Cotterang Bubble Peeling Pads- review

Today I will be reviewing the Cotterang Bubble Peeling Pad I have gotten from Memebox’s Superbox Dermocosmetics #2.


You can read all about the unboxing here.

This product contains one pad (6ml) and costs $7 according to Memebox.


Ingredients list:


The concept of 60 Second Fermentation Peeling is that it is easy and safe plus simple to use. It feels like you had a peeling treatment at the skin clinic but only for a fraction of it’s price.

This product claims to give the following effects:

– Brightening
– Moisturizing
– Pore Deep Cleansing
– Removes Dead Skin Cell
– Sebum Secretion

If you read the “How to Use” on the package, it says to “insert fingers in band and rub the whole face…..blah blah… rub powerfully“.  Ow. I don’t think that’s the way to do it. The mesh might actually damage your epidermis so just do it gently, in circles. Below is a better instruction obtained from the web.


1. Gently wash your face with water.
2. Open the product, then pour few drops of water on the pad.
3. Gently rub the pad to make bubbles.
4. Put your fingers inside the band placed on the back of the pad.
5. Smoothly rub the pad on your face. Rub them evenly throughout the whole face.
6. Gently rinse your face with water.
7. Wipe your face with towel.
8. Use moisturizer, soothing tools and reparative mask.

Recommendation: Use 1~2 times a week.

The sponge is like any other fluffy powder sponge, but with tiny mesh on one side.


You can see it comes in a soapy solution that foams upon contact with water and rubbing.



The solution does not lather as nicely as some foamy face wash I have, but thats not the point. It is more of an exfoliating process rather than cleansing.

I feel like my skin is clean, not in a squeaky clean manner but more of a breathable clean way. After using this, I used my nourishing Re:cipe Vita Capsule Essence and thats it. I tend to keep my routine fairly simple to see what works and what doesn’t.

When I was going out in evening, I used my toner to remove whatever lint and dirt my face has collected and resume my normal light makeup routine. I noticed my BB cream sits better and my face stays matte the whole time. Not sure if its a coincidence, but I do get this result from my weekly Clarisonic routine as well.

Verdict: I kinda like this product tbh. I am happier to be able to try it for free (since I won that memebox). $7 might be much cheaper than going to a dermatologist for peels but twice a week ($14) still seems a little too steep. Unfortunately too, this product is not readily available to global customers on most online shops. I do think it is a cool product to use and the concept of merging exfoliation (AHA) and bio-fermentation benefits is rather new.

I also found the equivalent of this peeling pad for the body. I wonder if we will get to try it soon via Memebox. It seems like a great alternative to scrubs.


The company: Cotterang Inc.

Taken from Cotterang inc’s website;

Our Company is Researching and Developing Cosmeceutical Products, and Sells about 700 hospitals nationwide where famous dermatologist direct sales and marketing is a professional supplier of medical cosmetics in Korea. 

Since they are supplying to hospitals, I am convinced that their products have been thoroughly tested and are safe to use.

You can read more at the Cotterang webpage (Korean or English)



2 thoughts on “Cotterang Bubble Peeling Pads- review

    • Thanks, hun! Actually I don’t think we can, since it might be unhygienic. I had, however washed and use all of the liquid to scrub my soles instead lol. Since it has AHA, it helps exfoliate off whatever layer of dead skin and grime there was 🙂


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