Oh my god, it is the 3rd edition of the Memebox OMG!



Thank god for DHL’s express shipping! The Memebox OMG 3 was shipped on the 15th October and I have received it in 4 days. I bet it could have been faster if there were no weekends. 😛

Anywho, this is a theme curated to make us memefans drop our jaw, but was it anywhere near OMG? Let’s find out!

The box contains 5 products altogether. The box smells like ginseng when I opened it. Not sure if the smell came from the Makgeolli soap or platinum pack. :O

My fav item was this Migabee Bee Venom & Honey cream (50ml, $54). It is pretty heavy for a 50ml cream! The cream has no particular scent and has a taupe-white color. It absorbs upon spreading, without leaving a greasy feel. The previous bee venom product I have tried is the Secret Key one and I experienced no irritating outcomes so I am free to try this! 🙂



I have seen their products on various sites like Gmarket, Rakuten and their main company website. I applaud them for originality and their products feels very luxurious. The price points are also higher than some Memebox products we have seen in the past. This cream retails for about $40!

I will definitely keep this product and use it during the winter months! They do have many other products of the same Anti-pollution/ Bee line range (click pic at the bottom to access page) and I won’t mind getting them at all in future boxes.

The Migabee pore set seems to be the Blackheads Out box spoiler. I didn’t get that one, but envy those who did! This one is at least worth $18.


Next product is the spoiler product: Cleomee Three-layer Perfume Donkey Oil Mist (100ml, $59). It is also a full-sized item! We have gotten the Cleomee body lotion in the Cafe box and I think Donkey seems to be the IT trend in Korea or at least memebox at the moment. 😛



I assure you this smells nothing like donkey. It is a tricolored oil mist that has to be shaken before use. The oil hydrates your skin and provide all the benefits of EGF, donkey milk and more.  It seems that 500ml of donkey milk provides the equivalent nutrition of 30-60kg of cow’s milk!

Check out the ingredients and facts sheet here.


Tosowoong is no longer an unknown brand to us memeaddicts. We have seen many products from them, both skincare and makeup alike. The Platinum Pore Tightening pack (150ml, $19) seems to be quite omg because it claims to contain platinum gold and tea tree oil, but the price is rather affordable.



This pack is actually chocolate colored and perfect for those suffering from blackhead troubles. They should have included the printed advert leaflet because the pics are more OMG than the product itself.

I would give this a try if my skin acts up. I suspect this is the product that emits the herbal smell of the box. Maybe its the tea tree oil.


They say you can’t drink and drink but the never say you can’t use a drink to bathe. The On the Body Makgeolli (rice wine) soap (85g, $12) is a pretty OMG product for me, though not too surprising. We are very popular with beers in Czech rep and I have seen many beer-themed bath products here.



The soap does not smell too fermented or nasty at the moment. I might need to use it to give a proper review, but I am not a soap person. 😛 Gels ftw!


This brand is produced under LG care (yes, the electronic company) and in case you read Hangul, here’s the company webpage.


This last product is no ordinary one. It is the TonyMoly Delight tint crayon in 06 Neon Pink (2.8g, $8). It claims to glow-in-the-dark under strobes light. The crayon is definitely an OMG to me but I am not much of a party-goer so this might sit in my pouch for awhile before I could test it out.



Everything totaled up to a memevalue of $152, and I think this is definitely worth about $70 to me.



I think the OMG series has potential, and although they are not always a huge OMG, the products are almost often great and rave-worthy. I would pick up the OMG4 if I have the moolah!

This box cost me less than $30 because I bundled it with the My Cute Wishlist 3 and added on points + codes.

Eyeing this set! ❤

Do check out the other available memeboxes here and use my promo codes. These are good till the end of October I suppose, and gives a discount of $5 off all orders (good for one use each).


You may also find all the other Memeboxes with it’s shipping date and all the promo codes you need on this memebox-dedicated page.
At the meantime, happy memeshopping! ♥

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