Beauteque BB Bag 2! It’s my first, and it’s a Showstopper!

Hi ladies~
I am excited to share this relatively new sub with you. I have gotten my Beauteque BB Bag 2 several days ago and was privileged to be able to give it a go! This is a beauty bag (rather than box) and it contains all the wonderful Korean products. I love that they allow some degree of customization and in this one I actually got to choose the type of cleanser, falsies and lip tint.

The Beauteque bag costs $24 (extra for shipping, if you are not in the US).

The BB Bag 2 is a little bigger than half the size of an A4 paper.
It matches my sofa and I love it!


There were some complains about the inside coming off from the heat, but luckily mine was fine.
There were also several cards to fit the theme- Showstopper;

image image

I think it is a fun idea. Maybe in the future Beauteque could consider printing it with a card-making press, then their customers can use them as bookmarks or keep them in their wallets! The infocard is pretty well made, but lacks brand names. Thats my only qualm.

So on to the fun bit of un-bagging!


This is how it looks unzipped.
All the items fit in my BB bag~


All the products spread out~ They are coincidently very pink.
There are 6 altogether. All Beauteque-approved!



It’s Skin Mini Tint Gloss in Pink
retails for:  $5


I am a sucker for pucker lol. I left/gave away half of my lip stash when I moved into my current apartment (because education is crucial) and was in dire need of a restock. I was also excited to try this gloss as it is a Muse approved item.

The gloss is not tacky like most gloss I have tried. It sinks in and create this subtle vinyl salmon pink, which I love~


Holika Holika Daily Garden Cleansing Foam (Acerola)
retails for: $6.00 (Holika Holika CA)

I have more cleansers than I would like to admit. This one smells like candies/cherries, which is new. It lathers up pretty well, but not enough to foam like most Japanese cleanser I have tried. I think this is a good morning cleanser because the smell wakes you right up, in a good way. Not harsh, but not strong enough to remove makeup. It does leave a rather squeaky clean feeling like most foam cleansers…so into my after-jogging-routine stash it goes!

browse Beauteque’s Holika Holika shop ~


 Beauteque Minerals Pore Cleansing Brush
retails for: $35


I am most excited about this. Exfoliation is like my skin’s savior, because when I cease to, bumps come back…eek! I am currently on my Clarisonic/peeling gel and would love to substitute for this brush occasionally. The bristles feel super soft! (Oh, if only you can touch it through the screen) 

Witness the magic here.


Another point for looking all eco with bamboo handle. Love it! It is hands down the best product in the whole bag (and I am sure all the bloggers out there who got this would agree).


Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream
retails for: $9


This product is my second tube! I have tried, tested and love it since last year. Snails are huge in Korea because of their effectiveness in healing and repair. My secret to using this gel cream is to mix it with a less moisturizing BB cream, blend it on the back of your hand and viola– a spreadable BB with added benefits. You can also use it to lock in moisture at the end of your skincare routine. 

browse Beauteque’s Mizon shop


Skinfood Real Eyelash (Special 01)
retails for: $4

Let me be honest here, the only time I have used falsies in my life is for a dinner party, and that was the Koji falsies in Natural. I think that looked and feels pretty good. I was surprised by how flexible the bone of this one is. It is good to have a backup of falsies (in case of dinner invitations).

browse Beauteque’s Skin Food shop


The Face Shop Lip Gel Patch
retails for: approx  $3.20




Lip patches are probably the IT item in Korea lately. I have received several lip masks before and I rather put on my lip balm instead. That said, I find lip patches to be super cooling and you know what, you can use it as a diet plan to stop munching on snacks while watching a movie!! Or seal a talkative mouth. Works like a charm lol.



The 6 products that came with a pink Beauteque bag comes up to almost $70! I really want to see this company succeed as they have pretty good CS and the ideas for each boxes are fun. I am happy with my BB bag.

I am sure you can find other bloggers with codes for free masks, etc on the web so don’t be lazy to google them. Happy shopping, ladies!




Sidenote: I was given this bag for review purposes, but the opinions are genuine and not aimed to please anyone.

Sidenote 2: I swear the sun shifted like 29738 times when I was photographing the stuff. Urgh. Excuse the color inconsistencies..


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