DIY: Memebox Cosmetics Storage! –and it costs only $0.60!


Have you ever felt that throwing out the mountain of pink Memeboxes is such a waste and wished you could reuse them somehow? Here’s my DIY idea! 🙂

All I needed were:

1. 3 Empty memeboxes of roughly the same size
2. A penknife
3. A marker and ruler (well, you can do a rough job and omit the ruler even)
4. A roll of black tape (or any other decorative tape)– I paid only $0.60 for this roll of electrical wire tape!
5. Time and determination lol


This is fairly simple, and it requires no skill set whatsoever. I did this in 20 mins tops– the time required for a face mask to take effect! Give it a try. 🙂


Step 1: Take the boxes apart. This is what you should be left with!
2 sides, 3 covers, half a bottom and 2 trapezoids.


Step 2: This is the bottom of the storage. It is just a memebox without it’s cover. Tape the sides to cover edges with evidence of sawing. Decorate however you like!


Step 3: This is the smaller compartment which will sit in the box above. Basically, hack a coverless memebox into 3/4 and slice the sides off diagonally. Once again, cover the ugly bits with tape. I’m not proud of my job lol!


Step 4: This is the larger compartment. It is a coverless memebox with one missing side. Yup, you need to tape those hacked edges too.


So the only thing I actually bought is this electrical tape;


You can substitute it with decorative tapes, paints, duct tape, etc..according to your liking. I find black and pink pretty matching. 🙂


Assemble. The final result is a sturdy, craft-work looking storage box good for a couple of mists and body lotions. I did this pretty quickly, so I am sure you can do a better/neater job.

Would you attempt this DIY project? Do comment~ ♥



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