Curating my own Geek! Subscription box, not~

Okay, I was inspired by Mummyisbeauty as I stalked admired her blog posts on Nerdblock boxes. There are a few subscription boxes out there for geeks, nerds, fans alike: Nerdblock is one of them, MyGeekBox UK and Lootcrate to name a few. I have not subscribed to either one of these because I am skimping atm.

Loot Crate- $19.37

Picture credit to

Nerdblock- $19.99 (various)


MyGeekBox UK- 16.99 pounds


I play a lot of games myself (PS, Xbox, Wii, PC, online mmorpgs, you name it), and watch countless cartoons, shows and movies. You can imagine.. its the typical student’s life. And since I don’t have the budget to purchase everything (and no place to store them either), I took the liberty to curate my own box!

The idea is to have fun and buy things I (or other geeks) actually love and will use. I know some websites are expensive but if I am to do wholesale with these companies, I am sure it will be less than half the price (and when I say wholesale, we meant made in PRC). That said, these are highly rated items and not of shabby quality. We all know subscription boxes get stuff for a fraction of the price or even free to promo the brand.

And PLEASE, don’t ask me where to buy these, I am sure you can google it for ourself and I do not do PR for these companies… 😦

My goals:

1. Interesting, variety of items
2. Keeping it under $30
3. At least 6 items
4. Must fit into a shoe box

Here is my attempt!


1. The Obligatory Nerdy Tshirt ($9)
I this SHER-locked Tshirt because yes, sorry, I am a Cumberbitch  fan.




2. Plushie!! Who doesn’t love a penguin plushie! ($5)
I saw this before and wanted it. It is Gunter from Adventure Time. WANK!



3. Gadget accessory! Its an earphone– we will never have too many. ($3)

And hopefully Despicable Me is still in trend because I can’t find American Guy ones.



4. A random item that you would not expect- Silicone mould! ($4)

I don’t know any geek/nerd who have not played Plants vs Zombies. Erm, adorbs. And you can impress your geek guy friends or use it as an excuse to ask them over. *cough*



5. The Tech stuff that everyone needs ($3)

Avengers USB 1GB. I can still remember having lousy 128MB or 256MB ones. Whatever happened to those? I must be sleeping while the world evolved.



6. Additional box filler- car/house decal/sticker ($4)

Yes to Bart!


Overview of Veritazy’s Geek Box:


The items totaled up to about $28 n wholesale but I am sure they look more expensive than that.
There are also companies out there who got wholesale products, relabel and sell them at three or four times the original cost coughurbanoutfitterscough.

For example this Scratch Map with tube casing (and free shipping) is only less than $7 on some Asian website. How did that particular company price it at 20 Euros. Ridiculous!



Anyway, I had fun. So what do you think? Would this box have been a hit?

I enjoy curating my own stuff, but I guess I will only own a company in my next life lol.


2 thoughts on “Curating my own Geek! Subscription box, not~

  1. I could dig it. There should be more variety in these geek boxes. A captain america flash drive? Heck yeah. Personally I’d love to see a video game box that you could pick the genre of, like fighting, RPG, casual, etc, and the items would be tailored to that. I’d buy an RPG box in a heartbeat.. >_> it’s part of the reason I don’t sub to boxes like lootcrate and nerdblock, they’re more sci-fi oriented :<

    Also an all manga sub box would be a neat idea.


    • Yeah!! There only a few things I recognize from those boxes…you are right, it is mostly sci-fi oriented. I’d love to piece together more boxes when I’m bored haha. Thanks for reading 🙂


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