Unboxing the Memebox Dermocosmetics 2 !

My luck in online competitions must have improved a little since I was never a constant winner. I won this Superbox (#34) Dermocosmetics 2 from Marjolein’s blog giveaway (check her blog out, she’s a huge memeaddict lol). Thank you for the opportunity Miss Kucmer and Memebox!!


I was surprised that this arrived so quickly. I was away at that time, and my housemate sent me a text on Kakaotalk early in the morning. Boy was I excited!

I only got to unbox it a few days later. The box was pretty heavy. Heavy with what, you ask?


Heavy with goodies!!

I really wanted to try the Dermocosmetics series from Memebox so bad, but apparently not bad enough to fork out $39++ for one. The first dermocosmetics came with this description;

If you’ve ever found yourself hesitating due to reliability and effectiveness issues of beauty products, our new Dermo-cosmetics Box is the solution for you!!

All the brands included in this box are most famous and loved in Korea for being founded by real dermatologists. In fact, they are currently being used by these dermatologists for soothing and nourishing irritated skin after medical treatments.

Why are you hesitating? Experience medical beauty with our thoughtfully selected dermocosmetics!! 

I was quite sold at the phrases  “effectiveness” and “medical beauty” because the Koreans are huge on flawless, naturally glowing skin. Almost everyone has a dermatologist to go to even for the tiniest skin problem and they have a competitive market for skincare. So their products must be miraculous, right?

The dermocosmetics 2 description was even more tempting;

Dermatologist tested and proven to be effective for all skin types, our Dermo-Cosmetics Box #2 is back with a bigger punch!

Approved for effectiveness and sensitivity, our Dermo-Cosmetics Box #2 is packed with dermatologist favorites that are meant to pamper, restore and rejuvenate your skin! It contains everything you need to illuminate the skin and repair damaged skin by the sun and other environmental stressor to improve the appearance of dull, uneven skintone and dark spots, giving you a naturally healthy looking glow.

Take the Dermo-Cosmetics #2 challenge and experience the difference in your skin!

But you know, Memebox and their descriptions. Lol. This box was on ref deal for quite awhile, so I suspect that Memebox offered beauty bloggers unsold boxes as giveaway prizes. I am not complaining of course, because by coincidence I really wanted to give this a go.

Anyway, let’s jump ahead to the unboxing.

Here’s the infocard;




Straight up, the Kang Skin Rejuvenating Cream (50ml, $72) caught my eye. This shiny parcel of hope. Said to hydrate and nourish skin with the various wonders it contained (adenosine, ceramide and skin mucus extracts among others), it also improve elasticity and minimize stress-instigated aging of skin.


So I reckon this is pretty much an anti-aging night cream because they suggest using it at the end of skincare routine. But $72, really Memebox? It might be a wonderful night cream, but it is too early to say. I will see how this matches up to the Estee Lauder night creme since they are on the same price mark.


Another Kang Skin product is the Aqua Essence (30ml, $72). Again, another $72 product? Whoa. I don’t know how Memebox can pull these up but I should say if this doesn’t work, the price-placebo will.


I love essences, toners, ampoules and such. I never get enough of them, and they some how make it into each of my simple skincare routine. This one contains hyaluronic acid which helps the skin stay supple and treats excessive dead skin. Sounds like my Hada Labo HA essence, so this might be equally as good.


I have never heard of this brand cotterang, but I am going to try their Bubble Peeling Pad (16ml x 1, $7) soon (today, to be exact). Since it is only 1pc, this should be easy.


It contains AHA help remove dead skin cells and excess sebum, but will it be too abrasive? View this review!

The interesting part is how it is used; it should be moistened with water to create foam (this is the first) and then gently rubbed on the face. The pad also comes with a band to secure it apparently.


The next product is collaboratively developed by three skin labs in Korea and it surprisingly contains oriental medicinal extracts! This could have made it into the Oriental Meds memebox.


The reBom Calming Skin (200ml, $30) is a toner/essence sort, to be applied at the first stage of the skincare routine. 200ml is a lot of product, and I really want to see my skin improve with this. It does have a slight scent, but is not offensive in any way.


I think Koreans fancy “killing” anything bad for their skin. Remember the Sun-Killer in Grapefruit scentbox? Lol.


This cotterang Acne Killer Kit (16ml+5ml, $20) comes with a peeling pad, Tok Tok solution and cotton tips. It supposed to be used over a 7-day period and can be stored in a zipper bag for reuse. I hope they don’t mean to reuse those black cotton tips…I’d rather use new white ones. Although I only get a rare occasional pimple, I think this might help on days where I acquire a bad breakout from the wrong products. Into my emergency stash it goes!


I can understand that some might be disappointed at how little there is to try, but we can’t conclude that it is not a good one unless we try them ourselves. The memevalue of this box is a whooping $201, and I personally value it at about $70 unless proven to be miraculous products.

Albeit the lack of fancy packaging and cute designs, this box does fit the theme of Dermocosmetics. I edited one to make it fanciful;


The Dermatocosmetics boxes received a lukewarm response from the global customers, and there have been no sequel to the last sold out boxes. I think I quite like this box, not because I got it for free, but because I get to try things I otherwise wouldn’t.

You may find all the other Memeboxes with it’s shipping date and all the promo codes you need on this memebox-dedicated page.

At the meantime, happy memeshopping!

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