New Memeboxes- CutiePieMarzia x Memebox Collaboration #2 and more!


CutiePieMarzia x Memebox Collaboration #2

Edit: The Memebox Collaboration with CutiePieMarzia has been released! Buy it now~

It costs only $23 + $6.99 for shipping, and you get a $30 free gift on top of that!

What does it contain?

When will was this box released?

Just several hours from the posting of this! It will be released 9 a.m. on the dot PST, 25th September 2014.

What are collaborations and why is it so raved?

Memebox finds famous social networkers/ youtubers to partner with and come up with a memembox. So far there were 3 collaborations; The pink diary, Cutiepiemarzia #1 and Coffee Break With Dani. These are limited edition boxes and once they are gone, they are gone!

Are these Memeboxes any good?

They are usually nakedboxes a.k.a. boxes that have revealed contents. You can decide if you like the items and then buy it if you do! No pressure~ There were also rumors that the previous one was auctioned off on ebay for quite abit!

What was in the last collab?

This will be different for the #2 box, but you get the idea.

When will it be shipped?

The CutiePieMarzia #2 will ship on October 23, 2014.

How do I get this box!!

Sign up at and get $3 worth of memepoints today! That is $3 off the first or any memeboxes.

Any other deals?

Yes! Use my promo codes and also affiliate links (up to $100 orders discount off $5 and up to $150 orders discount off $10 automatically!- you can use a code on top of this)

Access Memebox through this link and use either 12KM or 1CIXQI at the checkout.


Other New Boxes Today!!

  image image Click on the pic to access VIP page now! It is $3 off the tea tree cosmetics box. __ The Super Luckybox #11 sounds fantastic!! I have not purchased an LB for so long because I don’t enjoy too much repeats, but this one sounds like it will be well-put together. Idk but YUM. The value will always be mind-blowing when it is an LB, what more to say an upsized “super” one! It seems like this one will sell out quick, it is not discounted at $23. I adore Tea tree products and although I don’t suffer from blemishes these days, I LOVE the smell. I will bite my lip and get this one~ Memebox cannot mess this one up! I want all the Essences, Toners, Oil cleansers, Ampoules, Serum, Green Blithe Patting water pack and pure oil. Maybe I am asking for too much hehe… __ Do check out the other available memeboxes here and use my promo codes. These are good till the end of Sept I suppose, and gives a discount of $5 off all orders (good for one use each). 12KM 1CIXQI

You may also find all the other Memeboxes with it’s shipping date and all the promo codes you need on this memebox-dedicated page.

Happy Memeshopping!!


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