Pimp your makeup bags with Memebox Memepouch !


“Everyone has got a couple of those beauty-savvy friends that always know about the hottest new makeup trends and bizarre makeup tricks. We, however, have nearly 100 of them, and every product in this box has been tried, tested, and loved by our very own Memeboxers! From eye, skin, and lip makeup, to instant makeup refreshers for throughout the day, these beauty goodies have set up permanent camp in our Memeboxers’ makeup bag, and soon, you’ll see why!
Carry these nifty makeup goodies wherever you go, and you’ll be ready to glam up, or simply touch up your look with all of Meme’s favorites! Find out what our Memeboxers are loving at this moment, and get a sneak peek into the “it” trend at Memebox! “


This is one of my fav boxes in a long time! Many ladies are requesting for a restock–and this just means it is that awesome. I have to say from the moment I opened it up, I already caught sight of 3 products that I might love~ ♥

I got this Memebox as a bundle with the Memebox Moisture Surge  (priced at $46 + $6.99 for expedited shipping) and I got to say it was soooo worth it!


I am OB-SESSED with this Evas by MaRait EDP 30ml ($30). The one I got is No.60 Baies Noires (which actually translates to Blackcurrant in French). The other two options (randomly selected) are No.8 It’s a Fine Day and No.72 Petite Princesse. I wonder how those actually smell!!

On the first whiff it smells of berries, but not your typical fresh market or fruit juice type of smell. I don’t know how to describe it but it smells somewhat special…


Initially I thought nothing much about this perfume, until #memeboxaddict on IG commented on how she love it. I went back to my box and gave it another spritz. After the second and third, I got hooked!


Imagine blended blackcurrants but omit the sour smell of berries. It’s like that! Probably it does not smell sour as it is masked by other notes such as grapefruit, bay leaf and cedar wood. I was sad my perfume leaked a little when it arrived. The staying power is only up to 2-3 hours unless you actually douse yourself in this stuff.


Ingredients and cautions

9 muses Hyemi actually modeled for this range! I was not surprised as Korean cosmetics companies start using celebrities to promote their products once they succeed in breaking into the market. I would love to see more of these perfumes on the Memeshop!


Another favourite is the Etude House blotting paper pact ($6). One, because EH is such a famous brand and two, because we never seen a blotting paper in pact form!


It is pretty handy, but the paper is too thin! Upon blotting, it actually falls off when it gets too oily…erm..


I do adore the packaging alot and I think I would get those Japanese Gatsby/Mentholatum/Kose blotting papers and cut them up to refill this pact! There is a small tape under the sponge, and I think I can easily replace that with double tape as well lol~


And gosh did people go crazy over this Croquis Alight Pact (10g, $35)! I don’t use a lot of brighteners at all as I am already pale and dewy with my natural makeup look routine. I see a few ladies in USA wanting to trade for/buy this, but sadly I am in Europe and no one would want to pay for shipping… 😦


I like how posh this looks! Yay to not being a dollarshop item~


This can be applied with a large brush to areas that needs more definition. It gives a silky finish to your makeup and I think it makes a fab contouring product too with bronzer-> powder-> this pact… Hello cheekbones!


Another product by Evas is the Rosemine Perfumed Hand Cream (60ml, $12) in the scent Maybe.

Yeah, me too. I was like wth do you mean “Maybe” scent? Are the developers of this on crack and can’t tell what’s in it?
Apparently yes, there are poppy notes in this LOL (okay, I do know the drug is from the unripe sap and not the flower… just for jokes).


Don’t get me wrong, it does smell fab. Besides poppy, it also smells of lychee and apricot. Yum~ I don’t mind another hand cream at all. I use them everyday and I can slap some on my legs as well so these are always welcomed in Memeboxes!


Remember me being a fan of the Korean beauty Eugene? I was ecstatic to get another drww product; the Mix & Match set (1.5gx5, $47). This product was actually in another Memebox (Superbox #5 Makeup).


Okay, tbh I only do a full makeup once in a blue moon and would rather send this to someone who actually uses lip and cheek products daily than waste it. BUT I might actually keep this if no one wants it.


It looks so much like an art palette. Ahhhh the dilemma.
There is even a small round part for mixing. The more I review this, the more I want to try it lol~


The back

I was wishing for an actual pouch like this drww one but nope, no pouch in the Memepouch. I know I should not be expecting specific things for a mystery beauty box but hey, a girl can always dream..

This would totally rock the box and make hundreds shed tears of regret for missing the Memebox.


The last item is the Valley Sous Hair Solution Protein Therapy Perfect Mist (150ml, $21).
This is a hair essence enriched with argan oil, rosehip oil and assai oil.

image image

It smells of musk, blueberries and lilies! I would say it is only very lightly scented and not a perfume-heavy product. It also says to use this before blow drying. I am currently on my L’oreal Mythic Oil/ Palan Crysence (from a Memebox global) and I think this might be a good substitute after those are gone. Darn, I only have one head of hair. Grr..haha..


This box certainly exceeded my expectations! I only pick it up to get the value set+ express shipping with my Moisture Surge box but yay, what a surprise!


Did you get this box and how do you like it? I think it is value for money (Memevalue: $151, I valued it at: $87).

Do check out the other available memeboxes here and use my promo codes. These are good till the end of October and gives a discount of $5 off all orders (good for one use each).


You may also find all the other Memeboxes with it’s shipping date and all the promo codes you need on this memebox-dedicated page.
At the meantime, happy memeshopping! ♥

4 thoughts on “Pimp your makeup bags with Memebox Memepouch !

  1. I got 12 Memeboxes in a week or so and this got a bit buried, but in close inspection, I LOVE IT! Great mix of products, I wish I had gotten the perfume you got though, I’m not too crazy about the one I got, Its a Fine Day. Love everything else though. Wasn’t sure what to expect with this box, but it’s great!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Woo~~ 12?! Thats a lot of stuff to use. Enjoy it! 😉
      I’m sure everyone has different preferences, and I know people who didn’t like the Baies Noires.
      I wonder what that one smells like.
      And yeah, I agree this is a pleasant surprise!


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