Sniffing out the Memebox Scentbox #4 Floral ~


The Memebox Scentbox #4 Floral finally arrived at my doorstep. It is a tad late, but still made it here earlier than my Scentbox Tropical Fruits (yeah, still at sea perhaps). I adored the previous Scentboxes and so I got this box; for cheap too, owing to my accumulated memepoints!



There are 4 items in this $15 box (+$6.99 for shipping). I did not get the bundle because I wanted to use some codes for separate orders. Still, it was a pretty good deal for 4 items!

The infocard;

image image

The first item is a mask with cute packaging:
Sally’s Box Friendly Cherry Blossom Hand Mask (6g, $2)

Phew, ain’t that a mouthful. Seriously, Koreans? Must everything have crazy long names… But anywho, this is a glove type mask (thanks goodness) and not those little finger ones which you have to put on one by one! It is enriched with cherry blossom extracts and shea butter (sounds lovely already), and promises to deliver intense hydration to dry hands.


So alright, lets admit that hand masks are a hassle. I do prefer hand creams because you just slap them on and wham! instant hydration. This product does have some novelty to it but unless it transforms one’s hand miraculously, I don’t think I would want to limit my waking hours doing this (maybe it’s just me, I am doing stuff with my hands round the clock). 😛

Directions & Ingredients,

image image

Next is the L’OCEAN Feromonika Perfume (10ml, $12).
Many bloggers complained about this one. It smells awful if you sniffed it at first– sort of like something salty and seafood-ish..urgh! However, after unscrewing it, the smell does come off better, more floral but alcohol-ish. The ingredients include alcohol, fragrance and L-Muscone. I would not attempt to spray this on my clothes with alcohol in it..




I have no idea what to do with this. On one hand, I don’t think it is that terrible, but on the other I would not want to gift this to someone with a risk of making them faint at the first whiff. I don’t believe this is $12, and I won’t purchase it if the retail is that high. 😦

On to the more promising product;
Secret Key Perfume Hand Cream (30g, $10)
and I got No.5 Bergamot Lily Musk. 🙂


This one is the gem of the box. I was Secretly hoping that the Key (wink wink) ingredient would be Lily and it is!!
Lucky me. I loved all Lily handcreams (latest being the Crabtree & Evelyn’s Lily hand care collection). Here is the list of each type available;

Petit Collection Perfume Hand Cream No.1 Jasmine Orange Peach
Petit Collection Perfume Hand Cream No.2 Orange Basil Jasmine
Petit Collection Perfume Hand Cream No.3 Orange Citrus Rose
Petit Collection Perfume Hand Cream No.4 Bergamot Peach Rose
Petit Collection Perfume Hand Cream No.5 Bergamot Lily Musk
Petit Collection Perfume Hand Cream No.6 Lemon Orange Apple

The Main ingredients were (according to their advert board);

Limnanthes Alba(Meadowfoam) Seed Oil
Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract
Macademia Seed Oil
Acorus Gramineus Root/Stem Extract
Perilla Ocymoides Leaf Extract
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
Honey Extract

I absolutely love hand creams. There I said it. It is not a long-lasting fragrance but I think it is good to have one in your bag in winter.

The last item is the Esthe Shower Cologne (100ml, $26) and I got the Floral Dream, randomly selected from the other two; Rosy Glow and White Musk.


I got lucky again! I am not huge on rose, and neither am I a fan of musks (especially if they contain too much alcohol).


This is surprisingly not a bad product, really. I love how fun it smells. I might not spritz it on myself because it does smell like amateur kid shampoo or something, but I will use it on my bed covers, shoes etc. It makes me happy, I don’t know why!


I was surprised that they actually threw in 2 hand products and 2 spray perfumes. Not that I am complaining, but I wanted to see a variation to this theme. A floral scented BB cream, jasmine or honeysuckle body lotion or a lovely miniature shampoo would be nice.

This memebox is unfortunately sold out, but you can check out the other available memeboxes here and use my promo codes. These are good till mid Sept I suppose, and gives a discount of $5 off all orders (good for one use only).


You may also find all the other Memeboxes with it’s shipping date and all the promo codes you need on this memebox-dedicated page.

At the meantime, happy memeshopping!

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