Memebox x Beauty Splurge with Lisa M. Pullano collaboration

Releasing on 29th September, Monday, 9AM PST
Link to Memebox x Lisa M. Pullano here


Have you heard? Memebox is releasing another collaboration box after the Cutiepiemarzia one last week. This time, they are bringing in a beauty guru- Lisa M. Pullano.

Her Youtube channel
Beautylish page

I don’t know if you have seen it, but the box has already been spoiled!

Photo credits to beautyglobalbazaar

Contents and price breakdown (I try to find the cheapest possible, but some of the products are not available on global sites);

1. It’s Skin Macaron Lip balm- $6.99 (ebay)
2. L.vida nails- $6.00 (memebox)
3. It’s skin Babyface Petit Blusher- $5.95 (beautynetkorea)
4.  Lailly +36.5 Steam Pore Pack- $14 (memeshop sale)
5. Hope Girl Lipstick- 14.50 (koreadepart)
6. insobeau Ultra Skin Power Z cream- $39.00 (
7. Beauty People Eye Liner- $9.90 (gmarket)

Total value: $96.34 (approximate, excluding some shipping)
Box price: $29.99 (including shipping)


What do you think of this Memebox? Would you buy it?

If you sign up for Memebox here, you get $3 in memepoints. Plus, get $5 when you use my coupon code! That is $8 less and you can grab these at only $15.00 (+6.99 shipping). I think it is a steal because the Pore pack is approximately $15 and the rest is just free gift! Plus, the box is super adorable. 🙂


Do check out the other available memeboxes here and use my promo codes. These are good till the end of Sept I suppose, and gives a discount of $5 off all orders (good for one use each).


You may also find all the other Memeboxes with it’s shipping date and all the promo codes you need on this memebox-dedicated page.
At the meantime, happy memeshopping! ♥

6 thoughts on “Memebox x Beauty Splurge with Lisa M. Pullano collaboration

    • Hi Michelle~~ Great to see you here. I hope so. It’s only logical for them to pair up the collab boxes although it ships a different time. Not sure if then people was mass cancel to get the value set. Hopefully they will figure something out.
      The pleasure is mine 😉


  1. Hmn, I’d only really be buying it for the Insobeau Z cream as I’ve got one of the macarons (I don’t like it) and I already ordered a babyface off ebay. The steam pore pack sounds frightening lol I might give this and miss and buy that Peach & Lily box instead. Unless memebox bundles this with something amazing and/or offers a free gift with it like the Marzia box ^_^


    • Hi Lorna~ Whoa you really have most of the Korean’s raved items already~~ Yeah the Peach and Lily sounds like a steal! And they might actually add in more famous brands for that price, plus the travel set! I wish shipping was cheaper though.. I’m not sure about the free gift, but we will see tomorrow! I am excited for the next releases. 😉


  2. Tempting for sure. Since your blog is my go to for all things Memebox, maybe you will collaborate with Memebox? I would jump on that! Your reviews are well done and helpful. I can tell you have a good knowledge of skin care.


    • Hi there!! Thank you for your kind words~~ I would love to, but I think Memebox will only collab with Youtubers with many fans. 🙂 I’m glad that my reviews are helpful and will always try to improve further. Thanks for reading boo~ 😉


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