Memebox Global #14 -this one is golden!


It is like a feast for the eyes when I opened up my Memebox 14. From the first glance, it is jam-packed and the info card gave away what treasures it contain inside.  I saw spoilers on social media before receiving the Memebox 14, but it definitely feels different to have in your hands.

❤ ❤ ❤


I quickly went through and unboxed (or un-bubble wrapped) everything. The colors are so vibrant in this memebox. Love!

I especially love the Golden Time Vita Capsule Essence from Recipe by Nature (40ml, $42). It looks gorgeous under the sunlight.


True to it’s name, the Vita Capsule radiates like golden globules and promises to deliver nourishment to the skin on top of it’s brightening effects.


I have in fact tried this myself, and found it to be similar to some lighter facial oils. It is, in fact, a mix between essence and oil. It suggests to apply a toner beforehand and dab a generous amount all over the face— but I don’t agree that we should apply it generously unless we don’t mind looking like a wok all day.

The essence absorbs well, leaving the skin all supple and dewy. It smells like mandarin oranges too (yum!). I’d happily recruit this into my morning routine.

pssst…it is only $14 on the Memeshop!

Sua Young is the same brand name we have seen (the Berristure from Mask Box 4) and this time I get to try their makeup: Sua Young Mineral Essence In Liquid Foundation SPF33 PA+++ ($5.66, 5g). 


It is a cute miniature of some mid-range foundation in the market. I love this packaging more than the few other tube ones.


I have not given this a shot. But I will, soon.

Out of the 3 VOVs (Volume/Waterproof mascara/ liner), I have gotten the one I wanted most; VOV Black Good-bye Smudge Waterproof Mascara (9g, $16). 


It reminds me of the Maybelline mascaras.

The brand is pretty popular for their makeup in Korea. Having purchased their brightener, I would say this is a great product to try. My current favourite is the Imju Fiberwig Mascara and I would like to see how this will match up.

The brand, a:t Fox is not unknown to the memefans. We have received a couple of products from them including the Toc water satchets and cute cupcakes trio.


I have to admit I am a closet blusher lover. I claim to not like makeup, but I want a blusher so bad lately. And lucky I was as this Fantasy Holic Lip & Cheek Designer Pencil ($7) came with my memebox! It is dual functional as the name suggests and claims to provide matte, non-clumping finish.

The color reminds me of the cheek blush I used to have that came with my Holika Holika Peach girl BB cream. Adore~

Having received a whole tin (5x) of eyeliners from Beauty People in the Cute Wishlist memebox previously, I was less ecstatic to have gotten this Miss 100 Super Waterproof Gel Liner Auto Pencil in Glimmer Bronze (0.5g, $38). Can you believe this is $38?! Oh memebox… 


It does seem really solid. I appreciate a liner that I do not need to sharpen because I feel like I am wasting some when I do.


Silly me forgotten a swatch shot… but I gotta say the color payoff is fantastic and it looks very much like my UD 24/7 bronze pencils. The downside: only a tad smudge-able imho.

These twins, the Shower Mate Perfume de Whip Body Wash- Red Fantasy and Pure White blossom (50ml ea, $4) features Marilyn Monroe. I love the idea of a whip-cream like bubble wash with fruity and sweet floral scents.


Heard only good things about them, so I will definitely give it a go after my current 93718732x body gels runs out.

A whole set of Kocostar products ($20) was thrown into the box and they include;
1x  Ggongji Hair Pack 
1x Face Spot Mirror Patch
1x Finger Nail Pack
1x Foot Peeling Pack


A truly head-to-toe experience package!



Adore the mirror included in this face spot pack. It might be an alternative to my 3M acne patches, and I can bring these traveling in winter!


My previous nail packs from Kocostar was in a baby pink packaging. Those were just so-so. My hopes are not high for nail packs and I prefer cuticle oils/ hand creams. This will probably go to a friend.


Never have I seen a “ponytail” pack in my life. I think this will be used on my spa day! Don’t mind the idea of longing around and being a couch potato with this on~


I love trying foot peeling masks! My last ones were… intriguing, I have to say. My soles are worn from all the walking during the summer holidays.

Next up are the beautifully illustrated packs of masks from Sally’s Box ($14);
1 x Love Recipe Apple Mask (20ml)
1x Delight Ceramide Hydrogel Mask (25g)
1x Delight Collagen Hydrogel Mask (25g)
1x Delight Pathenol Hydrogel Mask (25g)


And we girls are all suckers for packaging, admit it. These look good even before I try them out, and I have tested a handful of great hydrogel masks so I can’t wait!

image image image image

My mask reviews will come late as my collection is growing at an unstoppable pace. I have sleeping and mud packs to use on top of sheet masks. Phew!

Thats all 15 products in the Memebox #14!
It is definitely one of the best Memeboxes I have received to date, and one which I will actually use most of.


The Memevalue of this box is around $150, and I personally value it at around $80. It is therefore still a high-valued box considering I only forked out $23 + $6.99 shipping for it. (Not to mention I did use a couple of memepoints and promo code!)

I strongly recommend getting the global Memeboxes! The #17-19 boxes are still available for grabs and you get $2 for signing up today.

You may also find all the Memeboxes with it’s shipping date on this memebox-dedicated page and more bonuses/information. I will update with September coupon codes once I get them.

At the meantime, happy memeshopping!

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