a past memebox. This product does seem really nice though, especially when I don’t have time to sit around with a sheet mask on!

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    • Heyy hun~~ No probs. I know, I was feeling the same way about sinks..eep! I haven’t used those tablets or the toc toc tea ones either. Maybe I should try misting those as well lol~ Need a bunch of clean, new bottles 😛


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